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Call of Dragons v1.0.19.12 MOD APK [Unlimited Money/Unlocked]

Call of Dragons
App Name Call of Dragons
Latest Version v1.0.19.12
Last Updated 22 September 2023
Publisher FARLIGHT.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Strategy
Size 1.1 GB
Google Playstore
5.0 Rating (8)


Welcome to the call of dragons, the sensational mmo fantasy conquest game brought to you by the brilliant minds behind the acclaimed rise of kingdoms. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled strategic combat experience that will leave you breathless. Experience the thrill of battling colossal behemoths alongside your trusted alliance. Unleash your combined powers, synchronize your abilities, and unlock the secrets of each behemoth's attack patterns. Brace yourself for their earth-shattering assaults and emerge triumphant against all odds! Finely you can dive into the power of your behemoth with the strength of your alliance! Unleash the full potential of your behemoth with our exclusive customization options! Elevate your training experience to new heights as you tailor every aspect to suit your unique style and preferences. With our cutting-edge customization features, you have the power to create a training regimen that is as extraordinary as your mighty unlock the untapped potential of your behemoth with a diverse range of training methods.

Call of Dragons MOD APK

Transform your characters

witness the remarkable transformation as each method unveils a unique and awe-inspiring effect. Prepare to be captivated by the sheer magnitude of possibilities that lie within your grasp. Embrace the power of choice and unleash the true greatness of your behemoth. Unleash the power of collaboration and forge a bond with your trusted allies to create awe-inspiring behemoths that are truly one-of-a-kind!

Command the whole controllable stuff

command majestic flying legions as they gracefully traverse towering mountains and meandering rivers. Unleash a dazzling array of combat skills, igniting the battlefield with your mastery. With your strategic prowess, lead your valiant allies to resounding victory in epic-scale fantasy warfare. Prepare to be captivated by the sheer grandeur of this extraordinary gaming experience. Summon the ethereal beauty of elven maidens, harness the raw strength of mighty orcs, and command the awe-inspiring power of frost mages.

Amazing heroes at your ease

prepare to be enthralled by a multitude of magical heroes, each possessing their own unique abilities and captivating stories. Dare to dream, and let your fantasies come to life in this extraordinary realm of limitless possibilities. Embark on an extraordinary adventure to the enchanting firefly tree, the awe-inspiring frozen spires, and a myriad of other breathtaking wonders. Immerse yourself in a boundless realm of fantasy that will leave you utterly spellbound. Prepare to witness sights and experiences that defy imagination, as you venture into a world unlike anything you have ever encountered.

Array of captivating game features that will leave you spellbound.

Welcome to the majestic realm of tamaris, where awe-inspiring wonders await at every turn. Prepare to be enthralled by the presence of behemoths, colossal creatures of old that roam this land. Behold the magnificent hydras, the embodiment of untamed power. Witness the thunder rocs, majestic beings that command the very skies. And brace yourself for the heart-stopping encounter with the mighty and fearsome dragons, whose mere presence sends shivers down the spine.

Make allies to beat opponents

unite with your allies, standing shoulder to shoulder, as you embark on a journey to assert your dominance. Harness their potential and transform them into a formidable force, your very own secret weapon. Introducing the awe-inspiring behemoths - the ultimate weapon to obliterate your foes when the stakes are high. Experience the convenience of automatic healing, ensuring your units are always ready for battle. Unleash the fury of battle, engage in thrilling challenges, and immerse yourself in heart-pounding combat.

Call of Dragons MOD APK

Witness the power of amazing characters

immerse yourself in the presence of noble elves, whose grace and elegance are unmatched. Witness the awe-inspiring might of the mighty orcs, whose strength knows no bounds. Unravel the secrets of the wily satyrs, whose cunning and mischief will keep you on your toes. Seek wisdom from the ancient treants, whose profound knowledge of the land will guide your path. Marvel at the majestic forest eagles, soaring through the skies with a regal splendor.

Explore and conquer

unleash the power of expansion, harness the potential for exploitation, embark on thrilling explorations, and conquer all obstacles with unwavering determination. Embrace the mantra of expand, exploit, explore, and exterminate, and pave your path to unparalleled success. Unleash the boundless potential of the kingdom with the power that lies within you. Experience the ultimate power of tamaris as you embark on a journey to upgrade magnificent buildings and cutting-edge technologies.

Collaborate and conquer

unleash the power of collaboration and conquer challenges together! Unleash your inner warrior, whether you're fearlessly leading the charge, diligently ensuring the smooth flow of crucial roads, or skillfully constructing impenetrable defensive barricades. Each and every individual has the power to contribute to the seamless operation of the battlefield, transforming it into a finely tuned mechanism of triumph. Remember, your ultimate victory hinges upon the collective effort of all.

Call of Dragons MOD APK


download "call of dragons" mod apk and immerse yourself in the captivating world of rich and varied 3d terrain, where every inch of the battlefield holds the potential for exhilarating triumph. Seize the opportunity to execute lightning-fast assaults, fortify your position with unwavering determination, and unleash devastating air raids that will leave the enemy utterly crushed. With a strategic mindset as your guiding compass, prepare to embark on a thrilling journey where victory awaits at every turn. Experience the awe-inspiring might of deploying majestic flying legions, soaring effortlessly across the vast expanse of canyons, deserts, rivers, and mountains.

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