Beatstar v31.0.0.4926 MOD APK [Menu/Gems/Always Perfect/High Score]

App Name Beatstar
Latest Version v31.0.0.4926
Last Updated 22 November 2023
Publisher Space Ape.
Requirements Android 4.4
Category Music
Size 150 MB
Google Playstore
3.8 Rating (294)


If you are crazy enough to create some epic music beats and rhythms with ease of sitting at home, or you cannot afford the special tools for studio creation. Then you have got your shot today; we are talking about one of the far more interesting and professional applications which let you become a part of the music world without any investment—a gameplay kind of simulation for the music lovers from Space Ape. Beatstar is an iconic software developed with brilliant tools that, in many ways, lets users develop their own taste in beats and rhythms. If you are really looking for a platform that could end your search, then you are here served with everything in the music world. The app lets you explore a whale world in itself with a variety of tactics and tools that flow like water and control your mood.

Beatstar MOD APK

Beatstar Mod APK lets you create some magnificent music and beats and also stream hundreds of licensed songs from popular artists. Songs like Happier, closer, hello, Blank Space, Baby, diamonds, etc., are easily accessible, and their versions help you in creating your own with the vibes of these popular songs. Listen to songs that you like in various languages and from multiple cultures. A library that consists of songs for you to use them and infuse in your very own creation. Instrumentals, beats, and rhythms based on popular music are here, choose your style and make the product which you can also share with your friends on social media and can get viral without any much of effort. The gaming style is epic where you have to play the Piano Tiles kind of game, and it creates music that you can use, don't miss the beat!

Beatstar Mod APK

Beatstar Mod APK being a modified version does create a lot of simplicity in the application to make it even better for beginners. Users can experience the gameplay to a whole new level where almost all premium tools get unlocked, and you create your iconic music with them. The version has unlimited money and gems that you can use to unlock any of the songs in the library and use it for your own needs. However, music lovers can explore more if they want to be a part of this epic journey where life is hidden in the beats. The ad-free environment of the platform that lets you create without any disturbance is one of the outstanding additions to the game of class. Security features to convince you to download the version include no rooting need, antiban properties, antiviral and free from bugs, no lagging and malware tested, so freely install it from the given link.


Beatstar Mod APK lets you be a part of a community that creates astonishing music and beats out of this platform with the simplicity of just tapping on the screen. There are various editions and features for music lovers to enjoy, which are being discussed below, so stay tuned now!

Beatstar MOD APK

Tapping the beats and exploring the sounds

As we know that music is really an integral part of everyone's life, but we can not ignore the fact that there are some souls crazy enough for it. So a platform for them to dive into a professional world without any investment and create their epic senses of music and taste of melodies. Don't panic to get your things done; the gameplay has an extremely simple approach! Users can easily tap on the screen and particularly the black-colored tiles flowing like water on the screen that creates beats. Not missing the tiles and continuing the journey creates the ultimate product the way you want. Letting you simply enjoy the love of your soul.

Users in Beatstar Mod APK can create any type of song, beats, rhythm, or melodies irrespective of any enforced agenda. Feel free and explore the platform and then start creating the rhythms your way. As we have heard many times, playing it my way and so don't miss out on the beginning to learn the game and then creating the songs. You are allocated several instruments, beats, and other tools to use them in creating your unique music. Many presets of popular songs are there for you to select and create based on them; some popular songs include famous artists like Adele, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Coldplay, Maroon 5, Cardi B, Beyonce, etc. and all.

Collection of favorite songs and a library

Beatstar Mod APK, as you know, consists of several songs by popular artists to play and listen to hundreds of them without any issue. And if you want to use them in work for music, then it's easy just to choose and apply. The gameplay method is different; moreover, you can choose famous songs from the library of the platform to use and apply anytime. Create your shots and enjoy the produce with the clearest of sound compositions. The platform is not limited to any extent, and it ultimately lets you enjoy the streaming services of licensed music. Moreover, you can create your songs and music and then freely share them with everyone, including your friends, on social media outlets to probe their chance of getting viral. There are chances you could become a star by getting viral, and so please thank us later!

Beatstar MOD APK


Download Beatstar Mod APK to dive into an endless journey of music and beats where you, in a fun way, create some outstanding rhythms and tastes of music. Be part of the journey, which is legendary and lets you experience the best of the game format where you tap on the tiles to create beats and collective music. Download here the modified version, which makes the game even simpler and easiest to play while creating the viral songs.

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