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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood v13.6.1 MOD APK [Unlimited Cash/Stars]

Kim Kardashian
App Name Kim Kardashian
Latest Version v13.6.1
Last Updated 21 July 2023
Publisher Glu.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Adventure
Size 360 MB
Google Playstore
4.0 Rating (201)


Kim Kardashian Hollywood MOD APK is the best adventure game with a combination of simulation. Play the role of a Hollywood actress and famous actress lifestyle. The heroines and the character role also assigned you as venues, restaurants, and bars model queen. Customize your character with many customization items. Make a new model for participating in the functions. There are many jewelry models introduced in the game. Choose the perfect jewelry to assign to your character. Everyone thinks she wants to become a star in the world is more accessible. But it's tough to become a top star. Before reaching the top star, you need to face many difficult situations and targets. Kim Kardashian Hollywood MOD APK contains a fantastic fashion-themed game developed by Glu. The game developer is most famous for creating 3D games. In my childhood, I'm playing games on a keypad mobile. Those java games are made by a glue developer. They love to create games on all platforms. Most of the 3D java games are developed and dressed by the game developer. Exciting things have been included in their games. Professional company for creating games. This game is now available on both Android and iOS devices. Download the game to create a character and introduce it to the world.

kim kardashian hollywood mod apk


Google Play Store has millions of games with different genres. You can play all games in multiple categories. But Kim Kardashian Hollywood MOD APK also has a different game. No one game is now available in Google Play Store like this game. Want to become a world beauty queen and live life as an actress? Join the actress living life to face many difficulties. Buy new character customize items to increase the beauty of the character. Mostly all girls love to wear jewelry. So the jewelry is available in various styles and designs. Yeah, not easy to become a real star of the game. The role-played character player must need to face many problems. Kim Kardashian Hollywood MOD APK provides new virtual life for every player. After installing the game, the player has been assigned to a character. You played the unknown character. The player only controls the unknown character. Assign the character name, costumes, and jewelry to introduce the character to the world. Before starting the match, you need to know about"How to become a top star?." Find the perfect path to becoming a famous star in the game. After the start, the match, the game gives an introduction to you. Follow the instruction to play the game properly.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood MOD APK introduces a fan system. When your fans increase in the game, then you can make eligible for famous. Join and participate in the many challenges to attract new fans. Countless fans only explore your worth and top star. Atten the restaurants, venues, and hotels function to cover multiple audiences. Serving items in bars and bakeries by using your hard work. When the character starts providing challenging work, the character gets many new fans. Most of the beauty's dream was participating in the catwalks and becoming a model actress. For those who want to become a top star, the character must need activeness in Kim Kardashian Hollywood MOD APK. Every time the character uploads some pictures on social media to explore the activeness. If the character has inactive, sh will lose many fans. Energy systems also have been introduced. So when the character will alive in the game, the energy level has decreased. After completion of every task, the game gives bonus rewards for you. When other players appreciate your character activities, then your level has increased faster.

kim kardashian hollywood mod apk

Become a beauty queen

Every female character wants to become a beauty queen in the world. Kim Kardashian Hollywood MOD APK helped to achieve their dreams. Before becoming a beauty queen, you need to face many complex challenges. Also, many problems come o you. Not easier to reach the top level and do anything without getting shy. After becoming a real beauty queen, your lifestyle has changed. Directors provide many opportunities. Many restaurants, model photographers, company advertisers, and many people call you. In addition, your life will become significantly easier. Activeness is a must for all times. Explore your hard work in Kim Kardashian Hollywood MOD APK. Yeah, hard work only help to become a top star. Join Los Angeles clubs to show your talents to the audience. Until reaching the 14 levels, only the character participates at the Los Angeles club. Because it will give more experience to you. After completing 14 levels, a new level has been unlocked to play. You are completing every level to create your club with new friends. Become to start to you receive free higher cost mansions for rest. The fan count has calculated the character value. Date other famous actors in your free time.

Customize the character

Kim Kardashian Hollywood MOD APK offers character systems. After opening the game, you need to character to make gameplay. Until the last level of the game, the game only comes with you. Many customization items are available with cost, by using the coins to buy customizing items for designing the character. Costumes are available in different types. Jewelry items are also available. Because most girls love to wear jewelry items. Event-based dresses are provided like pumpkin, Halloween dresses, and more. Become a top star to explore your branded items to everyone 

kim kardashian hollywood mod apk


Overall, we covered all detailed information about Kim Kardashian Hollywood MOD APK. Spend the hard work to explore your talents in the world. Attract many fans to get an extensive fan base. Find the right prominent actor to date with him in your free time. Customize the new decorative items to customize the character. In the original version of the game, you need to complete tasks to get money. Use our MOD version to get unlimited money for free. Download the MOD version from the below article's available links.

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