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Happy Mall Story MOD APK v2.3.1 [Unlimited Diamonds] for Android

Happy Mall Story
App Name Happy Mall Story
Latest Version v2.3.1
Last Updated 22 March 2023
Publisher Happy Labs.
Requirements Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Size 25 MB
Google Playstore
5.0 Rating (1)


happy mall story is such a cute game, and unlike other games of its kind, it is not the most difficult thing to do to collect coins and/or diamonds. In general, if you want something that is not overly difficult to maintain but is still rather addicting, i would suggest trying out this game. I really enjoy playing this game because it has excellent visuals, controls, and gameplay in general. Also, unlike some other games, it does not require us to make a purchase of any kind in order to better our overall experience with the game. Also, both the subject and the characters are quite adorable! If you like games that are similar to this one, you should certainly download this one because it is completely free of errors and flaws. There are a lot of fun shops, decorations, and people to interact with, and although i have experienced some bugs in the past, i am not experiencing any issues at all right now! (the very first time it glitched, i received a large number of coins; the second time, it put me in fever! Mode indefinitely. )

Happy Mall Story MOD APK

happy mall story mod apk brings me a lot of pleasure. The visuals are very adorable. Not overly burdensome in terms of storage. There are hardly any advertisements, and i haven't come across any glitches (at least, not yet). Simply said, i believe that the recent increase in price is excessive in some way. But other than that, on the whole, it's a fun game! Even better, i can go see my other buddies. The game was quite good. Excellent way to spend time, and the fact that we can play without an internet connection is a huge plus. On the other hand, after a while i get the impression that the game becomes tedious, and you are essentially left with nothing fresh to do. I propose the addition of some new challenges that do not involve renovating the business, making investments, or purchasing items for the shopping mall (since that is the main goal anyway). Other than that, it is still a fantastic game, and you should definitely give it a shot.

Happy mall story mod apk

happy mall story mod apk is a different take on the same game with new elements and servings. Offering here access to unlimited money and coins so no more need to collect them. You will have free upgrades and unlocking of premium accessories, characters, designs and destinations. Enjoy the game at its full possibility. It's a quick and fun game that anyone can play. Also, a fun game, but i hope the developers will add some new gameplay elements, such as: a minigame from which all players can benefit and earn more coins and diamonds; online shopping (with delivery to a house, company, or bank, for example); and an improvement on the level of detail regarding the upgrade shop and the items that need to be added there.

Adorable characters and designs

happy mall story mod apk is so much fun! It's incredibly simple to pick up and play, and i just adore the adorable and high-quality designs of the characters. The music was upbeat, and the most enjoyable aspect was being able to interact with other players' malls that they had built. It is a really enjoyable game that anyone of any age may enjoy; whether you're a child or an adult, this game is for you. Also, there aren't very many advertisements or too many advertisements; in my opinion, it is actually quite tolerable. We are grateful to the developers that they designed such an enjoyable game.

Happy Mall Story MOD APK

Complete jobs and get rewarded

happy mall story mod apk is one of my favorites since i always have a good time playing it. You don't need to accomplish things that are extremely difficult or spend real money in order to receive the goods you need; all you have to do is complete the jobs to get diamonds, assist the clients, and renovate the space and stores, and you'll get a lot of coins in return. If you are searching for a game that is interesting and pleasant, i strongly suggest picking up this one.

Varied set of activities to indulge

a really enjoyable game. Because it's easygoing, adorable, and entertaining. When i'm done touring, creating new stores, collecting money, and engaging in a frenzy, i don't know what to do anymore other than go to the mall of someone else when i'm bored when i'm online. It's almost perfect, but it's not quite there yet. What else is there to say if i'm not online xd? Even so, i continue to adore it. The video game happy mall tale is quite fun to play. You have the option to increase the size of your level, purchase a floor above it, and there are many stores from which to select. Because the construction period of the stores is so long, but not too long, and some of them are so expensive, maybe you should work on improving that aspect of the game.

Malls and destinations to choose

in point of fact, happy mall story mod apk is a lot of fun; you have a lot of alternatives, cool designs in your mall, and many different attractions to choose from! It is a game that i play offline, and i find it to be really calming. If you're looking for a better purchasing experience, give this one a shot! It is both charming and uncomplicated all at the same time. Earning money, however, becomes increasingly challenging and time-consuming as your character levels up. Yet regardless of the outcome, it's a fun game to participate in. It does get boring at times, but it is still amusing overall. You are able to play it even when you are not online.

Happy Mall Story MOD APK


in conclusion, i'd give happy mall story mod apk a score of nine out of ten overall. This is a pretty easy and entertaining game to play. A wonderful way to pass the time and quite soothing. The guests have a wide variety of shopping and entertainment alternatives to choose from. Nonetheless, i do wish that we could engage in conversation with the other people who are here. Other than that, i really suggest that you download this game. : )

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