LOST in Blue MOD APK v1.195.0 (Unlimited Money, Menu Mod)

LOST in Blue
App Name LOST in Blue
Latest Version v1.195.0
Last Updated 10 July 2024
Publisher Volcano Force.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Adventure
Size 1.1 GB
Google Playstore
4.3 Rating (413)


In the gaming arsenal, the games are present which defines multiple niches of various realistic categories. So you need to pick out some of the best ones to invest your time wisely without any interference. A whole new phenomenon to match the expectation level of the mindset. So here we are with some of the best features ungraded gameplay that offers the unique enhanced features to explore. Lost in Blue Mod Apk comes with the factor benefits to explore at no other gameplay because it's designed in the most astonishing phenomena and variables. In the gameplay, you will encounter an airplane crash and will be thrown into the island which will be very lonely as all others have died and so you are a survivor and for that, you need to handle yourself well as well as explore the simulation.


Now the factors come into play when you are stuck and to live well need to arrange for all the resources like water, food, shelter, etc. You also have to figure out various ways to deal with the things in your way like finding resources on the island, food in the beach area, seafood, cooking, lifestyle methods, hunting, creating a living like a shelter. You will find a lot of resources on the island with many treasures hidden there. Lost ships, crashed planes, forbidden temples, and much more infrastructure where you can find many resources for living and survival. Make deadly weapons and tools with many resources to deal with the enemies in many forms like wild animals, hunters, Zombies, mummies, monsters, and more. In this multiplayer, a lot of opponents will create the battle and need to deal with the fights.

Lost in Blue Mod Apk

Lost in Blue Mod Apk is an alternate and modified variant of the original variant which is available here on our website. To download and enjoy the enhanced features as well as the benefits in the gameplay. We have unlocked all the premium features and functions in the game that provide enhanced gameplay. At the same time with unlimited money and coins to upgrade all the variables in the gameplay, enhance the skills and power of the character. Free shopping is also enabled so users can make use of and purchase any equipment and the tools to deal with the difficulty level of the game as well as unlock all the advanced levels with unlimited money. We have also integrated the ads blocking policy in the gameplay that automatically removes the ads from the game. This version doesn't require rooting from any source and so offers the anti-ban as well as the antivirus properties in the gameplay.

Astonishing Features

Realistic approach of the outlook simulation

The simulation of the lost in blue mod apk is appreciable and should be cast to that because of every element of the characters and the other environment ecosystem. appears to be great enough to deal with things in a great manner. The beauty is such that it captures the heart and makes us stay more on the abandoned island.

Be a survivor

You have to deal with the various possibilities and the survival skills to ensure your life on the island which is full of the obstacles that can take your life. Work to ensure that every activity leads to the arrangement of the resources and also helps you in surviving. Make up different creative things to help you in the search as you also want to come out of that so make a defense, as well as help towers to help, can be offered.


Sticky storyline to explore

The character or you in the lost in blue mod apk offers a great and very interesting storyline to deal with. In the game, you will be left on the abandoned island being a survivor of the plane crash. Now to ensure more survival for you on the deadly island you have to arrange various resources that help you in living and dealing with the danger.

Craft weapons to save yourself

You when on the island have to work on the arrangement of the many resources that stabilize life. So apart from the customer, you have to craft different tools and weapons with the use of arranged resources from many forbidden sites. As you have to make up the arrangement of proper protection so you can deal with the enemies in the gameplay with the vivid enemies.

Arrange resources for survival

In the lost in blue mod apk try to arrange the resources of various kinds like food, seafood, water, and other health needs to stay alive. Create the perfect and protected shelter for yourself with the help of many resources available in the world of the island. Craft weapons and tools to deal with the danger from many forms of enemies.

Enemies to deal with

In the lost in blue mod apk, you will have to deal with the variety of the enemies by ensuring the development of perfect tools to kill them. In the gameplay enemies will appear in many forms like wild animals, monsters, zombies, ghosts, mutants, mummies, and more. Even other opponents will create the battles to have control over the sea and its resources, so fight in them with your skills and weapons.

Multiplayer online availability

The gameplay of the Lost in blue mod apk comes with multiplier online availability where all the players from all over the world will come and interact with you in many forms like that of allies or opponents. Battles will start against each other for the control of the sea because everybody needs to have control over that for the resources.



Download lost in blue mod apk to enjoy the survival life on an abandoned island with multiple activities integrated into the same like you can perform various potential of arranging resources and creating stuff to ensure your survival. In this modified version you will enjoy the unlocked premium features and functions as well as unlimited money to upgrade the tools, features, and skills to their potential. Free shopping, no advertisements, no rooting, and other such advanced benefits make the gameplay very interesting to enjoy.

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