Fabulous v4.1 MOD APK [Premium Unlocked] for Android

App Name Fabulous
Latest Version v4.1
Last Updated 05 June 2024
Publisher TheFabulous.
Requirements Android 7.0
Category Health
Size 110 MB
Google Playstore
5.0 Rating (3)

It helps you attain your objectives and live a better, happier life by creating a morning routine and mastering time management. Use the MOD APK to unlock special material and tools to boost your success. Improve your daily routine, attention, and habits with It. Download today to start a transforming journey personalized to your needs and goals." Manage your habits, productivity, and well-being with individualized coaching, interactive challenges, and proven solutions.


It is the ideal tool for reaching your potential and dreaming big. It inspires empowerment and change in a society that values personal progress. With this updated edition, experience a unique self-discovery and mastery journey. It is a transformation agent, not merely a lifestyle app. It allows you to manage your habits, productivity, and well-being with individualized coaching, engaging challenges, and evidence-based techniques. It helps you create a morning habit, increase energy, and enhance brain clarity. Accessibility and flexibility distinguish It. Free premium features let you use the software to its fullest. From unique content to expanded functionality, MOD APK elevates your experience. Join the millions of It users who have changed their life. Download It today to explore limitless possibilities. It's time to improve your daily routine, attention, and self-image with It.

Fabulous MOD APK


It is a powerful toolset to help you reach your potential and live a fulfilling life. This updated version surpasses traditional self-improvement applications with its new features. Let's experience many features that revolutionize personal growth.

Its core feature is individual tutoring.

It helps you form lasting habits with scientifically-backed methods and personalized assistance. The app creates personalized coaching programs to enhance exercise, diet, sleep, and mindfulness. With It, you may access premium coaching material normally reserved for paying customers and get professional help without restrictions.

Interactive Challenges

It thinks gamification may improve behavior. So it provides a range of interactive tasks to keep you motivated and interested in self-improvement. It makes 30-day fitness, meditation, and productivity challenges fun by gamifying and rewarding progress. Discover unique challenges and added prizes with the MOD APK version, making your experience even more rewarding.

Evidence-Based Strategies

It uses science-based methods to produce enduring effects. To optimize your performance, the app uses the latest behavioral science and psychology studies on habit building and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It lets you explore the science behind each technique and learn how and why they function.

It believes that your morning routine sets the tone for the day.

The app has a whole morning ritual to start your day. It leads you through rituals to revitalize your body and mind for the day, from getting up at the right time to thankfulness and imagination. This lets you customize your morning routine. It knows that good sleep is essential for wellness. The app offers several sleep improvement ways to optimize sleep and wake up refreshed. It offers nighttime rituals, soothing techniques, and sleep-friendly locations. It improves sleep quality with advanced sleep monitoring and personalized sleep advice.

Fitness and Nutrition Advice

It understands physical fitness boosts happiness and vitality. It provides thorough food and exercise guidance to improve your health. It offers workout routines, meal prep ideas, nutritional guidance, and recipe suggestions to help you make better choices and build lasting habits. MOD APK customers receive premium fitness and nutrition content including workout videos, diet plans, and expert advice to improve.

Meditation and mindfulness

Today's frantic world needs tranquility. It offers relaxation and focus-boosting mindfulness and meditation practices. It helps you manage stress, anxiety, and emotions using guided meditation, breathing, and other methods. Amazing MOD APK unlocks unique meditation tracks and mindfulness exercises to improve your practice and calmness.

It helps you set and track objectives, which is essential to success.

You may establish SMART objectives for health, productivity, and relationships using the app. You may monitor your progress, celebrate your successes, and alter your objectives to keep on target. It gives you improved goal-setting and monitoring options to elevate your game. It understands how community support motivates and holds people accountable. Thus, it fosters a thriving community where people can interact, share, and support one other.

Fabulous MOD APK

Supporting network for all

Its supporting network helps you remain motivated and involved by joining group challenges, engaging in forums, and getting assistance from other users. It lets you access special community features and meet like-minded people with similar aims. Last but not least, It allows you access to premium material normally reserved for paying customers. The MOD APK adds special coaching sessions, enhanced features, and more challenges to your It experience. The paid content in It might help you learn more about a subject or inspire yourself.

Reminders and alerts

It provides customisable reminders and alerts to help you stick to your objectives and routines. It lets you adjust your notification settings for subtle nudges throughout the day or more aggressive messages at particular times. Set reminders for everyday work, forthcoming challenges, and critical milestones to never miss a chance to achieve your objectives.

Progress based on your efforts

Its daily reflection and writing function helps you improve by reflecting on your progress and experiences. Daily journaling about your successes, failures, and emotions helps you understand your path and develop. It unlocks more writing questions and reflection tasks to boost self-awareness and progress.

It's habit monitoring

Analytics features allow you to track your progress and see trends. Track your daily routines, examine behavior patterns, and illustrate your development with informative graphs and charts. The MOD APK gives you powerful analytics like trend analysis and goal forecasting to make data-driven choices and improve your routines for maximum effect. It gives a lot of motivational information and quotations to keep you inspired and motivated since it knows how important motivation is for long-term behavior change.

Enjoy it offline

It gives you positive reinforcement to succeed with inspiring personal tales and thought leader quotations. It unlocks special motivating material and a selected collection of inspirational quotations to keep you inspired and focused. It lets you utilize its essential features offline. It lets you better yourself when traveling, commuting, or disconnecting from the internet. Offline access lets you do daily chores, monitor habits, and use the app without interruptions, guaranteeing a smooth user experience wherever life takes you.

Multi-Platform Syncing

It lets you access your account and sync progress across devices. It works on smartphones, tablets, and computers, so you can continue your goals and habits anywhere. With multi-platform synchronization, you never lose data or miss essential updates, maintaining a consistent experience across all your devices. It protects your data with strong encryption and stringent privacy policies. Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest to prevent unwanted access. It never distributes your personal information without your agreement and follows stringent data privacy laws. It keeps your data safe, so you may concentrate on self-improvement.

Fabulous MOD APK


Fabulous MOD APK empowers and transforms personal development applications. It helps individuals reach their potential and live meaningful lives with its individualized coaching, interactive challenges, evidence-based solutions, and premium content. It gives the skills, support, and assistance required to better oneself, from healthy habits to mindfulness and aspirations. It helps you evolve into your best self. Download today and join millions of people worldwide who have seen this groundbreaking software change their lives. Unleash your potential and enjoy a fantastic life.

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