Dead Cells MOD APK v3.3.6 [Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked DLC]

Dead Cells
App Name Dead Cells
Latest Version v3.3.6
Last Updated 15 September 2023
Publisher Playdigious.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Action
Size 1.1 GB
Google Playstore
3.9 Rating (104)


Dead Cells APK is the best action game, and Playdigious developed it. First of all, this game is available on PC and consoles. When Android came to the world, the game developer planned to launch the game on Android platforms. Many action fight gamers installed this game from Google Play Store. Most Indians love to play this action game on their Android. One character plays this game, and you control the characters using buttons. Action buttons appeared on the right side of the screen. Choose the action button to attack the enemies from the current missions.

Dead Cells MOD APK


Dead Cells APK comes with the fanstast8ic graphical design with ultra HD smooth gameplay. Everyone is easy to attract to the game for its graphics. Every action moment is covered with smooth moments. The game combination category of action and fighting category. Mucus enters the warrior body, and the game start begins. So the warrior becomes a natural survivor. The dead warrior revives himself and is ready to survive the opponents by using the available weapons. When the dead warrior is created in paradise, the game will start. Let start defeat your opponents with the warrior.


Dead Cells APK is a combination of action, adventure, and fighting categories. So you can feel the three interesting types from the game. Most adventure games contain the weapons to survive the game. Also, this game has multiple weapons, and dungeons and every weapon is upgradeable. Fight with enemies to get many rewards. When you kill the current mission enemies, you will receive multiple rewards. Those rewards help to upgrade your weapons and unlock new weapons. Inside the Dead Cells APK game, the level has been provided as the state method. Once you completed the state, the new state has arrived with many mysteries. Each state contains a new story with multiple weapons and open energy. Get the energy to revive yourself without the help of others. We already explain the game stages. So the states are divided into areas. And the areas are divided by the branches. Compared to other adventure games, these game levels are perfectly divided by the developer.

Dead Cells APK made with every level has different stories. Upcoming levels are made with thrill moments and highly damaging enemies. So you need high-damage-dealing weapons to attack them. Buy the new weapons or upgrade the weapons with the received money. After the upgrade, the weapons, your skills, and weapon skills are slightly improved. When you start to complete all stages, your skills are increase. Skills will explore by the other players who you are. Additionally, don't forget this perfect word “dead is the not end.”

Dead Cells MOD APK

Joystick controls

Dead Cells APK controls look like joystick controls. The left side move moment will appear. That button is beneficial to give the moments to the current character. You are using the movement button to move your character to every stage. Movement is essential to move forward to the very stages. Forward move to reach the end of the current stage. Slide up to jump the current character and swipe down to close down the character. You were using the arrows to roll forward or backward rolling. Dead Cells APK proper side controls are the performing buttons That are very important to attack enemies from all levels. Every button has an attacking mode, a throwing mode, and more. Use the attack button to attack the enemy with your character directly. Choose the right button to attack the enemies. When you have bombs in your hand, use the throw button to throw the bombs to opposite enemies.

From starting of Dead Cells APK, the screen appearing bu6ttons are very small. That is not comfortable for every player. The layout is also not perfectly made for you. But still, the game developer provides a layout edit option to all players. You are using the layout edit option to customize your layout. Change the current position of the game buttons and attack buttons. If you want to increase the size of the buttons, use an adjustment bar to increase the size of the buttons.


Dead Cells APk graphics is fantastic to view by using a mobile. Every action movement of the graphics is made smoother. Hats to the game developer for providing these fantastic graphics to everyone. Graphics is the most important one for action and adventure games. Because there is a lot of action and adventure game lovers expect the quality of graphics. Each element of the graphics is slightly improved. Every background looks fantastic and sharp. So the graphical quality never decreases. Also, the sound quality makes a good feel to all players.

Dead Cells MOD APK


Overall, we covered all detailed information about the Dead Cells APK. This is amazing to play in every time. When you get bored, please try this game. The graphics and sound quality of the game are very improved. Compared to other action games, this game is combined with adventure. So the game attraction is never down until the end of the game. Choose this game blindly. Try this perfect game for every dull moment. Download this super game via the article's available links.

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