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The technology is enhancing and inaugurating lots of new services day by day, and as per the digitalization, every company and its services are operating online. But with this digitalization process, the crime rate is also rising day by day since putting your data online isn’t safe as a lot of hackers can steal your entire data without letting you know about that. So safety must have to be the first priority in everyone’s life. Basically, VPN’s are the tools, which allow you to have a secure connection as well as providing your IP random locations as per your desire for defending your data from the stealths and hackers. VPN stands for the Virtual Private Network, and with this advancing technology, everyone must have to be familiar with the VPNs. So today we’re here to making you familiar with the VPN service as well as for providing you with a Premium VPN service free of cost – Express VPN MOD APK.

App Name ExpressVPN
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Tools
User Reviews 4.1 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v10.0.0
Last Update
18 January 2021
24 MB

There are immense VPN tools published by distinct developers for helping all the android users in enhancing their data security as well as providing them with an aggressive browsing speed such as Turbo VPN, Express VPN, Tunnelbear VPN, Thunder VPN, and much more. In-between all these VPNs, ExpressVPN is one of the most aspired and most downloaded VPN. One of the best features of this VPN is, it’s available for almost all consoles available containing Android, iOS, Windows, PC, Smart TVs, and much more. This VPN service is ranked as #1 Trusted Leader in VPN.

VPNs are one of the most necessary tools nowadays since data security is the first priority today for everyone. Fundamentally, the Express VPN works on three significant points – Privacy, Security, and Speed. This service is available in over 90 countries as well as it provides 3000+ VPN servers in a total of 160 locations with an absolutely immersive speed for each server. Moreover, it’s damn easy to use since this app holds an easy-to-use interface with responsive tabs for every single feature.

express vpn mod apk

Well, there are many more features available in the Express VPN. But for accessing any of its features or VPN service, you must have to purchase its premium membership which primarily costs $12.95 per month, $59.95 for six months, or $99.95 annually. So for securing all your data with the ExpressVPN Premium security, today we’re here with the premium modified tool – ExpressVPN Premium APK. This modified app has a permanently attached ExpressVPN premium subscription so that you won’t have to pay in the future for availing the paid benefits of this service.

Express VPN

ExpressVPN is the #1 trusted leader in between all the VPN services available for android devices. Apart from the rank, also it’s an award-winning service and is certified by the Apple Store, Tech Radar, and Trust Pilot. The ExpressVPN service is available for almost all the platforms built till now. It can comfortably operate this service on Android devices, iOS devices, Computers, Televisions, Windows, Linux, as well as you can also download ExpressVPN browser extensions for Google Chrome, Opera Mini, and Mozilla Firefox by the ExpressVPN website.

ExpressVPN was launched and published on 21 Apr 2015 by the ExpressVPN Co., and from that time till now, it has evolved a lot and still improving every day with immense new features. Right now, the Express VPN is holding over 10,000,000 downloads as well as over 150,000 positive reviews which delivers it a 4.0* rated exclusive user rating. Moreover, the ExpressVPN is right now serving millions of active users every day, and these numbers are growing at a constant rate.

If you don’t have used the VPN service before and using it the first time, then the ExpressVPN is the best option for you. This exceptional app is consists of over 20 tutorials containing both theory and online YouTube Videos. You can learn free of cost the ExpressVPN’s tutorials as you’ll get the complete information about all the tutorials on the ExpressVPN website blogs. It’ll provide you with sufficient knowledge about What is a VPN, the top 5 uses of VPN, Privacy Guides, How to stream live events, and How to stream sports?

As we all know that IP addresses are the keys for hackers to steal all our data, and to know about the whole bunch of things available in the device, so basically, the ExpressVPN works in a simple way that it hides the IP Adress from the interrupters and change our location for enhancing the security levels. So after using this tool, you can choose any of the 3000+ VPN servers available in the ExpressVPN from over 90 countries and 160 different locations. Just one click to enable the VPN which can protect you by all the malicious files as well as by getting detected by hackers.

