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Locus Map 3 Classic v4.20.1 MOD APK [Support Online/Offline]

Locus Map 3 Classic
App Name Locus Map 3 Classic
Latest Version v4.20.1
Last Updated 21 December 2023
Publisher Asamm Software, s. r. o.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Tools
Size 36 MB
Google Playstore
3.9 Rating (15)


Going from one place to another is simple when we are accustomed to the routes. But it becomes a problem when we are new to the place. Another thing is that you won't be able to use the already established map system because they don't have access and information to non famous and abandoned routes. That's where locus map 3 classic mod apk comes to help you when you want to master the navigation with simple and effective methods. Now you don't need to worry much because things are going to be easier than ever. Here is the most interesting platform, where pocketquery, waypoints, trackables, and spoilers are supported. You will have access to all kinds of amazing features like video and audio alarms. Create graphs and amazing data, save history so that you won't need to put an address again and again. Helps you in better management of workout and health tips. Go out and spend time with nature, learn the routes and save addresses by yourself. Enjoy some of the best address and navigation steps to find places and absolutely learn the art of navigating through the routes.

Locus Map 3 Classic MOD APK

Helps you in better workout

locus map 3 classic mod apk allows users to enjoy the health benefits and participate in amazing workout programmes outdoors. Explore the most elevated app which is outstanding for all to help them in having right places for workout and programmes. Run around places, walk, jog, skip, and do many forms of workout. Enjoy more of the features and benefits with your amazing app that is great for you to navigate places.

Amazing features and alarms

you will get to explore the most enhanced app to navigate routes and places. There are very stylish features integrated within the app that helps you find addresses and locations. It helps you in finding it easily, accessible and shortcuts. There are many forms of videos and audio alarms, and other methods to find out addresses and get informed about them easily without putting in much effort.

Expert sources for information

locus map 3 classic mod apk is an authentic source and helps users find the places with simple ways and approach. W3w identifiers, gns, wikipedia, lopoints and geopoints. So it helps users to find out the right locations with easy methods and helps you to find places with simple steps and guidance. There are many ways for users to reach one location.

Add routes and spots by yourself

this is one of the amazing platforms which help users to find out location and addresses with ease. But if there are some of the spots and routes which are not there in the famous maps navigation system then you can add them by yourself in this platform. This can be very helpful for users as they will get access to all kinds of premium stuff and navigation making it easier for everyone. Easily explore the places and find shortcuts to everything with simple ways.

Locus Map 3 Classic MOD APK

Unlocked premium subscription for free

here we are providing the users with a premium subscription unlocked for free. You may get all kinds of stuff and address, personalized learning, and enjoy all kinds of features of a premium map navigation system. Without putting a dime into it, you can get access to all premium benefits for yourself to navigate addresses and find your destinations. Enjoy your stuff and explore the places with ease.


download locus map 3 classic mod apk to get access to all kinds of address and navigation routes. There are a variety of different places and landmarks which are not usually available on famous platforms. So here is the app that helps you locate addresses and add new places by yourself. This is one of the best applications that is for personalized uses and helps users with premium levels of transportation flow with easy and accessible routes. Get this version and download the app for free.

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