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Hunter Assassin 2 MOD APK v1.134 (Unlimited Money and Diamonds)

Hunter Assassin 2
App Name Hunter Assassin 2
Latest Version v1.134
Last Updated 19 April 2024
Publisher Ruby Game Studio.
Requirements Android 4.4
Category Action
Size 110 MB
Google Playstore
4.4 Rating (164)
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Most of the users from Hunter Assassin's first part expected some out-of-context elements. However, that's not the case; being the fusion of puzzles and action- the gameplay has now entered with broad reach and diverse possibilities of features and playing elements. In the new installment, users will enjoy much more fun and diversity in strategic battles and solve mind-boggling puzzles in the same range. The gameplay of Hunter Assassin's 2 MOD APK is traditionally familiar, where you will take over the character equipped with tools and weapons. The levels will destroy the enemies one by one and go on. The foundational baseline in the second part is the same, while the elements are newly added and offer unmatchable fun in the playtime. Much added fun and addictive gameplay let you immerse in strategic action gaming.

Hunter Assassin 2 MOD APK

Playing as a professional assassin in Hunter Assassin's 2 MOD APK, you will have your missions to destroy each level's enemies and bases. There are many weapons in the new game like pistols, rifles, Ak47, grenades, etc. You need to break new modes and gameplay of the enemy zone with your planning. Avoid flashlight sight and destroying the enemies from a distance using high-profile guns. You need to figure out the exact methods and strategy to attack them at the core as numbers are high and you are alone. A straightforward control mechanism lets you make easy targets and options with a simple tap. The latest and unique characters unlock at every other level with different skills and weapons. Attack and loot diamonds, win, or search for individual items that provide powerful abilities or tools to destroy enemies at once. Find your route through difficulties sprawled over the site where your mind presence will be of help and can offer you winning chances.

Hunter Assassin's 2 MOD APK

Hunter Assassin's 2 MOD APK is one of the working and authentic modified versions of the original gameplay, which you can download from our website or the link below-given link. You will encounter the classic hacks and cheats in the game when you play on this mod. Unlimited money and diamonds to play freely without earning rewards. Unlocked characters and skills to use any, unlocked powerful weapons to attack the infrequent bases.

Unlocked and accessible special items to use those tools anytime and endless times in destroying the enemies at one shot. This version blocks ads, so there are no interruptions and free shopping to purchase any accessories from the game store. This alternate variant doesn't require rooting while installing it and offers antiban and no lagging properties. All the bugs are fixed and provide safe gaming.


Hunter Assassin's 2 MOD APK comes with varied features and super exciting functions that make the gaming of action with puzzles more addictive. Dive into the experience of strategic shooting and destroying bases of enemies along with various elements to explore.
We have below discussed some of the exciting features of the game;

Hunter Assassin 2 MOD APK

Sticky story play to get excited about

Hunter Assassin's 2 MOD APK is the newest installment and offers the latest elements to explore the game from a different perspective. Here, users will have to roleplay the assassination and fulfill whatever missions are equipped on their shoulders. Make your entry into the enemies zone, which is a deathbed for whosoever enters, but you need to destroy them and come back safe using your strategic planning and action series. Multi-level enemies with different skills can be found patrolling. Please use slow moves and tactical genius in attacking them simultaneously without getting caught in the flashlight sight.

Multi-level game with exciting battles and puzzles

Hunter Assassin's 2 MOD APK is not simple gameplay like it used to be earlier now; it has the latest and newest functions to explore. You can dive into the experience of destructible battles against the mighty enemies. Do your planning and crack into their zone, and destroy their existence by the time they get any hint. So be the best of the assassination in the virtual world.

Uniques skills and characters with customizable menu

Hunter Assassin's 2 MOD APK comes with various characters to choose from in the gaming world. These characters unlock themselves when you cross certain levels of battles. We need to know about their skills, and all of them have got different. Some are fast runners, some with astonishing speed, attack modes, survival skills, etc. Each character has their perfect niche skills on which they are best, so according to the gameplay level- choose the best ones.

Upgraded weapons and tools to destroy enemies' bases

Hunter Assassin's 2 MOD APK comes with super powerful weapons and tools, including guns, unlike the first installment. Now you don't need to touch the enemies, as you can destroy them from a distance using your mighty firearms like rifles, pistols, machine guns, etc. You can also upgrade them on different levels by earning diamonds. But looking at the powerful elements, the enemies of reliable power and skills are integrated into the game to ensure equal battles and more fun.

Special items to unlock tools and supreme power

Hunter Assassin's 2 MOD APK also features a variety of powerful special items that can be found sprawled everywhere. In the search for enemies, you will find them and make use when required. The potent tools and weapons are capable enough to destroy half of the enemies in one shot. So please make use of them when needed and destroy the whole base of your opponents.

Hunter Assassin 2 MOD APK


Download Hunter Assassin's 2 MOD APK to play a fusion game of concepts integrating puzzles with action shooting. Destroy all your enemies with powerful character roleplay. Variety of guns and tools to use and hone your killing skills and be the best assassinator all around the virtual world. Make use of accessories to design characters and then fulfill your missions. In this mod version, unlimited diamonds and money are available to upgrade and unlock tools and items. No rooting is required, and it offers the safest variant.

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