Ludo King MOD APK v8.5.0.291 [Unlimited Six/Unlocked All Theme/No Ads]

Ludo King
App Name Ludo King
Latest Version v8.5.0.291
Last Updated 10 June 2024
Publisher Gametion Technologies.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Board
Size 50 MB
Google Playstore
4.4 Rating (780)


According to some research results, games offer an exceptional means of teaching and learning. If we talk about Board Games, we remember our childhood as soon as we heard the name of board games such as Ludo, Chess, Snake&Ladder, Business, Monopoly, and much more. Even in this pandemic, during the lockdown period, board games are being played a lot since they are simple, realistic, strategic, and enjoyable games, and the whole family can enjoy them. But what if you wanna play Ludo or Chess with your family member who is damn far from you? What if you don't have board games available at the time when you need them or if you're out of counters or diced for help you to come out of this problem, most android smartphone games are developed with the same board game interface to provide you with a damn realistic and great experience right on your mobile phone. There is a vast variety of android games launched for providing you with board games on a smartphone such as Ludo King, Carrom Pool, Ludo Club, Chess, Real Chess, and much more. In all these games, Ludo King is one of the most downloaded and beloved android board games. It's one of the games which got damn famous in between this pandemic since in lockdown, every family is going through this only game to reduce their tiredness and boredom. Basically, the Ludo King game interface is as same as the real LUDO board game, and also it provides a damn realistic experience to its users. In this android multiplayer game, you will receive a vast collection of different modes to play so that you will shift entertained damn easily even if you're all alone.

Primarily, Ludo King contains four central game modes which are Online Multiplayer, Play with Friends, Computer, and Local Multiplayer. Apart from all these modes, you'll also receive an inbuilt Snake and Ladders game in the Ludo King game which you can easily access just by tapping on it. In snake and ladder, you'll get the same modes as the Ludo King. Additionally, you can also change the whole board interface in the game since you will receive an impeccable collection of themes inside this small game. You can also play online with random teams as well as your friends in the Ludo King game and can avail of a lot of its features such as voice chat, stickers, and much more. But the main objective of this game is to win at #1 in front of all three rivals. There are also a lot of resources such as themes, diamonds, modes, and much more that you can easily purchase with coins. Additionally, you can also play big games by putting more coins for the game, and you can play with up to 10,000,000 coins and can win up to 19,000,000 coins per match which mean that coins are the most significant assets to play the game and are damn hard to earn. So here in this article, we've posted the modified variant of the Ludo King game termed Ludo King MOD APK. This cracked application will grant you infinite coins and money as well as you'll also receive a completely ad-free experience with this application without paying any money. So for getting more deeper into the features and originating of the Ludo King, must read the whole article and download the Ludo King MOD APK from the link provided in this blog.

Ludo King

Ludo King is one of the classic board virtual games that we used to play solely in our childhood days to create memories with our friends and family. It was released on 17 Dec 2016 by Gammation Technologies Pvt Ltd., and right now, it's one of the most downloaded android games on the Google Play Store with over 100,000,000 downloads and about 5,800,000 user reviews. Still, after a tremendous amount of user reviews, the Ludo King game is rated at 4.1* which is really a lot. Ludo King is ranked as #1 top free board game on the Google Play Store and also ranked at #1 family iOS game.

There are a variety of modes available in the Ludo King game. You can play either online or offline, with computers and with friends as per your desire in this game. It's a cross-platform multiplayer game that supports almost all the devices and consoles such as Mobile, Desktop, iOS, and Windows mobile platforms, and much more. Moreover, this game also provides you with eight different elegant themes which are Nature, Egypt, Disco mode, Pinball, Candy, Christmas, Penguin, and Battle, and still they are updating enormous new themes day by day. One of the most significant features of the Ludo King game is, you can also play this game offline with your family members at home. You can play with up to five extra members in this game and can make fun with the full family.

There are still a lot of modes available in the Ludo King game. You will also receive online multiplayer so that if you're getting bored and no one is with you to play it, so you can play this mode by using Ludo King coins and can double coins by winning the game. But for playing these games you must need coins, and if you run out of coins, it's damn hard to earn them back. You can also pay real money for coins as you can purchase 10,000 coins for just in 70.00 INR, 25,000 coins in 100.00 INR, and much more. But there are a lot of players who can't afford this money for game coins. So today, we're here with the modified variant of the Ludo King app for providing you unlimited coins, and unlimited diamonds as well as you can also buy a few themes with this virtual money. So download it right now from the link provided in this blog and enjoy the overall free experience.

Ludo King MOD APK

Ludo King MOD APK is the modified version of the official Ludo King app. The significant reason for building or recreating this app is to provide you with unlimited benefits such as unlimited coins, money, and everything. Moreover, you can also play big matches with lots of coins with this app without worrying about your coins since they won't end. There are also tremendous additional benefits that you'll receive with the Ludo King MOD APK. You can download this app damn easily just by clicking the link given, and you'll automatically get redirected to the download page. One of the best features of this app is, you can access this app on any android device above the Android 4.4 version. Moreover, you also won't need root access in your phone to access these exclusive features since your security is our first priority, so we've modified this app in a way that it can comfortably run on both rooted and non-rooted devices. Apart from all of these features and unlimited assets, you'll also receive a completely ad-free experience with this app so that you won't ever get interrupted by virtual or banner ads between entertainment. So download this game right now and enjoy the premium experience free of cost.


The Ludo King MOD APK is a fully-featured game that can provide you with all the premium benefits free of cost as well as a damn creative user interface. It's ranked as the best multiplayer game on the Google Play Store since it's one of the best sources of entertainment either if you're alone or with family. From all the impeccable features of the Ludo King app, we've listed a few significant features below -

Ad-free experience

Ludo King is one of the best games for the entertainment of a full family, and even if you're alone. But no one likes interruption between any kind of pleasure either if it's games, movies, or music. Ads between entertainment are the worst feeling in everyone's life, so we've modified this app in a way that you won't have to pay any single rupee for getting rid of ads in the Ludo King. You can easily play this game and enjoy it a lot without any interruption.

Comfortable User Interface

The user interface plays a major role in any app or game since everything is based on the user interface of the app. So one of the best features of the Ludo Kin MOD APK is, it will provide you with a damn convenient user interface ditto the same as the official Ludo King game and even easier to use.

Unlimited assets

Coins are the most significant assets in the Ludo King game since for playing online multiplayer games, you must need coins, and you can also purchase themes and other assets by coins in the Ludo King game. So Ludo King MOD APK provides you with unlimited coins and money which you can use damn conveniently for purchasing assets and playing games of higher amounts free of cost.

Additional Snake&Ladders

Apart from the Ludo board game, you'll also receive the Snake&Ladder board with the Ludo King MOD APK. Snake&Ladder will also contain the same interface as well as the same themes as the official Ludo king app. So you can also enjoy the Snake&Ladder game with unlimited coins in this app.

No root-access needed

Rooting your phone can grasp most of the security shields, and protection software from your phone which means your phone can get hacked easily. Also, it damages some hardware of the phone it can affect battery life and much more. But Ludo King MOD APK offers you a feature that you can access all the premium assets free of cost without root access on your phone.


Above there is the complete information of the modified version of the Ludo King app - Ludo King MOD APK. It can provide you with an exclusive ad-free experience as well as premium and paid assets free of cost. Moreover, you will also receive the ditto same app interface as the official Ludo King app, and it can work comfortably on any android device above the Android 4.4 version. Additionally, this app is % bug and patch-free so that you can use it without worrying about any harm. So download it right now and still if you have any queries, then must ask them below in the comment box. Enjoy it.

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