Love Traveler v1.2.6 MOD APK [Mod Menu/Unlimited Money/Gems]

Love Traveler
App Name Love Traveler
Latest Version v1.2.6
Last Updated 06 April 2024
Publisher Buff Studio.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Simulation
Size 104 MB
Google Playstore
3.6 Rating (15)


Love traveller mod apk is a simulation game application which is based on love novels and it lets its players experience timeless adventure. In this amazing game application players can travel to their past time and can make changes in their past according to their choice and can learn various new skills by going back into the time. The game has been very interesting for most of the players as it was understood by their positive feedback and ratings. Here, players get to explore various new things from their past and can enjoy the perfect combination of mystery and romance in the exciting levels of the game. There are many interesting characters in the game and the main character's life is attractive as it will travel back into its time to know many mysteries behind various things. The game includes the chatting feature for its players to chat with each other to know everyone in a better way. The game is all about making the correct choice and decision as various dialogues will be given to the players and they need to choose the correct option. Carefully read the dialogues and answer the given questions. Each and every decision of the player will have a great impact at the ending of the story. Ending can be amazing or the saddest one. Enjoy the story content in an exciting way as it is so fun and joyful.

Love Traveler MOD APK


love traveler mod apk offers a great variety of interaction and stunning features to its players for having fun and enjoyment. Some of the available features of the game are given below:

adventurous experience to immerse into

players of love traveler mod apk can have a great experience of adventure as the game allows them to travel in their past and make whatever changes there as per their choice. Also they can make new relationships and close friends in their past time as these things were not there before. The game is enjoyed by the players in an anime style and the anime style of the game adds more fun and excitement to the game. You will be the main character of the game as you are only allowed to make changes to your past and there are many other players also in the game.

Explore fantastic journey of thrills

love traveler mod apk lets its players enjoy the amazing journey from past to present as per their own choices. During this fantastic journey players will meet a lot of handsome girls and boys and by participating in the game boys can become jess who is the male god and every female student loves jess. Once the player will be receiving the love letter which has especially arrived for him they need to travel in their past in order to know about the person who had written the letter and the game begins from here.

Meet old friends to explore with them

as players have to go back into their past they will get to meet and interact with all their old friends and old relationships. The main goal of the player is to know about the mystery behind the love letter. Join the main player of the game to know the person who has written the love letter for you.

Multiple characters to choose from

the game includes various characters but the main four characters of the game who are jess' friends are jacob, leo, stuart and daniel but you can only meet them when you will go back into your past. Each character of the game has a different look and personality. By having an interesting conversation with your friend group you will be able to know about each other's feelings.

Love Traveler MOD APK


love traveller mod apk is a great mysterious and time traveling kind of game application where players can go back to their past and can improve their past experiences through this stunning game. The game includes multiple unique characters and offers a lot of excellent features and also provides free access to premium features of the game to the players as it is a newly updated version of love traveler game app. The game can be easily installed by the players as it is available on google play store for free.

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