Chicken Gun v4.1.0 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Unlimited Coins)

Chicken Gun
App Name Chicken Gun
Latest Version v4.1.0
Last Updated 21 June 2024
Publisher ChaloApps.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Action
Size 587 MB
Google Playstore
4.4 Rating (1671)


We all know that shooting someone, especially with guns, is something all of us like irrespective of age, because it's such a pleasure having a target and examining your intensity or capacity to point correctly and hit the mark. So we all must accept that we are intentionally driven towards our love of shooting no matter what and want to experience something like that if we get it. So thanks because we have the blessings of the internet, specifically in the segment of the gaming world where with the evolution of programming, the simulation kind of thing has become possible with ease. Which is enough capacity to keenly explore multiple niches and categories to serve the users utmostly and with all the realistic features involved in the game. We have this one Chicken guns mod apk, specifically simulated to provide the never-before-like shooting experience. We all can explore our genuine love of shooting with ease because the gameplay contains all the elements needed in the gameplay. So download the game and enjoy the experience of shooting from the first person's perspective without any bothering of lack as every required article is equipped in the gameplay. Here, you will take the role of the chicken character whose work is to attack the looter as the barn is in trouble to save the barn and attack those enemies with the variety of arsenal provided to you in the gameplay. A considerable amount of vivid tools and weaponry are enabled in the game with many modes like multiplayer online, where you can bring your friends and play with random strangers in the game.

Chicken Gun MOD APK

Chicken guns mod apk

Chicken guns mod apk is an alternate and modified variant of the original game where enhanced features are availed to you with unrestricted use. We have enabled for you a variety of improved features like unlimited money, points, and coins that you can make well use of in upgrading the features like tools and skills of the characters and weaponry of vivid potential. Purchase items from the free shopping available in the gameplay also enjoy the unlocked things. We have unlocked all pro features and other stuff for your gameplay. Further integration of the policies like no ads under which we have blocked and removed all forms of ads appearing in the gameplay. The version doesn't require users to root it from other sources and offers the antiban and antivirus properties in the gameplay for a safe and secure gameplay environment. The version has fixed bugs and now no lagging issues as well.


One of the most engaging storyline concept

You will love the foundational storyline created in the game, which makes everyone rely on shooting. There were shooting games before in the game arsenal, but the lack in them was not having a story because the story held the users to stick to the game as everyone loves doing things for a purpose. The report gives meaning to everyone, and that's why people love the game as you need to save the barn from the attacks of the enemies and destroy them with your weapons.

Chicken characters in the roleplay

The gameplay of the Chicken guns mod apk offers the users the chicken characters roleplay eventually, but all the characters have different outlooks that make the difference. You have to take p the characters of chicken and upgrade and customize your characters to various means available in the gameplay. To save the barn, take up the weapons, quickly destroy the enemies, and fend them off.

Classic maps to figure out the enemies.

The gameplay of the Chicken guns mod apk provides users with great maps to find out all the things they are looking for and use the maps effectively for a variety of things. The gameplay needs the maps because the gameplay revolves around that searching and killing those attackers who have come to loot the barn.

Chicken Gun MOD APK

Shooting simulation in an ultimate way

Chicken guns mod apk provides the users with the most enhanced and classic working of the activities, specifically the shooting against the enemies in the simulation. Shooting with vivid arsenal is also made up to the greatest pleasure to your aggressiveness so go on chooses your weapons to click the shots and hit the target.

Users interface with ease.

The user interface provided in the Chicken guns mod apk is excellent and offers users the total capacity to perform stunts needed to hit the target accurately. The enemies are trying to get to the barn, and you need to save them by hotting the shots of your bullets to their heads.

Multiplayer online gameplay to enjoy

The Chicken guns mod apk is one of the best shooting games out there in the animation characters roleplay, which offers the shooter gameplay to hit the targets of the enemies wh have come to take the barn. You will be able to fend them off with the help of your friends in the form of a squad by bringing them in the multiplayer online where even random strangers are participating in the online connectivity.

Animated characters

The gameplay Chicken guns mod apk comes with the animated form of the character in the chicken outlook and gives the users the most flourishing and enjoyable gameplay of shooting. A variety of arsenals is here to choose from, and take up the guns with your friends to hit the target immensely.

Huge arsenal and explosives

The gameplay of the Chicken guns mod apk is one of the classic and enhanced gameplay that gives users a variety of weapons and explosives to deal with the enemies effectively and kill them off.

Chicken Gun MOD APK


Download the Chicken guns mod apk to enjoy the most enhanced shooting experience in the attack made with a storyline, so you get a purpose for doing the stuff. You will love the gameplay were attacking with a massive arsenal and explosives is common. In this modified version, you will get everything needed for the upgraded gameplay like unlimited money, coins, and other unlocked, unlocked premium benefits to enjoy, no ads, fixed bugs, no lagging, and enemies acts blocked kind of stuff.

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