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Game Name BitLife
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Simulation
User Reviews 4.5 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v2.4.1
Last Update
01 June 2021
80 MB

What’s the Specialty of the BitLife Mod Apk

Will you try to make all the right choices in an effort to become a model citizen shortly before you die? You can marry the love of your life, have children, and get a good education along the way.

Or will you play the options that frighten your parents? You can plunge into a life of crime, fall in love or go on a thrill, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat your spouse. You choose your story …

Discover how Bit of Life can add bit choices to determine your success in the game.

Interactive story games have been around for years. But this is the first text life simulator that really mashes and simulates adult life.

For those who are interested in realistic simulation gameplay, the BitLife – Life Simulator is definitely a great game. This is everything you want with a life simulation game.

You will have tons of different interactive features, which will give you lots of fun. Get more information about this amazing game with our reviews.

BitLife Mod Apk


The game relies on its players to discover and shape their stories, which is why you are free to do anything in BitLife and your actions will determine which path you are going on. He starts his life as a, well, sperm.

You will have access to all related options that relate to your characters. Do everything you want, make your own decisions, and find out whether they are right or wrong.

Amazing New Features Of BitLife Mod Apk

Here are some of the most notable features that we think every BitLife – Life Simulator gamers would love:

Personal Stats to Evaluate Yourself-:

In this game, you, the players will have access to various actions and decisions which would eventually affect your personal stats.


This is one of the most important statistics because it determines your happiness level. When you are happy, things are more likely to happen to you and you feel more accomplished when doing things.

On the other hand, having less happiness will mean that your characters are more likely to suffer from depression. This makes her less effective in every activity in which she is participating.


It is always important to have good health if you want to live a good life. This allows you to participate in more activities, increase your performance, and prevent a short and incomplete life.

BitLife Mod Apk

People need to be smart to understand the things happening around them. That being said, you should spend a certain amount of time studying and learning new things so that you can increase your smart level.

Looks like-:
You are born with the faces that your parents give you. It can be ugly or beautiful, no problem. In BitLife – Life Simulator, everything can be changed.

It only takes a little cash to take you back. That being said, to improve your look, you can resort to plastic surgery which can turn you into a Brad Pitt lookalike. You can even go as far as switching your penis when you feel that old is not appropriate.

To enjoy various activities-:
As it is a life simulator title, players will have the option to try everything and face their own consequences.

doing work-:
This is probably the most boring activity but since it brings money to you, you cannot leave it. You will need money to keep the business running, you can buy what you want and support your loved ones.

And every once in a while, is not a bad idea. It helps you to meet new people along with reducing your stress. Who can potentially signal your future? In addition, you will face all sorts of situations during your stay at the club, such as getting into a quarrel, offering marijuana by others, and so on.

The gym-:
It is important to keep your body in shape so that you can give other people a better look and attract them. Also, being a good fit allows you to maintain your good physics. This can be helpful in some situations such as burglars coming into your home or fighting bullies, etc.

plastic Surgery-:
Another way to look good is to go to plastic surgery doctors. Having a successful operation will make you a beautiful person. You have a better chance of finding an attractive date.

Studying is always the safest way to get success. Although learning processes are often painstakingly long and boring, it will take you a long time to finish your education. If you cannot do this, there are other ways to succeed.

If you don’t want to study, of course, you have other ways to get rich quickly. And one of them is to go to a casino where people put their lives in line. Win and you can earn a fortune that takes a whole life to work continuously. Defeated and you have nothing left.

To commit a crime-:
If you are not making enough money at the casino, chances are that gambling may not be your thing. In this case, why shouldn’t your business be moved elsewhere? In particular, criminal avenues are not so bad for you. Well, if you haven’t been caught, definitely. That being said, you can earn some serious money by doing illegal work.

However, for those who are unlucky and find themselves in prison, life can be a bit bleak. While in prison, you do not have many things to do, which ultimately leads to poor health, unhappiness, and so on.

Therefore, if you feel that you cannot afford it, you can plan an escape to seize your freedom. Or you can ask for a lift for your sentences.

Interactive NPC with realistic aspects-:
With lots of interactive NPCs with realistic elements, players can experience exciting relationships with other characters in the game. If you want, you can make them your friend, date, or even your partner. Every character will come with a certain set of traits that identify them.

Looks like-:
Depending on your preferences, this may be one of or at least the most important aspects.

Having a smart friend or partner will help a lot as they can provide a great solution to your problem. They are also easy to get along with and are likely to give you a happy life.

While money is not everything, it is something you should not ignore. Being rich friends will be very good for your business as they can help you with a lot of things. For the partner, a rich partner will allow you to live a comfortable life without worrying about most things.

Each NPC of the game featured this feature. It shows that they are ready to do things that are out of their minds. While it might be fun to have a quickie with them, a settled relationship does not seem like a good option.

Keep a relationship and build a family-:
And if you feel that you have met the right person in your life. Both of you can start your family by sitting together. If you want to grow your family and bring more laughter to the family, you can have children of your own or adopt others.

Visual and sound quality-:
Visually, there is no noticeable graphical element in the game because the game is too text-based. However, with a clean organization, you will have access to all options whenever you want. The sound effects are somewhat exciting as it features a matching soundtrack to certain situations in your daily life.

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • Unlocked Citizen
  • Premium Unlocked
  • No Ads

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