Avakin Life Mod Apk (v1.050.01) + Unlimited Money, Unlocked + Diamonds + Mode Menu


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95 thoughts on “Avakin Life Mod Apk (v1.050.01) + Unlimited Money, Unlocked + Diamonds + Mode Menu”

      1. Yeah we have the same problem. Do you really gonna fix it? Please fix it. And I’m confused is it really unlimited money and diamonds? Or it’s just a display?

  1. Hey. I just updated to the recent version and it does not want to install on my phone. The older versions install. Please help

  2. Tolong diperbarui k versi terbaru seperti 1.032.04 makanya game mod ny tidak berjalan saya harap anda memperbaruinya mungkin itu akan membuat sya bahagia

  3. Hi, when I open the mod, it will always ask me to update. And when I press update, it will go to play store avakin life….

  4. Jheyvyson Avakin

    Toda vez que eu vou viajar para algum lugar para no 15% do carregamento, fiquei tão empolgado mais me decepcionei ;-;

  5. Since the new update of the normal Avakin game the Mod Apk version doesn’t want to log in anymore. It displays as There is newer version and that you should update the Mod Apk Avakin game. But both versions shows 1.032.03. 😧

  6. Salut je problem enfaîte suis porté des vêtements il mon dit suis en caleson essaye de réglé sa svp mon non c’est Alphabaah7

  7. Okay so what is the difference between the normal APK and the mod apk because when I downloaded the normal APK I did not get unlimited money and when I downloaded them mod apk i didnt get unlimited avacoins i just got a mod menu which noone can see the clothes you have on so whats the point

  8. please post newest link for version that has unlimted coin an others can see all clothes? Please please even email to me if you would. Thanks

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