GTA 4 / Grand Theft Auto IV MOD APK v0.1 (BETA, MOD) for Android

App Name GTA 4
Latest Version v0.1
Last Updated 04 February 2023
Publisher Rockstar Games
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Action
Size 260 MB
Google Playstore
4.3 Rating (122)


As we all know, there are millions of games in the gaming universe, but getting your hands on a worth playing game is a difficult task. The most important commodity of yours, which is time, should be invested with care so that you can extract most of the enjoyment out of any game. It also takes your time to find the most suitable among the millions option, but you don't need to bother yourself here. We are already familiar with the previous version of the GRAND THEFT AUTO series. We explored the cities by breaking all the rules and doing horrible things like irritating police and so much fun. And as we know, Rockstar games are always involved in providing their user with the latest innovations and versions. So for us, with some aspects and roleplay of previous versions(in a new way) comes the all-new latest Grand Theft Auto IV.


In Grand Theft Auto IV You can explore new opportunities with ultra HD 3d graphics and highly realistic visuals. It is an open-world adventure for all the gamers to perceive and adjust the game according to their wishes—a new beginning in the unknown world, which is very different from the other GTA series games. You can enjoy a whole new variety of upgraded weapons and also finish the sidelined mission, with many more exciting things to dive into a new world. Grand Theft Auto IV has a fantastic user interface that provides you with multiple options on the screen to control and adjust the game to your needs. Modern characters and the latest automobile develop a zeal in you to make most of the moment with the current element in the game, powerful enemies, and no script bounding on you. You are free to adapt things smoothly in your favor with incredible 4k texture on infrastructure and more—absolutely thrilling gameplay for your fun.

GTA 4 Mod Apk

GTA 4 Mod Apk is the alternate and modified variant of the original Grand Theft Auto 4. You enjoy the ads-free experience of gaming along with it being anti-virus and require no rooting at all. You can download it and dive into another world of reality. These things make it a very different pick in the gaming arsenal, where you play games instead of tackling ads all the time, which is extremely disturbing and distracting. And in this version, you will have unlimited money, coins, and keys to unlock high levels without even cracking them .you can use that infinite money to upgrade characters, weapons, and missions. Unique functions on the interface help you perform several moves like hitting, punching, kicking, etc. use your upgraded weapons to kill and further intensify the harm done to your enemy. Stealing things and racing with the cops, you are free to play the way you want because its no discipline.


Electric visuals with powerful gameplay

Stunning and mind-boggling graphics with ultra HD texture on characters and infrastructure in a classic style makes it very different from Grand Theft Auto IV from the other versions. The creator has focused on developing and creating the automobile, costumes, factories, routes, and home with incredibly luring real-like visuals. And at the same time, the modern characters with the latest weaponry and mini-mission make it a hot pick for gamers, which is why it is trending. Remastered resolution in accord to your device makes up the most of the experience, and you can edit it using a third party app because this is an Apk file .provides you with options to add your codes and element in the game to make it more fun. as we all are great fans of Rockstar Games, so every latest update is a treat for us, so go and conquer the liberty city with your powerful guns and moves, roam freely like a king and turn the town to your favor, kill your enemies and drive like crazy cause this city is all yours

Amazing Modern Characters

Grand Theft Auto IV Same as previous games of the series, the game from the Rockstar Games covers all of the criminal activities and danger. The game starts with Nick Bellic, an immigrant to America from Russia, who wants to pursue his American dream, and nothing can stop him. in the world of crime, it's not easy for him to establish himself. So he encounters multiple obstacles, but no matter what, nothing can stop him in the attempt. Being the Nick Bellic, you control him the way you want him to act in the fiery situation and dominate the entire liberty city as you did in the previous versions.GTA4 also provides you to operate from the first-person perspective .look at the world from nick's eyes and take action with the help of your genius. Rule the city with various new elements attached in the game from all the corners and fight for what you want because it's not easy to achieve the American dream.


Various skillset Cover System

In Grand Theft Auto IV latest features are attached and designed keeping in mind the needs of the android users, it provides you with many unique techniques to dominate the game, with that traditional gameplay, you know, having added multiple functions for the users to enjoy. The graphics and visuals entirely resolved to fill the needs of mobile phones. Like the Cover system, which provides Nick an edge over his enemies as he can protect himself from firearms by taking cover behind multiple objects, different arms and gunplay make it more attractive. In ultra HD 3d view, everything is displayed, and models are created accordingly to fit the resolution .you need to meet some specific criteria to play it on your mobile phone with android operating system four and above.

Its time to Dominate the city

The most beautiful real-like city views of the Grand Theft Auto IV and realistic characters force it to dominate its competitors: new locations and beautiful sights. Characters specify the latest moves, which must control through the user interface, including punching, kicking, hitting people, and stealing things. Being a gangster, you can approach anyway to fulfill your American dream like nick and use that latest system and techniques to compel the enemies to accept your domination. Shooting anyone and race cops when breaking the rules, blowing up everything you want, and with your powerful moves attract anyone and snatch anything you want .use those unique moves along within GTA 4 Mod Apk with your firearms and kill those who come in your way. The most exciting wandering in the city will bring many obstacles to deal with, and you face them boldly .mess with other gangs and blow them with your upgraded guns. A whole new script with twists is going to bring revolution to your life.


Supported across many platforms

GTA4 is designed especially for android users, a whole new experience where you can dive into the unimaginable world of liberty city. Remember, we used to play it on Playstation 3 and XBOX 360, and now it is made compatible with android mobile phones. With the old feature remaining the same, I added multiple new features. The user interface of Grand Theft Auto IV is designed to interact with android users and at the same time provides the choice that you can connect it with your USB and Bluetooth controller to enjoy those traditional experiences without any hindrance.

Final Verdict

GTA4, along with all interacting old features, comes with the latest element and added techniques specially designed for android mobile users so they can enjoy the world-famous GTA series on your phone. Additionally, we are here with an Alternate variant of this powerful Grand Theft Auto IV to make your gaming journey much more thrilling and exciting so no more delay download it now and enjoy it.

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