Cunt Wars MOD APK v1.65 [Unlimited Money/VIP Unlocked]

Cunt Wars
App Name Cunt Wars
Latest Version v1.65
Last Updated 14 June 2023
Publisher Nutaku.
Requirements Android 4.4
Category Nsfw
Size 85 MB
Google Playstore
3.9 Rating (39)


Beating your opponents and building your own defense against them. Cunt wars is a legendary game for players 18+ in age. It is a battle strategy game with different forms of battles in the variety of arenas to unlock and conquer. Show your talent and become the owner of all the cunts available to dominate the ground of this simulation. It's all about showcasing the talent of being the baddest cunt in the arena. That entirely depends on your strategy and skills. The kind of cinta you summon and use in the times of battles. The gameplay of cunt wars features destructive weapons and cunt missiles, a variety of modes to play against opponents, teams, death match and many such. Build your own army of cunts to dominate the land and gather as many powerful cunts as you can. You have to also focus on becoming the baddest cunt hunter but prevent your enemies from doing so. Become hindrance or create obstacles in their ways. Upgrade your skills and talent, customize your character and personalize your experience using a variety of accessories available for you. Experience the thrill of this multi elements and mixed concept game.

Cunt Wars MOD APK

Exciting gameplay with latest element in addition

the gameplay is known for centuries with it being one of the most famous board games. Now its simulation comes with new styled elements and their addition to make it more attractive. To participate in wars against opponents and many others consisting of different modes of battles. The exciting and attractive game is all about becoming the best cunt hunter to make your army more powerful and grand.

Different modes to enjoy

the cutting edge benefit of this wonderful gameplay is its variety of modes to choose and play. Where you can show your talent hunting down all the enemies with your powerful cunts. Making a faction of lots of cunts where each one has its unique and powerful ability and skills. It depends on you to master the art of the game and enjoy beating your opponents with your power and capacity. It's awesome multiplayer and single player modes, death match, capture the flag, king of the hill, etc.

Customizing your expectation and experience

one great advantage of having this awesome game for you is to enjoy beating the expectations and personalizing the experience as you wish. Here you can change costume, color, accessories and tools, wearables and all of your characters. Unlocking new ones from the game store and applying the one that suits you with the necessary upgrades to make them even more powerful and capable in the journey.

Summon cunts and make your army

users have a beautiful task of summoning new cunts with different powers and abilities. This you have to do before your opponents to beat them because if they do it successfully then you fail. You can participate and enjoy yourself against your enemies in every way and style of war. These cunts will create the army who will battle for you in different forms and styles to beat the opponents no matter what kind of mode you play into.

Cunt Wars MOD APK

Stylish weapons and missiles

the great feature of the game is its awesome accessories and tools. You are offered with playables and rewards to unlock new weapons and tools, including cunt missiles, armors, and other equipment to fight against your enemies and beat them. Each could be enhanced and elevated by winning the rewards and using them to enhance the power at the next level.

Push your boundaries and uplift your talent

as you know you have to participate in deadly battles with flying weapons and equipment. That happens when you get to choose the right cunts in your army, create your awesome defense base and destroy those of opponents. All you get to do is uplift the talent and skills by training and arranging them in suitable talent and skills. Focus on the game and beat all the bosses to dominate and conquer every land and place.

Different places to explore and unlock

the game offers different arenas for users to enjoy applying the variety of strategy and tactics. There are a wide range of places which you can unlock and play your board game battling against enemies in them. Each place has its own unique style and outlook creating difficulties according to the environment. Decide and enjoy the journey they go on in the series of battles.


download cunt wars mod apk where you completely lose yourself in the simulation of this wonderful board game where you summon and gather cunts. The most powerful ones in quality and quantity to beat the opponents. Unlock and equip your characters with powerful cunt weapons and destroy the opponents base. This mod version brings to you the anti ban properties with hacked elements to make its concepts more simple and attractive for you. Where you don't have to invest much in gathering the power to deal with opponents.

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