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Idol Queens Production v3.61 MOD APK [Unlimited Money/Never Stress/Autoplay]

Idol Queens Production
App Name Idol Queens Production
Latest Version v3.61
Last Updated 26 December 2023
Publisher Sunbeesoft Co., Ltd.
Requirements Android 7.0
Category Simulation
Size 960 MB
Google Playstore
3.6 Rating (62)


Those sitting idle want to invest themselves into something that will at least keep them busy and will also have severe implications in their career. Let's explore it in an amazing simulation that we have here. Idol queens production is an idol manager game which offers you a variety of activities to participate in and enjoy your world class time spent. A range of activities and talents to immerse into like singing, dancing, makeup, cosmetics, fashion, etc and many others for you to enjoy with others. It's a simple concept that allows you to indulge into activities and also train others in improving their skills like dancing and fashion. You can then train them at beast level where they become famous and earn celebrity status. Events, awards, concerts, seminars, and competition makes your students more famous and brings you a hell of revenue. Make money and explore more business, develop your abilities and perfectly settle a career for yourself which is full of fun and entertainment. Get the amazing game now.

Idol Queens Production MOD APK

Infuse talent in students

you can call interns or students as you like but the concept relies on the fundamentals of teaching and making their life and career in their selected genre. They can choose any of their choice and then work with you in the development of talent so they could successfully make things easy and great for everything.

Variety of skills to enhance

you can choose your love for a skill like singing, dancing, fashion, makeup artist, and many others to develop and make a living out of it. It will have everything related to your life in order to be careful but as a player you have to manage all skills as you play as the manager. Where you also have to make money thinking in the pattern of money because otherwise things would become difficult for all.

Concerts and events to get fame and money

idol queens production mod apk is a premium game for those who have time to develop and enrich their time. You can participate and organize events and concerts, mass participation from people will have better luck. These certain events will have large benefits for you as you can make money as revenue out of tickets and merchandise, enjoy the game with your friends and have your time entertaining others.

Idol Queens Production MOD APK

Manage your interest with amazing features

users who want to make more of the game will offer a range of works to do and make money out of them. This happens as a team where you manage your interns by training them in their talent like singing, acting, writing, etc. These developments will make them famous when they showcase their talent and will serve you as a business. Enjoy the most stylish gameplay of idol management with amazing features to utilize.

Sell albums and merchandise to develop business

the gameplay which is in the limelight will have a lot of offerings for players. Through its concept you can make a lot of money and earn fame with your work. For singers and other such talents, it would be advised to create and then sell albums to make money and become famous with the development of talent and prestige. Revenue through many things is the only expected monetary relief.

Develop and enjoy your amazing lifestyle

the game as we know is not limited to certain aspects but focuses entirely on the lifestyle. Where you get to involve yourself in all kinds of lifestyle management and work. From eating to sleeping, earning money and career management, fashion and cosmetics, outlook and events, everything is like a certain pattern of a gameplay where you have to play one by one.

Idol Queens Production MOD APK


download idol queens production mod apk to experience the fun of the next level in the entertainment and idle genre. Explore your talent and development of these skills offered in the game. Arrange stuff and participate in activities, challenges and competitive events to make money and earn fame. The game is not limited to one aspect and instead focuses on all aspects of life.

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