FAUG Game MOD APK v1.0.10 (MOD Menu, Unlimited Money)

App Name FAU-G
Latest Version v1.0.10
Last Updated November 28, 2022
Publisher Studio nCore Pvt. Ltd.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Action
Size 500 MB
Google Playstore
3.5 Rating (15)
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We, Indians, are very proud of our armed forces "Indian Army" and are perpetually obliged for their heroic services in keeping us safe and secure. They really struggled and sacrificed a lot in serving our nation, and keeping us safe from all the outsiders or rivals, without even taking a single family holiday. Being proud of the Indian Army Forces, the Founder and Chairman of nCore Games developed a breathtaking Android game based on the Army Fight named FAUG. FAU-G, Fearless, and United guards is an impeccable Android game covering engaging graphics and motivational Indian Hindi dialogues. They officially launched their very first season recently on 25th January 2021 and conquered over 1 Million downloads in just three days of arrival. Well, they just have launched a Career gaming mode where you're needed to complete the most challenging missions based on realistic northern border wars. So all you need now is to download FAUG Mobile right now from the below-most download link. The game is right now launched only for the already pre-registered user, who already had registered it two months ago on Google Play Store. But through the below link, you can download it merely and can install on any Android smartphone either if you've subscribed to it or not.


The enthusiasm by the Android shooting games

The Android gaming universe is damn vast and sustainable. No one loves playing video console games or high-tech PC games nowadays, since they only need an Android phone, and can play the entire gaming universe at their fingertips. Nowadays, the whole world is engaged in playing Android games like PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, and Garena Free Fire, and moreover, FAU-G Mobile also started its journey three days ago. So must try this most-current beast by downloading it right now from the below-most download link. Enjoy FAU-G!!

Time to get amazed with an Indian Army war game

FAU-G is the first Indian 3D TPP war game developed by nCore Games recently. It's an impeccable game, and the main motive of creating this game is to provide the almost same gaming interface to all the Indian guys like the banned Chinese game PUBG Mobile. So after installing the FAU-G "Fearless and United Guards", you can experience the same HD war experience operating the realistic Indian soldiers and weapons. After observing the game plot, FAUG APK only has embedded the Campaign mode right now, containing a breathtaking story and single-player fighting interface. Moreover, they also have assured for granting two more modes named Free-For-All and Team Deathmatch as soon as possible. If we look at the game's traits, HD graphics will trend as one of the top-notch features. You can have realistic 3D TPP gameplay while playing the FAUG APK as it's developed after implementing the technological advancements.

Enjoy the most fabulous interface with a great story

FAUG APK is the most impeccable creation by the Indian game developers as here you can experience the fabled gaming interface, with the handy experience and the changeable game controls. It contains most of the same features as the PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile like graphics, SFX quality, and keys. Moreover, you can also encounter Ultra HD graphics inside the game, just by toggling the graphics bar to an appropriate location. So what're you waiting for, Download FAUG APK right now, and get engaged with the 3D interface and exclusive graphics!

Exclusive happiness is on its way to your Smartphone

Well, if we talk about the most trending Android games on the entire Google Play Store, then FAUG APK can take the first position since it's comprised of all the top-notch features you need in an army or war game. Excepting these features, more exclusive sources of happiness are also coming soon inside this exceptional game. It'll take some time and will upload both the below modes with the online gaming option -

  1. Team Deathmatch - Team Deathmatch is a team mode taken from the top-notch PC shooting games like Black Ops and Modern Warfare. It needs you to create a team of 5 guys containing your friends or random teammates and make more points than the rival team. It's an unusual mode and will enhance the enthusiasm level after getting mixed with the FAUG tactics.
  2. Free For All - Free For All is determined as the Every Man for himself kinda mode, where you won't need a team to find and make the highest points or kills in-between ten players. You can customize your gaming loadout and can acquist all your favorite weapons with the tweaky perks.

Download the FAUG APK right now and get the first pass for experiencing these two impeccable multiplayer modes. Everything is on your fingertip, and all you need is to tap the below-most green download button to gain contentment.

Exclusive store with all the breathtaking weapons and FAUGs

Stores seem like the right hand of applications and are the main monetization option for the game developers. Similarly, FAU-G also has embedded a Store inside the game consisting of Arsenal and Tokens. Arsenal menu can grant you Club skins, Axe skins, Pipe skins, and various FAU-G costumes like Commander Ghost and Lieutenant Vijay Singh. Moreover, the tokens menu can help you in purchasing the in-game currency. Excepting the shopping items, you will also encounter the Loadout section inside the Shopping menu empowering you to modify your Multiplayer gaming loadout.

Realistic Hindi language gaming interface for all Indian enthusiasts

We really can't handle happiness after having an Indian War game first time in the Universal gaming market. FAUG APK is developed for all the global users, who wanna use the most immersive tactics and the legendary Indian weapons. Moreover, you can also confront the real Hindi language Army conversation while playing FAUG. This Hindi talking language makes this game more lovable and handy for all our Indian Hindi language fans and practitioners. I know that it's hard for you to stop yourself downloading this game after grasping this exclusive feature, so hurriedly click the below link and download this groundbreaking game right now!


Final Touch

FAUG APK is a breathtaking army game invented by Indian game developers. It'll make you confront the real Northern wars, and help you experience yourself between all the rivals and fight alone with the legendary Indian Melee weapons like Axe, Pipe, and Club. Moreover, it'll also publish two exceptional multiplayer modes, Team Deathmatch and Free For All with the weapons like Guns and Throwables. Get ready for the elite fun, and download the FAUG APK right now from the below link!

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