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Whether you’re working with video, photo, audio, or other data, preserving your data’s security has to be at the top of your priority list. Security is a must nowadays, and Android smartphones work on an insecure UI model that can get hacked easily, and your photos and videos can easily get leaked in public. Well, no one wants to share their private pictures and intimate images with anyone inside or outside their family.

Game Name Keepsafe Photo Vault
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Photography
User Reviews 4.6 out of 5 Stars
Current Version
Last Update
03 January 2021
17 MB

Keeping that all in mind, today we’re here with the most useful Android app nowadays, which can help you in enriching your device’s security and privacy above 2-3 levels – Keepsafe Photo Vault. It’s an exceptional Android app that works like a virtual vault in which you can store all your private photos and videos without getting stressed about security and privacy.

Keepsafe Photo Vault Mod Apk

Moreover, you can also amaze yourself with the help of the modified version of the Keepsafe Photo Vault listed in the below-most section. You can download it right now on your smartphone and can merely use all the premium vault features like themes, advanced UI, and enriched security free of charge. Download it right now!!!

Your security is in your hand, make it advanced

Security is a must nowadays. It might sound like a formidable proposition, but by obeying just a handful of guidelines, and using the most advanced applications like Keepsafe Photo Vault, it evolves a straightforward and easily accomplished task. Moreover, You can use this application in both Android and iOS smartphones. All you need is to provide it with a few permissions such as reading the device storage, file manager, and using the cloud service.

Keepsafe Photo Vault Mod Apk

Keepsafe Photo Vault is a #10 trending Android photography application, and it’s also ranked in the top 10 security enriching apps of the iOS Store. It’s downloaded by over 50 million people who have entrusted more than a billion pictures and videos in the Keepsafe Cloud Storage. So simply, it’s easy to trust the Keepsafe Vault. Moreover, you can also use it to hide and lock your videos even if they are of any format, MKV, or MP4.

Hide all your gallery including both, photos and videos

Sometimes it feels immortal while hiding the gallery assets from smartphones since basically, it’s an impossible task without the root access. But a few Android applications like Keepsafe Photo Vault have made it possible to hiding photos and videos. It’s an exceptional application that secures personal photos and videos by locking them with PIN protection. Furthermore, you can also use fingerprint scans to enhance security at the next level.

Keepsafe Photo Vault Mod Apk

It’s a simple-to-use Android app, in which you just need to open and click on the (+) tab to start securing your private files like photos and videos. Moreover, you can also change the app themes, preserve memories, organize important documents, customizing the entire app interface, and storing all your private files in cloud storage. But all these features are unusable without the help of a premium subscription costing thousands of rupees monthly.

Get upgraded to the Keepsafe Premium Subscription free

Are you getting bored with using the very same Keepsafe interface every time and need some customizations? Or you got annoyed using Keepsafe Photo Vault without the premium subscription and don’t wanna spend lots of money? If Yes for both of the questions, then you’re at the right place right now, since here we’re offering you the free premium subscribed application working on the Keepsafe servers.

Keepsafe Photo Vault Mod Apk

The Keepsafe Photo Vault MOD APK is listed on the below-most link. So download it right now, and start enjoying all the premium features free of charge, including the customizations, cloud storage, ad-free interface, enhanced security, and the most convenient UI. It’s a bug-free app that you can download on any of your smartphones. Moreover, it won’t need any root access to get employed. So you can install it on unrooted devices too.

Use every single feature available in the app interface

Premium is just a myth for the Keepsafe Photo Vault MOD APK since it’s compatible with granting you all the splendid paid features free of charge. Yeah, you heard right, since After having this modification, you can use the impeccable themes, use the custom album covers.

Moreover, you can also lock the albums, see the break-in alerts, enjoy the secret door feature and create a decoy Keepsafe with a different PIN free of charge. Say Bye to the official app and download this modified magical version today.

Keepsafe Photo Vault Mod Apk

Enjoy the enhanced Private cloud storage size

Cloud is the new world full of highly refined storage. Now, you don’t need to keep the biggest solid drives for storing your crucial data since you can use the cloud storage, which is all virtual, and no need for any hard stuff.

Using the same phenomenon, Keepsafe Photo Vault also has created its own cloud drive storage. So, for enhancing the storage size, we’ve created the Keepsafe Photo Vault MOD APK with the most enhanced dimensions!!

Enjoy the top-notch security without a single interruption

Within all these mixed features, Keepsafe Photo Vault MOD APK offers you a 100% ad-free app interface, through which you can store and secure all your data without a single interruption. Elsewhere, the official app contains tons of banner ads below the screen and tremendous video ads too. Get rid of all this annoyance, just download the magical app below!!

Keepsafe Photo Vault Mod Apk

At last, your most desired Trash recovery feature

Trash Recovery is everyone’s most favorite feature. As per this trait, it’s the temporary storage for stuff you’ve deleted. Everything in Trash still takes up space in your device, and you can also restore the Trash files just by opening the Trask folder in the app menu, and moving things to different albums. It works ditto like the Recycle Bin in the Windows PC, and will help you a lot!! Download and start using it from today onwards!!

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • Unlocked Premium Features
  • No Ads

Download Keepsafe Photo Vault Mod Apk + (Unlocked Premium/No Ads)

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Final Thoughts

Well, It’s acceptable to take pictures and to share them with your loved ones. Just because we transmit pics preferably daily, it is never justified when someone’s intimate images or videos get leaked online without their consent. It’s easy because of today’s technology, so you just need to secure yourself first.

Just Download the Keepsafe Photo Vault MOD APK today and start barricading all your private files with the free premium features. It can work in almost all Android smartphones either if it’s rooted or not. Stop waiting and start taking steps towards a secure private life from today!!!

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