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Call of Duty Mobile v1.0.44 MOD APK [Mod Menu/Aimbot/Wallhack]

Call of Duty Mobile
App Name Call of Duty Mobile
Latest Version v1.0.44
Last Updated 29 April 2024
Publisher Activision Publishing, Inc.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Action
Size 2.53 GB
Google Playstore
4.1 Rating (675)


Nowadays, gaming has reached a damn high-end generation with advanced Graphics, advanced assets, and complete AI automated systems. Online games are damn beneficial since we learn strategy making by these games as we get real guys in front as rivals right now in the place of those AI-built, computer players. Well, there are various games developed for providing completely online multiplayer experiences such as Ludo King, PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, PUBG Lite, FreeFire, and much more. Today we're gathered here to discuss Activision's recent creation - COD Mobile. Here in this article, we'll provide you with every single piece of information about the COD Mobile game, as well as its features and statistics.

Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK

Activision is one of the most excellent video game publishing companies based in Santa Monica, California. Till now, it has published over 100 games from which there are over 20 shooting games. Call Of Duty series is the best series ever created by Activision. It was started with Call Of Duty 1, and right now, the Call Of Duty is evolved to its damn high-tech version Call of Duty Modern Warfare 5. Moreover, The COD series also has published one of its masterpieces for android smartphones - COD Mobile. You can now play the exceptional COD game directly by your small android device, and you don't need any big console for playing high-tech shooting games from now.

COD Mobile is one of the best creations of Activision's COD series. Here in this game, you'll receive almost all the famous and every time favorite maps such as Hijacked, Standoff, Rust, Killhouse, and much more. Moreover, this masterpiece also contains a variety of armory from melee to throwables. Also, tremendous new weapons have been updated to this gigantic game such as Cordite, Razorback, Pharo, KRM 262, Man-O-War, etc.

Excepting features and armory, The COD Mobile is full of distinct entertaining modes. If we calculate total modes in the game, it contains over 20 different modes, and still, COD Mobile is updating distinct styles regularly in this game. With the COD Mobile game, you can experience the ditto same all the Free-For-All, Multiplayer, Search and Destroy, and Domination mode like the big console COD Black OPS 2 games. Almost everything is perfect in this game, either if we talk about graphics, sound codec, armory, mode varieties, exceptional maps, etc. If you haven't played this game yet, then you must download it and experience it from your point of view, it'll definitely amaze you.

Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK

Call Of Duty evolution

Video Games are changing the world in enormous ways as they are enhancing various qualities in Youth nowadays. Video games are a ubiquitous part of almost all children's and teenagers' lives. About 60 to 70% of India's population are teenagers and play games to kill their time and grow immense skills. Activision is one of the best game publishing companies globally, and the Call of Duty series is one of its best creations. It was started in 2003 with the Call Of Duty 1 with essential graphics quality, immersive sound quality, and a perfect storyline. But right now, the COD series has grown up to the COD Mobile, which will provide you with the same gaming experience as the big gaming consoles worth thousands of rupees directly on your smartphone. COD Mobile is the most updated part of the COD series with exceptional maps and rare armory.

COD Mobile

The technology of gaming is getting advanced and has changed dramatically in the last decade, and has become further complex, diverse, realistic, and social. COD Mobile is one of the most rapid-growing games in the android gaming industry. Since COD Mobile conquered over 250,000,000 downloads in just 265 days whereas the PUBG Mobile took about a year in overcoming this tremendous number of downloads. COD Mobile was also awarded as the fastest growing Android and iOS game on the Play Store and the App Store. If we look at the Google Play Store right now, COD Mobile has conquered over 100,000,000 downloads and over 10,000,000 positive reviews. This online shooting game is ranked as the #4 top-grossing action and shooter game.

