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Users who want to have the content downloaded from popular sites and internet storage for many uses and offline entertainment are welcome here. Those who would love to have some unique content downloaded to their device but always failed miserably will have their treatment here.

Isn't this a big problem that most of the time, we want the content to use in the offline mode but can't use it due to many restrictions? Everybody browses some popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., and wants to use some of the content by downloading, but that's not possible. So here you have the Snaptube to download any of the content from all the important sites of social usage.

What is SnapTube?

SnapTube is a third-party application where you can browse all the sites of the famous internet world and download content from there on your device like the VIDMATE. The application offers the feasibility of freely downloading video, reels, status, music, songs, series, movies, etc., in all the resolutions possible; HD, 4K, MP4, 3GP, etc.

It also converts video files into audio in a fraction of seconds so that you can download any things in the MP3 and multiple audio resolutions. Freely explore and download with one tap the latest releases of movies, songs, reels, trending videos, hot, etc.

The application offers an inbuilt browser and inbuilt video player with advanced adjustable options and a menu to perform stuff. Also, effective options like hidden files, night mode, download manager, floating player, and homepage offer recommended downloads, playlists, videos, trending content, most viewed, and more. You can download the whole playlist here with just one tap at super fast speed and many simultaneously.

Outstanding tools and features;

SnapTube is a similar platform to VIDMATE and offers significant downloading help to the users for efficiently getting content. The latest and innovative features in the app let you explore more in the content segment; the application acts as a one-stop solution for users wanting to explore more. We have discussed below some significant functions and supplies of the platform;

Download all genres of content

SnapTube offers you content in all genres to download for free. You have to just tap on the button, and it starts downloading in seconds. Enjoy complete forms of entertainment here like movies, music, audio, series, tv shows, status, timelines, reels, short videos, etc. everything can be downloaded to the device through the app for offline usage.

Multiple resolutions of files

You can download all the content in many resolutions in video and audio format. You just have to tap on the download button, and the options to choose the resolution will appear where you can select 4k, ultra HD, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 320p, 240p, 144p, and others. In MP3 and audio, there are many resolutions to choose from.

Converts video files into audio

SnapTube converts the video files into audio in seconds so you can enjoy the video songs, especially in audio listening. It also offers you the resolution choice to make in audio files when converting the files. Download by tapping, and in the download manager, you can view it simultaneously.

Inbuilt browser to search

Users can search for anything they wish in the browser section of the platform. It provides you with the access to surf anything from the major sites in the application and taps on the download button to get them stored on your device.

You can search for videos, audio, songs, movies, series, latest music, status, latest releases, updates, and more in the browser, which offers results from varied sources. You can choose the resolution to download.

Inbuilt video player

Users can find out the video and then download it on the platform. You can easily choose the videos and, after downloading, can watch them in the inbuilt advanced video player of the forum. The video player offers multiple customization tools and methods. In SnapTube, you can also watch videos in the player by importing them from any other source. Customize the experience and create different things.

Recommended and trending lists

On the application's homepage, you will find all the trending videos and hot topics that are most viewed or recommended based on your search activity. The list is extensive enough to scroll and find out if anything suits you. If you like something, tap on the button and download the video by choosing the resolution.

Play live and preview

In SnapTube, users can watch the video and other content experiences on the platform by downloading or online streaming in the app. You have to click, and the options to apply changes are there.

Popular site's content integrated.

All the popular sites and their content are integrated into the SnapTube to find- choose one suitable for you in the application. You have to select platforms like FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Live leak, Vine, etc.; as you search for something, the content from various sources appears, and you can choose any you want.

Free to access

SnapTube offers users content in all genres and formats from the best sites in the internet world. All availability is accessible here; you don't need to spend a penny to get these benefits from your pocket.

How to install it?

The procedure to install is straightforward; you just need to follow the given below method in order to install it successfully;

  • Click on the given download link.
  • A download button will appear; tap on that.
  • Start downloading, wait for it to download.
  • Now tap on the install option after downloading.
  • Allow the installation from an unknown source by setting>privacy> permissions.
  • Wait for installation.
  • Now, login and enjoy.


Does this version require money to install?

To download and install this version of the application, you don't need a penny. Just tap on the download link on our website and enjoy it for free.

Does downloading SnapTube require rooting?

No, SnapTube, when downloaded from our website, doesn't require rooting at all while installing it.

Is it safe to install the mod version of the app?

Yes. This version is twisted in codes and nothing more. You can download it from our website and feel free with the security policy and a safe environment.

Do I get the premium version unlocked in this variant?

Yes. This variant is the premium version, which is installed without paying any money to anyone at all.


To access the content from varied genres and categories, you need to download the SnapTube-it offers all the resolutions of content, including HD, to download or play live on the platform. Converts videos files into audio and offers most of the customization features, various popular sites integrated, and significant content availability from YouTube.

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