Annelids MOD APK v1.118.11 (Unlocked all Guns, Unlimited Coins)

App Name Annelids
Latest Version v1.118.11
Last Updated 15 January 2024
Publisher Michal Srb
Requirements Android 4.4
Category Action
Size 16 MB
Google Playstore
4.3 Rating (350)
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Optimally you come into this game with some hope of what precisely the name signifies. But it's not that simple because it is an action-based combat system. The fun and adventure await here with the worms on all sidelines and alignments. It's an adventurous journey where you have to embark with your team of worms, various insects, and creatures to experience the ultra HD simulation. Annelids MOD APK is a worm simulation gameplay that takes on a variety of battles and war fights. Experimenting with such things is a passion for developers, and that is why offering such a classy worms simulation has enhanced the reputation of Michal Srb. The gameplay is vast and expansive and provides users with a team of worms that you need to manage and effectively control in all functions they do. Various battles and wars are designed in different location maps; around 17 vivid maps are present in the gaming. All maps offer some outstanding stimulation and creative functioning, with 68 missions to fulfill and 9 secret missions to focus more on. You can easily customize and decorate your worms with various accessories. Dig holes at different locations to swipe off your enemies and, at the same time, defend your flags and worms. Take utmost care of your worms, so they work efficiently and effectively.

Annelids MOD APK

Annelids MOD APK is an out-of-context virtual simulation gaming with traditional elements but very different in concept. Defending yours and attacking others everything is the gameplay. To play variously, you have the supply of multiple modes, even online gaming with your friends or strangers. Deathmatch, conquest, king of the hill, the capture of the flag, team deathmatch, etc. Explore the unmatched battles with a hack of weapons and tools to swipe and chip down the enemies.

Annelids MOD APK

Annelids MOD APK is one of the mod variants of the original version that offers users astonishing elements and hacks. Download the modified VariantVariant from our website for free to access all enhanced gaming tools. Unlimited money and coins increase worms' power, skills, designs, weapons, and tools. Unlocked all worms, stages, and easy hole digging. All the 17 maps are unlocked, so you can access enemies easier to kill. Missions unlocked and secret mission clues. You can purchase all weapons and everything free from the game store with powerful elements and accessories. Blocked all the ads in the gameplay version and restricted disturbance at all. Rooting is not required while installing it; it offers antiban, antiviral, and no lagging policies. All the bugs are fixed in the Variant, so you have free chances to enjoy in-depth gaming.


Annelids MOD APK has distinct functions and operating features to play an enhanced game. Worms' game is not new, but Annelids has extensive elements and the latest simulation. You will get lost in the mood of cherishing graphics and realistic simulation.
Below are some of the discussed functions to help you in extracting information;

Make your unique and powerful team of worms to battle.

Annelids MOD APK has some outstanding features to experience as you have to manage here and form your team of worms. All affairs related will be governed by you, and so the decisions between them. The gameplay asks for destructible battles from your team against opponents. So take your worms and allow them to dig deep down the space to find and kill enemies found anywhere. Effectively collectively attacking and taking over the charge of others' teams, bringing them down to your kingdom and expanding yours.

Annelids MOD APK

Various gaming modes to play with

Annelids MOD APK has to offer users a variety of gaming modes in team battles and single players to experience the wildest actions designed at their peak. Just go through the scene and choose your matches from the available playing mode.

Deathmatch- till death fight, survival, 
team deathmatch; with team members, 
conquest; to win over other tribes of worms and their kingdom,
Capture flag; here, you will have to strive hard to capture the opponent's flag by attacking and destroying everything.
King of the hill; is the most iconic model where most aggressive users are welcome. You will have to overpower all tribes and worms kingdoms. Unify and bring all under one rule of yours.

68+ missions and around nine secret mission

In Annelids MOD APK, users will get around 68 missions to fulfill. Each task has its unique chances and format with different goals that you need to achieve. Allocate worms in the work of the mission, perform and win exciting rewards that will be very helpful in the journey of upgrading. The platform offers nine secret missions whose activities and plans are rigorous. It allows people with random work that appears insensitive. Hitting some particular flag or overtaking a kingdom for some value are many things to experience.

Severe damage through massive weapons and arsenal,

Users need to be very alert in the gaming of Annelids MOD APK, as the functions are vast and diverse. What is yours must be protected, and else everything should be destroyed. That's how you will establish your superior rule overall places. The gameplay has a variety of arsenal and weapons to choose from in attacking and defense mechanisms. Protection is more important than attacking; otherwise no value for attacking others.

Annelids MOD APK

Design and customize your worms

Annelids MOD APK offers the users the availability at hand to customize their worms in shapes, sizes, and outlooks. However, these things can help in extra fun.
You can purchase several accessories from the game store. Design the outlook and particular class to the worms of different genres.


Download Annelids MOD APK to explore the iconic designed battles with your worms against others. Online player to play with worms in many battle modes. Interact with users and make friendships—the variety of modes and gaming, deathmatch, and team battles. Choose your characters and design them with accessories. Dig holes and, with lethal weapons, chop down the enemies. In this mod version, we offer various hacks and advantages to the users—unlimited money to upgrade tools and character skills.

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