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King Of Thieves MOD APK v2.66 (Unlimited Money/Gems/Unlocked)

King of Thieves
App Name King of Thieves
Latest Version v2.66
Last Updated 04 June 2024
Publisher ZeptoLab.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Strategy
Size 87 MB
Google Playstore
3.7 Rating (167)


Zeptolab is one of the most beloved game developer companies of all the Android users and the animated game freaks. It's a Russian Moscow-based company and is developing games for over ten years. Some of the best creations of Zeptolab are the Cut The Rope series, Pudding Monsters, Evo Pop, King of Thieves, and CATS. These games are trusted by millions of Android gamers daily experiencing the immersive levels Well, today we're discussing one of the best Zeptolab creations, King of Thieves. It's an Android+iOS strategical stylized Android game. It's also created in an animated graphical way and contains tremendous funny characters and maps. In this game, you're a thief and need to clear lots of challenging obstacles for finding the golden chests containing immense rewards. These rewards are damn useful and can help you in enhancing your level and treasure security Never get hurried, since the incredible things need to linger. And here is the impeccable creation waiting for you, King of Thieves MOD APK. It's the modified version of the official game containing numerous premium features. It'll offer all these features free of cost to all the gaming enthusiasts willing for it. So all you need is to click the below-most download button and make this game all yours.

King of Thieves MOD APK

Be the king of thieves and pick the challenging lock

Did you ever have thought, about how it feels while being a thief? You must have thought since it could be an incredible, strategical and adventurous journey. Stealing treasures isn't a piece of cake, and it takes lots of guts for clearing the obstacles towards impeccable gems and coins. The same is the game King Of Thieves where you can experience the thief's life stealing the treasures and jewels and fighting through obstacles. King Of Thieves is an impeccable Zeptolab creation entirely different from the other casual masterpieces. Here you have to think strategically of the accessible way in between the traps and fireballs. It's going to be fascinating since King Of Thieves is an adventurous game too where you can undergo over 100 challenging levels. Got astounded, right

Enjoy seven different worlds comprised of 112 alluring level

King Of Thieves is a small-sized android game comprised of a massive storyline. It'll only hold 80-90 Megabytes of your phone storage, and in this small amount, it'll offer you seven fabulous worlds of treasures. So it's hard to get bored of playing this game. Moreover, in these seven worlds, you'll experience a total of 112 alluring levels, and the number of these levels are increasing every day rapidly. King Of Thieves is a prompt upgrading Android game which is bringing updates almost every month. As in the last update, they carried the new trap, Electro Cannon. which is literally amazing and more robust than all other mines. So now, it's time to get enthralled in this fascinating Android game, living a thief's life.

Go animated with another Zeptolab Android game

King of Thieves is a Zeptolab game, so you can easily understand the graphic quality and the main plot of this game. Yeah, you assumed right, it's an animated Android game with tremendous funny characters and the most current power-ups. Moreover, you will experience the most humorous sound effects of small monsters like their last Nom Nom. In simple words, you can't resist yourself from playing this excellent game. But please wait for some time, and must read the below section first. Some amazing is about to happen!!

Enjoy premium features, go for the feature-rich version

King Of Thieves is a BOGOF kinda game like all other Zeptolab games, which sell exclusive outfits and useful resources at a huge cost. Similarly, while playing King Of Thieves, you need to purchase various outfits, forest skins, and trap upgrades by the costliest coins. These coins and orbs are rare and aren't that easy to conquer, as either you can acquire it via hard work or can purchase them after spending thousands of rupees. But we've got an effortless formula for you listed below - King Of Thieves MOD APK. It's primarily a modified application containing hundreds of premium tweaks free of cost for changing your gaming way conveniently. Let's get more into it, below are listed all the features of this exceptional game waiting for you!

King of Thieves MOD APK

Unlimited Gold for the infinite security upgrades

King Of Thieves MOD APK is an uncomplicated game developed for providing you with tremendous premium benefits. At first, it offers endless coins by which you can make unlimited upgrades and add-on purchases free of cost. Either if you wanna upgrade your cannon and red guard to 100th level, it'll become a piece of cake after downloading the King Of Thieves MOD APK. So get this leisurely way right now just by tapping the below download link!

A modification that doesn't need root access

King Of Thieves MOD APK is not only a leisurely way for advanced gameplay, but also it offers a 100% secure game environment. Yeah, you heard right, it's a modified application that doesn't need any root access. You must have heard that numerous cracked apps work on root access. But don't worry, since we won't ever want you to manage any errors or interruptions. Download the King Of Thieves MOD APK and play your favorite features securely!

Enjoy the free shopping in the entire Shop market

Within all the above features, King Of Thieves MOD APK also contains a free unlocked shopping market. While playing the official version, you can't explore various locked things like maps and advanced traps without advancing your level. But the cracked version offers you the entirely unlocked shopping menu which is all free from money and coins. Make unlimited purchases by downloading this exceptional choice!!

Time to play the game without getting stressed about ads

No one aspires to the advertisement interruptions in between playing their favorite games. But the King Of Thieves contains tons of online ads that'll annoy both, you and your gaming. So resist the official ad-filled version and download the King Of Thieves MOD APK to experience the premium features without a single ad.

King of Thieves MOD APK


Kin Of Thieves is an enthusiastic Android game, but no one likes it because of tremendous costly in-app purchases. Well, it's hard to resist a world-class Android game only because of a small problem. So for helping you, today we're here with this modified version named King Of Thieves MOD APK containing all the above features. Download it right now and enjoy the unbelievable experience free of charge!

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