KIDS MOD APK v1.1.2 [Full Game] for Android

App Name KIDS
Latest Version v1.1.2
Last Updated 27 January 2024
Publisher Playables.
Requirements Android 7.0
Category Casual
Size 98 MB
Google Playstore
3.2 Rating (9)
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Due to the evolution of technology, the gaming world has reached the top and is growing without stopping. Everybody is having some sort of games for their own preferences. Every age has been and is being served with a variety of games including action, simulation, farming, running, racing and all. So the kids being the first innovator and technology absorber could never remain outside of the box. From the creator of plug & play here comes the brilliant game kids mod apk. This game offers a very simple concept which is enough for kids to be happy and enjoy. While anybody can. Play this phenomenal game to pass time and that without much of the hindrances. All you gotta do is to deal with things like distractions. The crowd is moving and all you have to do playing the character is to move yourself. Now it's completely on your shoulders to think for your character and decide to go where you want until the last one survives or dies. Must download games for those who wish to enjoy the perks of spare time and have fun meeting the deadlines. Get it now and enjoy it as you like.


Simple game for everyone

this is really a simple game like plug and play. It also comes from the same creator who brings to you the involvement with it via many methods and strategies to apply. That you have to think in a tap and align with your skills to offer some unbeatable competition. Just download the game and enjoy its endless potential with new forms of skills and amazing dealing with them.

Time-killer without efforts

the simple game is here to offer you a time pass of the finest level where the pleasure and joy never fades. Just control the character to move against or with the crowd as you may like. Because your decision will have an impact. It's the best time for you to enjoy and experience the indulgence of the character to see who becomes the last man standing.

Amazing graphics and animations to enjoy

kids mod apk must be appreciated for its unqiuenkind of animation and graphics that steals the show. Loaded with amazing characters and elements, the game brings to you the fun and joy of making things possible for you. The game has its own style of offering its game concept where you get to monitor the character and choose a direction to move it against or with the crowd. Now who wins will be seen in the end.


Brilliant game with finest convenience and features

this must be said that it's an awesome game where you get to enjoy the perks of being a kid. Nothing more to do and nothing less just controlling the character. You only need to move to and from the character with awesome controls which are easy and interactive in nature. So you may never have to invest yourself into anything. Just greely handle the game.

Ad-free gameplay experience

the monetized gameplay generation would want nothing more than ad-free experience. That's why the game must be appreciated for the kinds of efforts and indulgence that it offers. Because you will never be disturbed with it. The game brings to you the involvement in it without any kind of advertisements. So you can freely enjoy it without any restrictions.

Get mod with unlocked stuff

here you get to enjoy all kinds of unlocked stuff in this modified version of the game. It's already a simple one but for those who wish to explore it to the end will love to download the mod because it's a full free variant. Nothing to invest and nothing to put, just a free version neither everything offered unlocked and premium.



download kids mod apk to pass your time with fun without any restriction or issues of any kinds. The game is designed in such a way that the only thing you have is fun and fun. No need to draft strategy or create plans to build defense, kill and shoot, nothing like that. A simple and fun game at its best. You must invest yourself in the game and enjoy its awesome services which are just to offer you with some incredible kind of fun and indulgence.

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