MacroDroid v5.45.9 MOD APK [PRO/Premium Unlocked] for Android

App Name MacroDroid
Latest Version v5.45.9
Last Updated 11 June 2024
Publisher ArloSoft.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Tools
Size 55 MB
Google Playstore
4.5 Rating (39)


Stop doing tiresome manual activities and embrace automation with macrodroid. The elegant macrodroid interface lets you automate. Easily automate tasks with a few touches. Discover macrodroid's tremendous power as it seamlessly automates your life. Expect some impressive instances of how macrodroid can change your daily routine. Smartphone workflow optimization boosts productivity. As soon as you enter your car, easily activate bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music. Enjoy the greatest convenience of instantly activating your wifi when you arrive home.

MacroDroid MOD APK

Use screen dimming and wifi deactivation to save battery life.

Our unique data-off feature is the best way to save big on roaming expenses! Save smartly and ditch those ridiculous costs. With our advanced technology, you can travel worry-free knowing your data usage is under control. Never let roaming expenses drain your walletstart saving today. Improve your commute with our cutting-edge solution! Our revolutionary text to speech tool lets you easily listen to notifications and stay safe and informed. Leave it to our technology to avoid distractions and keep your eyes on the road.

We also enable automated email and sms responses for added convenience.

Stay connected and safe by replying to crucial messages without lifting a finger. That's just the start! Our adjustable sound and notification profiles let you customize your commute. Customize alerts and tone to fit your tastes. Improve your commute and safety like never before. Our innovative approach puts commuting technology on the cutting edge. Our clever timers and stopwatches are the ultimate productivity companion. Avoid missing deadlines with effective task management.

Prepare to boost productivity like never before

macrodroid offers limitless ways to improve your android experience. Macrodroid simplifies daily routines and streamlines difficult processes to help you manage countless situations. Trust macrodroid to simplify your android life. Discover the easy magic of our three-step approach. We reveal its flawless functionality secrets, which will astound you. Expect simplicity and efficiency on this voyage. Prepare for a life-changing journey as we explain our intricate system. Ready to witness three's power? Jump in!

Select the ideal trigger for an unforgettable experience.

Announcing the triggerthe ultimate macro catalyst! Find endless possibilities with macrodroid! You may easily start macros with over 70 triggers. Macrodroid gives you control with cutting-edge location-based triggers like gps and cell towers and device state triggers like battery levels and app activities. We also use sensor triggers like shaking and light levels and connectivity triggers like bluetooth, wifi, and notifications to activate macros when you need them. Macrodroid unlocks your device's potential today!

Experience utmost convenience with our cutting-edge features.

Easily create home screen shortcuts to control your smartphone like never before. Use our customized macrodroid sidebar for even more personalization. Our creative solutions boost device performance and efficiency. Discover how limitations can unlock the macro's potential when you want it. Enjoy the comfort of living near your business and smoothly connecting to your valued company's high-speed wifi network just on productive work days. Avoid commuting and enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

MacroDroid MOD APK

Select your favorite actions to experience automation's power.

Explore macrodroid, the ultimate automation tool that automates over 100 manual tasks. Connect your bluetooth or wifi device seamlessly, customize volume levels to your liking, convert text into spoken notifications or display the current time, set timers with precision, dim your screen for a more immersive experience, harness the tasker plugin, and unlock a plethora of other remarkable features. Our advanced technologies will ensure you never neglect critical duties. Take advantage of our timers and stopwatches to stay focused.

Optional limitations enable customization.

Adjust the parameters to fit your needs to perfect your experience. Give yourself permission to limit and optimize. Our unmatched wifi services boost your professional experience and embrace the future of connectivity. With limits, accuracy is unleashed. You can now select the times and days your macro activates. Avoid uncertainty and enjoy the unmatched control of restrictions in your workflow. Experience macrodroid's tremendous capability with over 50 restriction types that will change your device automation.

Macrodroid's tasker and locale plugin compatibility maximizes its capabilities.

Enhance your experience and discover new possibilities. Use our beginner's guide to maximize your potential. Our skillfully produced resources reveal success secrets quickly. Start your mastering path today and become a pro quickly. Macrodroid's unprecedented interface combines innovation and simplicity. Experience the magic of macro setup with our special wizard, carefully created to guide you. A unique journey awaits you as you effortlessly develop your first macros with each step meticulously prepared. Let macrodroid guide you to automation expertise.

MacroDroid MOD APK


download macrodroid, the ultimate automation tool, gives you unprecedented device control! Our free version is ad-supported and seamless, giving you access to all of macrodroid's amazing features. Additionally, you can build up to 5 macros to expedite activities and boost productivity. Macrodroid is the top choice for automation aficionados worldwide! The pro versionyour ultimate user experience solution! Free yourself from ads and unleash endless macros. A smooth workflow like never before is available for a nominal one-time cost. Upgrade to pro today to boost productivity!

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