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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened v3.20.21960 MOD APK [Full Game/Max Level]

Harry Potter Magic Awakened
App Name Harry Potter Magic Awakened
Latest Version v3.20.21960
Last Updated 14 June 2024
Publisher Warner Bros.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Role-Playing
Size 2.6 GB
Google Playstore
4.0 Rating (128)


After the defeat of voldemort, you have arrived in the land of hogwarts. Where the new world and journey starts, taking on the confidence and enhancing your ability by becoming a worthy student. The game helps you in becoming the best ever magician like a fan. A latest roleplaying game with levels of card collection that allow users to experience some really good magic spells and battles against different kinds of creatures and friends. In the heart of this magnificent game, you get to enjoy the brilliance of fighting and battles. Variety of creatures like dragons and multilayer games with pvp battles in many modes. Solve puzzles, learn secrets and magic powers, attack on duels and explore the world class interaction with different elements of magic in the mysterious world that goes ahead with a number of features and issues. You will get to enjoy this world class and appealing game play which gets ahead of your imagination.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened MOD APK

Thrilling magic game from the harry potter world

it's a game that completes and fulfills the need of users to spell cast and magic with a number of explosive elements. Where you can get to enjoy the magic beyond imagination. The thrill and luxury that goes on bringing to you the luxury of life. Learn tricks and tactics to apply and enjoy it in the duels and battle against opponents. There would be many levels and modes to enjoy casting your magic and beauty of the game lies into that only.

Brilliant roleplay game with levels upgrade

there are almost 70+ level cards to unlock and spell different types of magic as you may have seen in the movies of same. Where you get to learn endless stuff and spells to cast magic and win battles when the schools and the life of any of your friends are in danger. You will not lack in anything that goes beyond your world of need, here will be everything offered to you to make things better and easy in every fashion of style and learning.

Customize and modify your wizard

users can easily modify their own witch and wizard by using different types of spells and available tools. Change costumes and colors, hats and stuff, accessories into outlook and appearance. Make things more attractive and appealing when you start to live with many characters. Endless amount of benefits for you to experience performing deadly magic and casting battle spells. Make things the way you like them with this game's awesome servings.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened MOD APK

Duels and pvp matches

users playing the game will have endless benefits and stuff for you to unlock and enjoy the duels against strangers and enemies. You can simply get to unlock all kinds of stuff and spells to cast magic in the time of duels like 1v1 and 2v2 . The gameplay elements make these battles more attractive and appealing with different kinds of tools and features. You will have everything at your hand with a number of exciting elements and beautiful places to unfold the mystery of this wonderful roleplaying game.

Showcase and enjoy magic within the hogwarts school

the school here is all for magic lovers. The one who wants to learn and grow in the world of magic will have a deeper impact on their life with endless benefits. There are numerous tools for users to unfold the mystery and enjoy hogwarts world. It's a place where endless exploration and search for stuff begins in different lands of magic and luxury. You get to enjoy the peak of performance with other people on the vehicle who enjoy the exploration and search of magic.

Enjoy mod with unlocked levels

within this modified version, you will unlock and apply different types of magic skills and spells. Unlocking cards and casts with different levels in the game concept. There are endless terms for you to enjoy in this mod where you get everything unlocked and free. Get everything for yourself just for free and unlimited money to complete having every skill and stuff at your ease. Enjoy the brilliance of the game with unlocked stuff and free tools just for you.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened MOD APK


download harry potter magic awakened mod apk to enjoy the spells and card magic tricks of realistic values. Explore yourself in the hidden treasure of mystery where different characters enhance your interest and allocate you the brilliance of life. Dive into the beauty of the gameplay with its mod features and benefits. Where every high level is unlocked and offered to you for free. Experience the finest of the indulgence to many things that elevates your interest and create way for more luxury magic world.

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