This game primarily contains two types of virtual currencies - Credit coins that can comfortably be earned by completing missions, and CPs which can't be obtained by completing missions since you need to spend money to buy them. Basically, this game provides you with two primary game modes - Multiplayer and Battle Royale. There are over 20 different sub-modes available in the Multiplayer mode of COD Mobile, whereas Battle Royale only contains one sub-mode containing a single map. For more info about styles, below we've listed different modes available in the COD Mobile game -

Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK


Core - Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Search and Destroy, Hardpoint, Gunfight, Free For All
Featured - Shipment, Core Map Collection, Secondary School, Spawn Trap
Practice - Training Mode, Practice VS AI
Battle Royale

Classic(TPP/FPP) - Solo, Duo or Squad

The updates in this game are based on its seasons as whenever new season arrives, and it brings enormous distinct armory, modes, and events with it. Till now, COD Mobile has completed eight seasons in just eight months, and right now, Season 9 is going on with the Conquest theme holding most of the exceptional outfits and armory skins well as a rare character - NIKTO - STRONGHOLD.

COD Battle Pass

If you already have played any other online battle royale game on an android device, then you must know about the season-to-season subscribed battle passes. As like that of Royale Pass in PUBG and Elite Pass in Free Fire, COD also holds the season subscription Battle Pass which basically comes in two variants - Premium Pass - Premium Pass can provide you with all the rewards available per season and, these rewards also contain the number of CPs you spent in it. Moreover, this premium pass upgrades every single season, and for earning all the CPs per season, you've to play extraordinary and complete all the missions provided in the game. Basically, this pass costs 220CP, which is equivalent to 220.00 INR. Premium Pass Plus - Premium Pass Plus contains all the same rewards and features as the Premium Pass, but you'll get few additional features here in this variant. By purchasing the PremiumPass Plus, you can directly skip 12 Tiers and start from the 13th tier, which makes it easier to complete missions and earn most of the rewards at the starting of the season.

Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK


Right now, we're in the online gaming era since most of the games publishing right now is online. If you're a Shooting game freak and like playing online shooting games with all the real players, you must download COD Mobile. Since it holds the ditto same assets as the big COD games such as Black Ops, Modern Warfare, etc. There are tremendous features available in the COD Mobile from which, we've listed a few below -

Superior Graphics

Graphics and the game quality are the main factors on which an android game depends since the smartphone is a multitasking device to make every task immersive, and if you're playing games on it, then the graphics must have to be unusual. This game will provide you with a console-type graphic experience right on your Android Smartphone. So the COD Mobile provides you with five quality graphics from low to very high, by which you can choose the desired one as per your phone specs.

Exceptional Variety of Maps

If you ever have played any COD game earlier, then you can easily imagine the variety of maps that their advanced and the most updated version COD Mobile owns. COD contains over 20 in-game maps in which you will get most of the well-liked maps such as Standoff, Hijacked, Crash, Rust, and much more, as well as various newly updated maps such as SHIPMENT 1944, Cage, Summit, and more exceptional areas.

Variety of Modes

Since no one wants to play a single-mode every time even if it's the most liked battle-royale mode. So the COD will also fulfill your requirement for modes. Since in about every single online shooting game, you can only get a maximum of ten modes containing the battle-royale mode whereas, the COD mobile will provide you with over 20 different modes containing the battle royale mode.

Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK

Unusual Armoury

In our opinion, no one can replace COD games in terms of armory and modes. Since in every COD series game, you will get an exceptional variety of arsenal containing almost all the new-gen guns, armors, and other assets. Here the COD Mobile will provide you with enormous weapons and as well as endless styles and skins of firearms. Here in this game, you'll receive over ten assault rifles, five LMGs, ten SMGs, five shotguns, six snipers, and one Marksman rifle, and as it's an online game so they will definitely update advanced weapons with new updates.


Online gaming is extending hands towards friendship and finding new friends since while you play online, you'll get enormous different guys from different regions so that you can make them friends, and they'll really be worth you. COD Mobile is the best online shooting game ever developed for android devices as like any other COD series shooting game. Even if we compare it with the most prominent competitor PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile will conquer in terms of graphics, armory collection, maps collection, comfortability, and almost every single factor. Moreover, you can also sign in to this game with Facebook and Twitter and can play with friends who're already there on COD Mobile. So download COD Mobile right now and start the journey of one of the world's best online shooting games. Enjoy it.

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