Cytus MOD APK v10.1.5 (All Songs Unlocked) free for android

App Name Cytus
Latest Version v10.1.5
Last Updated 25 October 2023
Publisher Rayark International Limited.
Requirements Android 5.0
Category Music
Size 840 MB
Google Playstore
3.5 Rating (45)
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the game that we are discussing today is in a different context; storylines like this are rare to find and explore. What happens here in the cytus is the world gets transported to robots. This means humans are near to extinction, and robots are the new races on earth. They have every skill and advantage over humans but lack in one dimension, and that is emotions. So to get their hands on the emotional factor and dream of them having souls. They got a new idea which is all about the game. Cytus is storage of various songs and music melodies that are used to transfer old memories of humans to robots. Through these memories, robots are trying to integrate human emotions with them. So they can feel and sense everything. Without emotions, their life would be a waste and of no use since emotions are what defines pleasure and pain. So how they should get their mission accomplished is your mission.


Cytus mod apk is here where you tap on the active scans line, which flows to touch on the melody and transfer the memories, scoring points. What you need to do is tap each line as it passes on the notes to win the game. Dive into the irresistible combination of music beats and art, a blend of memories and emotions. These melodies and notes come from the famous songs of over 400+ variations from favorite artists around the world. Cytus covers nearly 200 songs in the astonishing outlook of art on screen, and three types of notes appear in the active scan line where you tap. The gameplay possesses nine different difficulty levels for excitement and fun. Various discussions held on the type of songs and their variations brought iconic notes into play. Now, these songs come in various genres, including pop, hip hop, rock and roll, classic, electronic, jazz, drum n' bass, etc. Enjoy this musical world of heavenly pleasure.

Cytus mod apk

cytus mod apk is an alternate and modified variant of the original application, which brings the ease of the hacks and cheat options to make it even more simple and accessiblehere, offering all the premium features and functions unlocked for free. The gameplay brings you ultimate pleasure and benefits to enjoy the game like a pro with several pleasurable music and rhythms as well as beats. Bringing the new lifestyle and accessories of beating the humans playing from robotic sides. This gameplay is really different and difficult for simple users to play. It's for the ones who lived challenges and difficultiesa game where all the ads are blocked and offer users with ultimate options. No rooting is required while installing it, and it offers the users with security features. Various functions and tools to employ the benefits of playing a deadly game whose advantages will steal your heart. Explore it in a massive way by getting most of the tools unlocked here for free.



cytus mod apk brings the pleasure of ultimate gameplay by participating in the game, bringing in-depth and briny fun. Become a part of this game by learning about its features and incredible advantages over the time span.

Combos of art and music through active scans

it's a game where you get to experience the iconic combos of art and music through the outlook of active scans. These active scan lines flow on the screen, and you have to tap on them to become familiar with three types of notes available to use. This exact tapping brings memories transformation, which makes it possible to infuse emotions in robots. Here, these notes probably rely on the center, and when you tap the rhythm and beats, the transfer takes placeso making the robotic race rampant and dominating in all aspects. So these rhythms and beats to enjoy the game like a pro, and the iconic display of the beats through notes brings satisfaction.


cytus mod apk is a storage of music that lets users help the robots in the transformation of memories and emotions from humans to them. The reason is that without emotions, being present on earth has nothing to feel like pleasure and pain. So to help in the process, there are nearly 200 popular songs from popular artists to choose from and their 400+ variations that bring immense benefits to doing this shit! Also, these songs cover various musical melodies and beat to rejoice in pleasure and also choose to listen to multiple popular genres across the music world, including jazz, rock and roll, hip hop, classic, pop, rock, electronic, etc. , and more. So don't worry and enjoy this sphere of transportation domination.

An awesome musical world to help robots with artistic style

as you know, robots are the only race domination left on the planet as humans are close to extinction. So these robots want to be fully fledged in all dimensions making their boundaries explode. So you experience the joy and pleasure of music to help them achieve emotional perfection. This world has a lot to offer them, and through the music, they want to infuse memories to become dominating enough. Use the active scan lines to tap on them so as to click on the notes making the work successful and easy.



download cytus mod apk to enjoy the most astonishing gameplay with out-of-context storylines never imagined. We are here to help the robots to become more effective by learning the skills through memory formations and thinking that they have souls like humans. Join this game with ease and entertainment of music to help the robots to transfer emotions, so they become more effective and creative. In this mod version, premium songs and beats are unlocked, offering you for free to explore and dive into the robotic world concept. Enjoy an ads-free environment with security features.

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