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Game Name Cooking Diary
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Stragey
User Reviews 4.7 out of 5 Stars
Current Version
Last Update
29 October 2019
67 MB

What’s the Specialty of Empire Warriors Premium Mod Apk

Empire Warriors

★ 1,500 jewels
★ 6 inviting 4* runes
With heroes that are powerful, exceptional towers, epic struggles along with funny minutes that are united inside this tower protection matches absolutely free, Empire Warriors top quality will meet your own requirement.
★ 300 crystals
If you’re a supporter of tower protection games console strategy matches, Empire Warriors top quality: Tower protection game titles is really just a musthave game which can not be overlooked on your’hard game titles’ folder.
Which exactly are you looking forward to? Do not squander your time!

Game information from this variant differs from the free variant (Empire Warriors TD)

Maybe not merely find a way to meet your requirement, this top quality Bundle may even meet your financial plan once you are able to acquire massive advantages with 300 percent cheaper than earning in-app buys!

Amazing New Features Of Empire Warriors Premium Tower Defense Games Mod Apk

Empire Warriors

If you are fond of tower defense games free and strategy games, then Empire Warriors Premium: Tower Defense Games is an essential game that cannot be missed in your ‘challenging games’ folder.
With powerful heroes, unique towers, epic challenges and even awkward moments that are combined in this tower defense games, Empire Warriors Premium will meet its demand.
What are you waiting for? Do not waste your time now!

Not only able to meet your demand, this premium bundle will also satisfy your budget when you can get huge benefits with 300% less expense than making in-app purchases!
★ Miria – the strongest hero
★ 1,500 gems
★ 300 crystals
★ 6 assists 4 * runs
★ 50 VIP coins
⚠ Game data in this version is different from the free version (Empire Warriors TD)

fantasy story
Empire Warriors Premium originates on Ioria, a fictional continent where humans, elf, dwarf, orc and other mythical creatures live together.
There is a story behind everything that comes to you, every battle that comes with you, and everything in every palace you build.
With enough courage, countless champions who combined this amazing empire with weapons, magic elements and mystical aspects have found its story.
Now it’s your turn. Are you brave enough, champion?

Ical Best Tactical TD Game in a magical fantasy world
Will you have enough courage to take over this biggest empire with weapons, magic things and a galaxy of things?
Enjoy epic battles in a variety of fantasy environments: human turf, dense forest of elves, mountain kingdom of dwarfs, dead swamps, frozen mountains, and more!

, Build, battle, defend
Showcase your best strategy in this tactical TD game with 4 new special castles:
– Barrack Tower trains strong warriors, led by the brave knights of Endia, to help you block the path and destroy enemies.
– Archer Tower deals physical damage and brings useful buffers to nearby towers.
– Magic Tower, controlled by Endia’s best wizards, has high magic damage, calming enemies, and the ability to summon terrifying dragons.
– Golem Tower, the powerful weapon of the kingdom of Andia, which can throw huge rocks to enemies and deal massive damage.

Complex and addictive game play
In this fantasy TD game various modes of gameplay, from easiest to toughest, in addition to campaign missions, players can also enjoy endless challenges in Infinite mode.
Not only this, the offline option combined with online will bring you a great experience. Let’s show the world who is the best strategy by ranking themselves top on the leaderboard.
The endless mode is also great for cultivating gems and becoming a legend in epic battles.

Endless Action Tactical TD Game
Control the mighty legendary heroes: now you can select and control 3 heroes at a time to protect the empire in any mission!
Each hero has one active ability and 3 passive abilities. Upgrading heroes will greatly increase their strength.

formidable challenges
Free a variety of monsters with an infinite horde in the tower defense game: more than 30 types of enemies are waiting for you.
Each monster has a specific appearance and some also have abilities that can cause a lot of trouble for every strategy.

Learn more about your kingdom with the encyclopedia in the game. Be prepared for tower defense games in the best strategy games. It is worth every penny.
No fear of death Become a wise leader and join it now!

Whats New In Latest Update

Insert coin Enhance Mysterious Rune Package from 1-2 to 14 runes
Speed of a few Products Increases
+ Insert Essential Chest (You are going to have an opportunity to acquire an ancient coin, 5star rune, 4star rune, jewels, crystals,…)
+ Lessen the Purchase Price of all Rune Bundles
– Insert (? ) ) In up grade
+ Boost crystal and gem Gem and Crystal Bundles

– blackmarket will soon come straight back together with presents that are many!


– Mid-autumn festival arrives within numerous great reward! Moon Miria
– Our very first hero skin, make Miria even more charming and beautiful
– Hero room and Gear are merged into one. Hero room improvement brings better game experience.
– New maps are coming out soon. Guess… Who is the next boss?


– Add 5 new stages 36 to 40. Prepare for the battle!
– Add Great war event (unlimited-time): It’s time to see Prince Jave’s change after defeating Grando Empire.
– Continue to update some UX hero room.
– Add new tournament map: BREAKING THROUGH THE GATE. Is it easy to face Julius? All powerful bosses will protect their majesty.
– Improve some UX battle in-game.
– Optimize performance.

Empire Warriors

What Saying User’s About Empire Warriors Premium Mod Apk

 1st User-:  This game makes me want to watch ads and that’s a first. Clearly shows how much I like this game (and the free stuffs). Good thing you made this free last year so I tried it. Now I want to buy things like gems. AND I appreciate that I can play this game offline, really enjoyed it. One thing I want you to add soon is a description of the skill when I tap hold it. It’s a lil bit annoying when playing a new hero not knowing what effects of the skill I’m using.

 2nd User-:  Great TD game. though it may look *similar* to the Ironhide Kingdom Rush games, its actually got some unique features that set it apart. 1. You get up to 3 heroes to use in battle. 2. Each hero can be enhanced both with upgrades and with runes that augment their HP, defense, etc. 3. You get 3 heroes to start, but can buy others AND many can be purchased with the gems you win after battles and by fullfiling quests. 4. lots of freebies, more for watching ads.

 3rd User-:  I like the game and I’ve played it for a month. The problem us that once you get higher, even if you spend money, it is still too difficult for it to still be entertaining. And there is a problem(money pitfall) in the way they upgrade the runes. it is like a slot machine wher you press the enhance button and you have an increasingly lower chance to get a successful upgrade. sometimes you spend THOUSANDS of gems and do not upgrade the rune even once ! that ruined it for me.

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • Unlocked Premium
  • Free Shopping
  • Unlimited Game
  • No Ads

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