Fashion Empire MOD APK v2.102.3 (Unlimited Money, Vip, Free Shopping)

Fashion Empire
App Name Fashion Empire
Latest Version v2.102.3
Last Updated 08 September 2023
Publisher Frenzoo.
Requirements Android 5.0
Category Role-Playing
Size 150 MB
Google Playstore
4.4 Rating (22)


The 3D gaming company based in Hongkong, Frenzoo, has been a significant force in the fashion-related aspect. They have brought this fantastic game to the fashion world, which is highly different from other games of such genre available on the Play Store. The elements added in this game are incredibly different from others in the niche as they have a unique story play. Fashion Empire MOD APK is an outstanding fashion simulation gameplay for those interested in fashion-related aspects, including designing, crafting iconic styles, and creating trends in outfits and style. Those who are passionate about the whole of the glamour industry where designing makeups, timely outfits, party wears, and selective dressing is required. All the users who got some sense of fashion can explore their passion in this gameplay.

Fashion Empire MOD APK

Fashion Empire MOD APK lets you explore the extreme sense where you are the store owner. You have a store where you design and craft fashion outfits and accessories for your customers. Catering to various timely needs like fashion events, posing, portfolio making, models dressings, festive and occasions outlook, etc. You start from the small store where you work in every department to ensure proper customer treatment and satisfy their taste. Each customer has their unique identity, skin tone, fashion, etc. So you have to bring out the best for your customers in terms of dresses, shoes, makeups, hairstyles, colors, and design combines. Thousands of accessories and updates bring more trendy outfits every time; you can make the combos and then apply them differently, creating a solid strategy and providing services like consulting, advice, makeups, interiors, designs, crafting dresses, etc. To expand, you have to take care of your store in designs and interiors for the best appearance of luxury.

Fashion Empire MOD APK

Fashion Empire MOD APK provides a solid fashion world where you are the owner of a luxurious fashion store catering to various clients' needs. This modified version of the original gameplay offers unlocked items, including accessories and dresses, to apply to your clients without bothering about purchasing them—unlimited money to unlock the items, outfits, store designing tools, and decoration items. Put on the solid vibes in the store that attracts customers. Free shopping to purchase items, dresses, accessories, makeups, cosmetics, and hair tools from the game store. All the advertisements are blocked and removed from the game to offer you interest and uninterrupted gameplay. This modified version doesn't require rooting while installing it, so antiban, no lagging, and antiviral properties are integrated. A safe and secure version with hacks is here to download from the below-given link.

Fashion Empire MOD APK


Fashion Empire MOD APK is outstanding simulated gameplay of the fashion world for all passionate lovers. Offering visual functions and out-of-context elements provides a store where all comes to get served by your fashion sense. Dive into the world of trends and explore the given below discussed ideas of the gameplay;

Be the owner of your store in fashion.

Fashion Empire MOD APK is a fashion simulation game that comes with the latest elements and offers the users proactive functions. A small store will be provided to you and the responsibility of being the most successful fashion designer globally. Transform the vision and apply your genius to build yourself into a brand. Serve people with a variety of fashion series and elements in an enhanced manner to satisfy all your clients and customers.

Satisfy your customers to their demand

In Fashion Empire MOD APK, you need to satisfy your customers and clients in different demands according to their needs at vivid times. You will serve them in meeting their transformation through your iconic dresses, shoes, wearables, skin tone, makeups, eyebrows, face foundations, etc. Lipsticks to the matching dresses, hairstyles, colors, ornaments to the festive, earrings, and so much to put in and make your girls look the best. Providing them with the utmost services and gratitude can transform your world, too, in the expansion of the brand.

Fashion Empire MOD APK

Design your store appearance and better it for attraction

In Fashion Empire MOD APK, when you have to focus on customer satisfaction simultaneously, the store's luxury is what brings them in, so be intuitive in designing the solid outlook of your store with interior and exterior parts. Decorate the store from shelves to iconic wardrobes, dress pinches, boxing, packaging, and branded walls outlook. Changing room, makeup tools, and everything should be high quality and look to win the customer's trust over quality issues.

Expansion of business and participating in events

Fashion Empire MOD APK offers the undeniable elements to cater iconic simulation of fashion. Users have to participate in events and fests with their designs in style and model to profess their brand. All these things add to the brand quality, trust issues, and influence over the client. Leading to high growth and expansion exponentially. Your new stores will open or hire new workers and managers in the store. Demand will rise, and you will become a brand in the fashion world. Mark your name, and you will be popular enough to enjoy the fashion.

Fashion Empire MOD APK


Download Fashion Empire MOD APK to explore the world of fashion from all perspectives. Be the owner of your store and design various accessories, dresses, and outfits to cater to your client's variant needs. Good cosmetics and makeups, including all body transformations of outlook here, so they walk out excited and satisfied from your store. Enjoy the extreme serving of elements to meet those needs. In this mod version, you will get to enjoy unlimited money, free shopping of accessories and cosmetics, unlocked dresses and items, and other free hits.

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