Guardian Tales MOD APK v2.77.0 (Unlimited Gems, Platinmods)

Guardian Tales
App Name Guardian Tales
Latest Version v2.77.0
Last Updated 25 September 2023
Publisher Kakao Games Corp.
Requirements Android 5.0
Category Role-Playing
Size 314 MB
Google Playstore
3.8 Rating (516)


There are many kinds of games that you have played in life, but Garden tales is a very different game. Today, this article offers you information about the epic game Guardian tales and provides you with the Guardian tales Mod apk version. Garden tales is a game developed by Kakao Game Corporation. This game is based on role-playing strategy scenarios. This is one of the action-packed influential games on the Google Play Store that's why it holds a massive amount of downloads and ratings. Everything in this game is excellent, whether you talk about graphic music or gameplay. The strategic action combat, you have to show all your skills. Participating in combat is not an easy task; yes, you have to prepare very well so you have the necessary result from your war. Strength + intellect to become the warrior of the game. However, we are all here with the modified version of this guardian tale. You are going to get many unfair advantages. It will help you in this adventurous journey and The Ultimate Warrior of war. We are here to provide the Guardian tales Mod app so you can now enjoy all the premium benefits just for pre without paying a single charge.

Guardian Tales MOD APK

Guardian tales Mod apk 

Guardian tales Mod app is the modified and every alternate variant of the official guardian tales app. In this Mod APK, you will ensure many premium benefits like unlimited money, unlock levels, unlimited weapons, access to VIP cards, and much more. Remember, the journey of a warrior is not going to be easy; you have to be well prepared to win this war, so you must need this Guardian tales Mod app at any cost, so get it now and enjoy it. Moreover, you will not see any advertisements while enjoying this APK. Also, Guardian tales Mod apk doesn't need any routing while installing it on Android or Apple devices. Our APK is police-required and Virus-free, so don't hesitate or have any worries while installing this APK new phone.

Astonishing benefits and features of Garden tales

There are many premium features and benefits that you will enjoy in this Guardian tales Mod app. Yes, you have read it very right. You don't need to spend any money free to enjoy benefits such as unlimited money unlock levels, access to VIP premium cards, and much more.

Customize and save your castles

Castles are the center of a Kingdom. If you want to destroy your enemies aur want to dominate the land of your enemies, you must have concluded their Castle. Also, remember that many players would try to destroy your Castle, always be prepared to attack your enemy when they attack you. Moreover, you can customize your casuals in much more different ways to make them much more astonishing. If you like a pancake, then build a pancake Castle. You can even build Crown Castle Indore. I want to say that you can customize your castles in any way and choose your favorite heroes as a king.

Guardian Tales MOD APK

Unlock heroes and weapons

More than a hundred kinds of weapons are present in the garage tales games. However, all these weapons are locked, and only very few Women are accessible to people. So you don't have access to carry all the weapons at the initial level. However, with our Guardian tales Mod apk, you will get all the hundred different hundred plus weapons for free. Easily access those weapons at the initial level. You can even unlock all your 50 heroes at the initial level. Use which hero's unique abilities defeat your enemies. The hero possesses a different skill set, and you will need different kinds of skills at different places.

Go for a multiplayer round.

You can make new friends around the globe without spitting in different Guardian tales. Show off all your powerful heroes Vidya's unique abilities in the Guild house. Also, you can go to work with your friend. It's going to be amazing to choose any of your heroes out of 50 heroes. Select any powerful weapon that has a decisive fight against enemies. Time to challenge yourself something unique and marvelous get into the floating castles and enjoy with all your friends. 

Puzzle-solving gameplay

Lift heavy boulders and carry them to the next level of castles. There are many weapons and other resources that you have to carry out from one place to another. In the meantime, you have to solve mysteries and puzzles to choose the right path. Choosing the right path in this game isn't easy, but you can take the help of this Guardian tales Mod apk to choose the right path at the right time. Once you go for the right path, you will encounter many verses to attack your enemy with guns and kill all the people trying to harm you.

Ultra HD graphics with an easy interface

Everything in this Mod APK is of excellent quality. You talk about music, storyline, gameplay, and character and disappoint you by its performance. Moreover, you will encounter such powerful graphics that you haven't come across in any of the games till now. The designer did an excellent job with its user interface to make this much more wonderful and much more effective. The user interface of this game is straightforward and smooth so that you can become a very Pro player in the game just after spending a few minutes on it.

Guardian Tales MOD APK


Download Garden tales enjoy all the unfair advantages for free unlimited money, unlock weapons, unlock characters, unlock levels, excess to premium resources, and much more fun free. Yes, you have read it very right you don't need to spend a single penny to get all the things and resources. Apart from all these features, you will encounter no ads while enjoying this game. Moreover, our mod apk is entirely secure and Virus-free, so enjoy it with your family and friends without any problem.

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