Mafia King v1.11.0 APK + MOD [Full Game] for Android

Mafia King
App Name Mafia King
Latest Version v1.11.0
Last Updated 29 March 2024
Publisher Legend Games Hong Kong Limited.
Requirements Android 5.0
Category Strategy
Size 1.04 GB
Google Playstore
4.1 Rating (16)
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Mafia king is a very interesting game application where players need to fight against their enemies who are trying to take their city in their hands for ruling it in their way. The objective of the game is to defend yourself against two-faced gangsters who were once your allies but have since turned against you. These thugs are now attempting to take everything you own from you because they no longer consider you to be their leader, and they have formed their own team specifically for the purpose of attacking you so that they can take control of your city, your power, and your wealth.

Mafia King MOD APK

A remarkable mafia game for you

in addition to its high-quality visuals, this game features a gameplay that is both incredibly remarkable and very entertaining. The game provides you with a very fantastic story that you can enjoy, and it starts when you have been sent to a prison for five years due to some criminal record or case, and when you return from prison, your army or your gang leaders have completely changed their behavior towards you and have become your enemy.

Give them a new leader

now, all of the citizens of the city are waiting to welcome a new leader of the city, so the game begins when you have returned from prison. Because you refuse to abdicate your kingdom and leave your city, the leaders of your gang are prepared to engage in combat with you. The objective of every participant in the game is to accomplish the task of stealing all of their adversaries' possessions by engaging in bloody combat with as many of them as possible.

Win your war and win everything with power

in this one-of-a-kind take on "mafia king, " you'll have to battle for everything that rightfully belongs to you and be prepared to emerge victorious over your dishonest companions. Your mission is to recover all of your properties and resources, which have been misappropriated by your buddies who are acting dishonestly. You have ownership of everything that is available in the city; therefore, you shouldn't give up on your objective too easily and focus on doing the best you can to successfully complete it. In order to expand your family and develop the city in an appealing manner, you have the option of selecting other people for your squad or gang that are real guys and loyal to you.

Mafia King MOD APK

Expand territories and control

mafia king apk is a one-of-a-kind game that comes packed with special extras, and it doesn't take long for players to become hooked on the way it plays. You can also seize control of other players' cities and expand your power and territory by fighting in other players' conflicts and removing them as a threat to your own. Create a strong and powerful gang that will fight beside you in the difficult battles that are featured in the game. People in other cities as well as in your city should become aware of your authority and abilities by virtue of the fact that you are their boss.

Missions, ladies, weapons and all for you of top class

players just complete their missions one at a time with the assistance of their reliable gang and buddies in the mafia king apk application, which is an extremely remarkable tale and fighting game. People have shown a lot of interest in the game because of the highly engaging and exciting plot that it provides for its players to take pleasure in. The game includes everything that its players could possibly want, including a wide selection of vehicles, weapons, and powers, as well as sin city, sexy ladies, and other fun and entertaining content.

Mafia King MOD APK


mafia king apk is a new version of the mafia king game that provides its players with free access to the premium elements of the game as well as an ad-free experience for playing the game. It is available for download on google play. Get this mod version at your access and enjoy free stuff of top gameplay in mafia segment.

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