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Game Name Johnny Trigger
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Action
User Reviews 4.4 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v1.12.9
Last Update 14 July 2021
38 MB

What’s the Specialty of Johnny Trigger Mod Apk

Johnny Trigger (MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked All) is a fun role-playing shooter game from publisher SayGames. This publisher is known for many other fun entertainment games such as Perfect Slice, Clean Road, or Train Taxi …

Recently, I have introduced you to a killer role-playing game, which many people love the Hunter killer. It is not difficult to understand that when these assassins play a role-playing game, the player gets excitement when finishing the enemy in a flash.

Above all, these are simple games, suitable for moments of relaxation and light entertainment. And to add joy to your downtime so it’s no longer boring, I’ll introduce you to a game: Johnny Trigger.

Approaching Johnny Trigger, you become a killer detective, let alone defeat all gangsters. Everything happened and handled the gun. And the game’s catchphrase is as simple and engaging as it has its own specialty: less talk, more bullets!

Johnny Trigger Mod Apk

Amazing New Features Of Johnny Trigger Mod Apk

Agent Johnny-:

In Johnny Trigger, you play Johnny, the main funny man and he is also an agile killer. This man seems very careless and brave when he dares to sneak into the crooks’ lair with the goal of dominating the underworld.

Of course, everyone knows the rules of the underworld: there is no right or wrong, only the strong and the weak, the losers are always wrong.

So, your mission is to help this clumsy spy man to kill all the notorious terrorists. Park agile with your favorite gun, with the ability to fly, you will definitely want to help him from the first meeting.

Johnny Trigger Mod Apk

The Gameplay-:

The process in the game consists of several levels ranging from low to high with increasing difficulty. In each level, your enemies appear at different positions. The player’s task is to defeat the enemy quickly before they detect you and shoot you back.

Enemies cannot be defeated in 1 bullet, it is quite difficult. In addition, the number of enemies is quite large and their firing rate is very fast, so the player must have a technique to dodge bullets. And especially, according to the process, every 10 levels, you will face a tough and strong boss. This is a tough challenge!

Although it is difficult, as mentioned above, your killer character has the ability to jump and an awesome park. Therefore, you can easily control the character to avoid bullets and counterattack.

In particular, with the slow-motion shooting style, you can clearly see every situation in the fight. This is quite a rare thing in sports which requires such high speed. Funny but no less subtle.

Winning all Enemies-:

The fight in Johnny Trigger is quite tense and difficult. The method of control and fighting quickly becomes difficult to get used to. The enemy is not the only one and is very difficult to cope with. When the enemy has only one, it is a dangerous boss.

In particular, in some levels, in addition to defeating the enemy, you must defend the hostages safely. Of course, the hostages are set to “shield” the enemy, so that you must do something so that they don’t get hurt. Otherwise, you will lose.

In some cases, some tips will help you a lot in winning. You will see the gas tank in the game screen. Shoot those barrels to create an explosion capable of destroying multiple targets at once. And always focus on the enemy. If you miss them, they will shoot you immediately.

So fire properly in time. You should also learn about different types of guns such as pistols or SMG guns. Each has a different effect based on which you should use it appropriately.

Johnny Trigger Mod Apk

Johnny Trigger Mod Apk Unlock All Download

After completing each stage, you will unlock new levels. Apart from this, you also get gold coins. Money is used to buy weapons, which is extremely important.

There are countless types of machine guns in your store to choose from. Such as pistols, cheap, single target damage; Or SMG guns, can fire multiple bullets at once and cause a lot of damage. Super Guns, in particular, a gun with very strong damage, can quickly knock down targets.

But it was extremely expensive, so it was only suitable for fighting the bosses.

In addition to weapons, you can change the appearance of characters with different costumes. A lot of outfits depending on the style you choose. Maybe “cool” or funny, cute. No matter what style you choose, stepping into the enemy’s lair, you are a cold-blooded assassin!

Disclosure: You can use the MOD version which includes all attire, weapons…


Johnny Trigger is a simple game. And yes, its graphics are also simple. But simple does not mean it is bad. Conversely, it is the ingenuity that brings humor and reduces terror in the murder phase. But that’s not exactly where the bloody scene is lost. Only things are simplified to bring mild joy to the players.

In short, Johnny Trigger is a simple and light game. If you want to try entering the underworld or being a famous mafia boss, this is not a bad choice. And just like the motto of the game: Speak a little and start shooting immediately!

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All
  • Ads-free

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