Best Apps for Retro Photography

If you want to know about the best vintage camera apps for retro photography, then you are simply in the right place, and at the right time as well as today we are going to talk about the best vintage camera apps in 2020 for android as a well as IOS devices! Today camera apps have changed and tend to give a very young and vivid look in the image, and this is one of the reasons that adults and youngsters today always are in search of the old vintage image filters and apps that can help them enjoy retro photography. 

If you search for the best’ retro/vintage photography apps’ on the search engine or the play store, then you should know that you are going to get hundreds and even more results, but it is not wise to select an app for use at random so we would recommend you to follow and use the apps that we have discussed for you guys. The vintage camera apps discussed below are cost-effective as well as are easy to use with existing camera filters for android

devices. So let us dig in with the details of the best resources.

Vintage camera apps for easy use in 2020!

Here are the few top-notch apps that you should use to make your images old school and crispy as you like!


If you need a camera application with polaroid filters, then this is the perfect app for you as with this online app you can take pictures with polaroid effects and filters very easily and that tool for free. You just have to navigate this app on the play store and download it, and you can find it on the app’s brain as well. Now, this is a very decent application that also allows you to add and customize your images with text. You can add text in six different styles and formats with this app, and the best part is that you can easily share your images on social media as this resource has direct access to the social tools!


This is also a very popular and well-known application that you can find on android google play! This app is very much famous for editing images and particularly adding clip art to images, and along with this, you should know that you can easily enjoy the retro package that comes with the app that can help you enjoy image effects like stenciled, cartoon, sketcher and even Orton which are considered all to be the most fun retro effects that you can find in any camera app on the web. Pics art can also provide you with special effects like cross-process, HDR, pencil, watercolor, Neon, and even Comic, which makes it the app with the tackiest filters. You can also get Camera Filters for Instagram – Lomography from the app store!

FX Camera

Now, what does the name of this camera app tell you? It tells you that it is a tacky app with a lot of Lomo and retro filters which will make your pictures look old and good. Now this vintage camera app comes with Toy cam, polaroid as well as Fisheye filters which makes it one of the unique apps on the store. The pictures that you would get with this app would always be clear and vivid, and this is why it is also liked all across the globe by people of all ages. This camera app can be installed on Android as well as IOS devices for free, and you should also know that this app is less in size and would not affect your storage as much as other apps on the store so, if you start working with this app, then you won’t be needing professional and expensive cameras anymore!

Fotor Photo Studio

Now, this is yet another online vintage camera app that you should know about if you are interested in Lomo as well as retro filters and images. This app has the most extravagant editing features that can help you in changing the style of the image. You can also enjoy many different filters that will provide your image with a very professional outlook. You can choose white, black, retro as well as Lomo filters with this online app. you should know that this vintage camera app also allows you to add and customize/personalize your images with text and that too quite easily without any skills.  

You can save your images in the default gallery of the app and can also move them to your local gallery. The app also gives you the liberty of sharing the images via email and other social media platforms!

All of these vintage camera apps are best for use as they are free and user-friendly!

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