But this one click primarily costs thousands of rupees. As for experiencing each and every feature available in the ExpressVPN app, you must have to subscribe the Premium membership of ExpressVPN which costs $12.95 per month, $59.95 for six months, or $99.95 annually. In our opinion, no one wants to use such a tool in thousands of rupees. So for all the students, professionals, and regular users, today we’re here with the modified variant of the ExpressVPN – Express VPN MOD APK, which will provide you with all the premium features available in the Premium subscription free of cost.


The VPN is one of the essential tools nowadays since data security and privacy are one of the primary responsibilities of every human. When we use the internet and browse various websites, lots of companies track our data and sell that data to distinct fraud companies that get access to our bank accounts and other confidential data by our IP Address. The VPN(Virtual Private Network) basically changes our IP addresses randomly from time to time as well as changes our location too for enhancing the security firewall.

express vpn mod apk

ExpressVPN Premium APK is one of the most trustworthy VPN services available for Android devices. Here in this article, you’ll receive a link to download the Express VPN Pro APK. Basically, this app is modified in a way that the premium subscription of ExpressVPN is enabled in it and attached for a lifetime. So, you don’t have to worry about any point before using this app. This app will provide you with all the 3000+ premium servers of the app as well as all the 94 countries. Moreover, this app is 100% safe to use, so without thinking about anything else, just download this app right now and secure your device with over 3000 distinct servers free of cost.


In terms of security, the ExpressVPN Premium APK won’t disappoint you in any single way since it’s completely filled with enormous servers as well as you can also enhance your security by changing your device’s IP address through this app. There are immense features available in the Express VPN MOD APK from which we’ve listed a few exceptional points below –

Enhanced Safety and Security

First and the most important feature provided by the ExpressVPN is enhanced security by enhanced firewall shield. ExpressVPN Premium APK will provide you with immense security features such as endless servers, IP address changing tools, activity hider, location changer, and much more. Moreover, it’ll also protect your privacy by changing your IP addresses from time to time.

No Ads

If you’ve used any VPN app before excepting ExpressVPN, you must know about the ad-interruption generated by those apps. But you don’t have to worry about the interruption issue while using the Express VPN Pro APK since this app will provide you with a 100% ad-free experience. So if you’re surfing any of the restricted or different country content, you can surf them easily without any single interruption.

More Stable and Fast

It’s one of the most desired features by all the VPN lovers since most of the VPNs contains all the professional features, but in terms of servers, they ruin the whole curiosity about surfing the content. But if you’re downloading the ExpressVPN Premium APK, you don’t have to worry about speed. Since the Express VPN MOD APK provides 3000+ distinct servers from about 94 different countries which all provide a damn stable and fast experience as per internet connection.

Unlock Websites

There are enormous websites available on the internet which have locked there content as per country blocked access and access. But by using the Express VPN MOD APK, you can change your server to any desired location and can surf the restricted content without letting them know free of cost. There is tremendous data available on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, which is restricted as per country. So if you’re an online streamer and like to watch exclusive movies and shows, then just download ExpressVPN Pro APK right now and enjoy it.

User-Friendly Interface

User Interface is one of the most significant factors on which an android application lies. The ExpressVPN Premium APK holds a super creative app-interface which led to providing the user with a damn comfortable experience. Here in the Express VPN MOD APK, you can select the desired server at the homepage of the app, its most brilliant feature is, it automatically prepares the recommended servers list which can provide you with a fastest and stable connection. Moreover, in the settings section of the Express VPN MOD APK, you can enable the Auto-Connect option and the IP swapping tool.

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • Premium Cracked
  • Unlimited Trials
  • Signup using any random email.
  • After the trial ends, clear data and cache app and signup again.
  • No Ads

Download Express VPN Mod Apk + (Premium Cracked/No Ads)

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ExpressVPN is the most trusted VPN service for Android devices all over the world, and also it’s trusted by over 10 million people worldwide. Moreover, it provides over 3000 different servers which mean, you can hide your IP location at any of the total 3000+ plus location by this app. Furthermore, you can also change your IP regularly for securing your privacy. ExpressVPN Premium APK is the modified application for ExpressVPN, which provides all the premium features of this service free of cost. Download this outstanding security and privacy tool right now and enjoy the vast content blocked for your country.

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  1. Hey the free trial has ended, I’ve deleted the data and cache but it still not letting me log in it says I’ve “already had a free trial with this email or device” help! Please

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