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Critical Strike CS v13.009 MOD APK (MOD Menu, Unlimited Money)

Critical Strike CS
App Name Critical Strike CS
Latest Version v13.009
Last Updated 02 July 2024
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Action
Size 825.15 MB
Google Playstore
4.1 Rating (353)


Have You ever played the console shooting games like Medal Of Honor, Call Of Duty series, Sniper Elite or Black? Yeah, I’m not asking about that PUBG Mobile or Garena Free Fire, since these are the battle royale games, and contain no multiplayer small game features like our old exceptional games. But today, we’ll offer you an outstanding Android game based on all your desires, and contains a massive variety of in-game add-ons - Critical Strike CS! Critical Strike CS name sounds like the Counter-Strike, and simply it’s the ditto Counter-Strike game! If You can’t believe me, then must check on your own, and you’ll get amazed with an exceptional 3D FPP experience, holding exceptional combat modes. It’s the game developed for all the shooting enthusiasts, searching for realistic Multiplayer modes. So If You’re also the one, Download Critical Strike CS ASAP! Before that, You just need to check out our version of Critical Strike CS, or the modified version - Critical Strike CS MOD APK. Are You ready to enjoy the most adorable fun? Download Critical Strike CS MOD APK and start today!

Critical Strike CS MOD APK

Play the ultimate shooting game on your Android smartphone

We use the word ultimate only for realistic Android games, containing exceptional graphics, qualified gaming modes, and futuristic add-ons. One such Android Shooting game, containing all the above qualifications is Critical Strike CS! It’s a free-style shooting game, including the incredible shooting modes within the 3D classic graphics and the amazing weapons. No one needs more than these features in a dream shooting game! Being a Shooting game, Critical Strike CS offers you the first glimpse with the multiplayer or Team Deathmatch gaming mode, where you can enjoy the 5v5 gaming with all your friends. Or Even if you don’t have any friends playing the same game, You can try the game with random players free of charge. So stop dreaming of the advanced Android game and start playing Critical Strike CS!

Enjoy the 3D FPP gaming interface like the realistic Counter-Strike

Do You know what’s the first recommendation of every advanced Shooting gamer in such a game? It’s the 3D or FPP gaming mode! Playing the Third Person mode sounds quite amazing, but it’s fake shooting gaming since you can’t really see your body while shooting your enemies. So stop living that fake gaming life, and download Critical Strike CS! Critical Strike CS will offer you amazing graphics with the 3D or FPP gaming mode, where you can feel the shooting modes with having a gun in your hand! Moreover, You won’t ever get bored while playing this game, as it’ll offer you a massive collection of in-game addons! Let’s get sharply into the game!

Small-sized shooting game with exceptional maps and weapons

If we compare the Critical Strike with all other exceptional Android Shooting games like COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile, it’s an amazing creation with the shortest size! Critical Strike CS: Counter Terrorist Online FPS is offering you the most impressive shooting privileges at just holding 525 Megabytes of your device’s storage. Sounds incredible, right? More is on the way! With having just a simplistic size, the game possesses 6 different maps to amaze you with the quality gaming, AAA quality modern graphics, 25 different weapons including pistols, snipers, AR, shotguns, grenades, and much more. The game is created to show off all your shooting skills in an individual space with all the Counter-Strike kinda modes. So stop getting bored with that old Battle Royale game, and tart enjoying the Critical Strike CS!

Critical Strike CS MOD APK

Endure the exceptional combat gaming modes with Critical Strike

In my perspective, No one can beat Critical Strike CS in terms of the short Multiplayer gaming modes! Basically, the game offers you 5 different combat modes, that’ll help you remember the old Counter-Strike days. It contains all the below-listed gaming modes -

  • Team Deathmatch - It’s the team match, containing Team vs Team or a 5v5 battle between your friends and rivals!
  • Free For All - It’s the most amazing gaming mode, where you’re needed to play for yourself, and make the largest number of kills at a given time!
  • Defuse the Bomb - Again the most loved mode from Counter-Strike! The terrorist team plant the bomb and Counter Team is needed to defuse it before time gets over.
  • Private Room - Here You can call all your friends to play together ignoring the annoying random teammates.
  • Custom Match - After having this ability, You can create infinite custom matches, with your desired weapons, modes, time limit, and kill limit! Feeling like God of Critical Strike!

Download the modified game for experiencing immense features

Unpacking Critical Strike CS MOD APK, or simply the modified version of the official Critical Strike CS game! It’s the amazing MOD, granting you all the exceptional gaming modes with simplistic space-holding. It’s basically the same Android shooting game in terms of the shooting modes, gaming interface, and variety of weapons. But additionally, it offers you unlimited money for endless purchases and the zero-ad interface. So stop struggling to earn money inside the Critical Strike CS official version, and download Critical Strike CS MOD APK for incredible fun! Don’t wait a bit!

Enjoy unlimited access to infinite money for endless purchases

Fundamentally, the Critical Strike CS official version is a BOGOF game, where you’re needed to earn coins or cash for unlocking the legendary weapons like AWM and M249! So what would be more delightful than having the same gaming interface within the infinite money?
Keeping that in mind, We’ve developed Critical Strike CS MOD APK with the Unlimited Money MOD. You can enjoy here the infinite money and make never-ending purchases without worrying a bit!

Time to go for the entirely unlocked Critical Strike version

Apart from having unlimited money, Critical Strike CS MOD APK also offers you an unlocked gaming interface! Yeah, You heard right! Critical Strike CS MOD APK is offering you an entirely unlocked game, where you can enjoy all the gun skins and legendary guns like AWM without reaching a needed level. You won’t need to struggle more inside the game, since now the game is all yours!

Critical Strike CS MOD APK

Play all your favorite online modes without a single interruption

Online gaming without Google advertisements isn’t that easy! And if the game is Critical Strike CS, difficulties arise at the topmost level. You can now download the Critical Strike CS MOD APK, and enjoy the entirely ad-free game interface. Moreover, You won’t need to root your smartphone or perform any rigid task for such stuff, since the modified version is offering you an Ad-free interface hassle-free! Enjoy it!

Final Verdict

The recreated version is developed with hundreds of MOD scripts to offer you amazing features, and make your game more premium free of charge. You can enjoy all the above-listed features at the ease of access. All You need is to click the below green button and download Critical Strike CS MOD APK! Afterward, You’re all good!!

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