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Mario Kart Tour MOD APK v3.4.1 [Unlimited Coins/Unlimited Rubies]

Mario Kart Tour
App Name Mario Kart Tour
Latest Version v3.4.1
Last Updated 01 March 2024
Publisher Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Action
Size 122 MB
Google Playstore
3.7 Rating (162)


Nintendo is the oldest and still trending game developer company that builds Video Game consoles, and as well as designs lots of games. If we talk about favorites, then there is a massive list of games developed by Nintendo that we like the most. Mario series is placed at the top of this list as Mario games are everyone's favorite and Nintendo has launched over 20 different Mario games from adventurous to racing ones. There isn't a single guy in the world who didn't have heard about Mario and Luigi.

Mario Kart Tour MOD APK

Elegant Racing game

Recently in September 2019, Nintendo Co has launched a new creation in the Mario series known as Mario Kart Tour. It's basically a racing game and a tough competition to all the online or offline animated racing games in the Android gaming industry. Mario Kart Tour is an action-packed racing game that you can play only in Single Player mode. Well, it doesn't mean that Mario Kart Tour is a boring game since it contains different modes possessing Story, Challenges, Events, and Tournaments. Moreover, it's also filled with tremendous Karts of different colors and distinct modules. You can also challenge players worldwide with the Online multiplayer mode of this game and can rank up your leaderboards. In these multiplayer modes, you need to race with up to 7 different players and conquer the destination first to win the race. Moreover, you'll also observe here full HD quality graphics and a large variety of racing tracks taken from real cities in addition to Classic Mario kart courses.

A game with Convenient Controlling

Mario Kart tour is an easy game built with the most comfortable game interface. Here you'll only get the steering button to control your cart and also can break your car or slow its speed. Additionally, Mario Kart Tour also allows you to change the control size and as well as placement so that you can play it with the control resolution you desire. You can control the steering and can drift your kart at the same time with a single finger because of the ease in Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Kart Tour MOD APK

Extreme Statistics

Mario series was started with the Mario Bros game which is still one of the favorite games of every single gamer. It was first launched for Victor games or simple cartridge Video games almost two decades ago and got millions of fans in the first launching. The same thing happened with the Mario Kart Tour. It came out nearly a year ago, and till now, it has covered over 50,000,000 fans using it on their Android devices whereas still there are millions of other users experiencing it on iOS. Sounds Amazing, right?

Here the magic begins

Mario Kart Tour is the ultimate Kart racing game that comes with exceptional animations. It will make you feel excited either when you play it for the first time or after 10-20 trials. You won't ever get bored. Nevertheless, still, numerous guys are commenting the same trouble with the game - Hard levels. Well, that's right since if you're a beginner and starting the Mario Kart tour journey, it might seem hard for completing super-hard races. But you don't have to worry more about difficulties since we're here right now for solving them with our product - Mario Kart tour MOD APK. It's the modified version of Mario Kart Tour containing all the paid resources and as well as unlimited assets free of cost. Furthermore, you can download this game without spending any bucks by the link provided below and can play it for an endless duration.

Mario Kart Tour MOD APK

Non-interruption adventure

No one likes interruption in-between entertainment, and Mario Kart is the gigantic source of entertainment on Android devices. So here we're offering you the Mario Kart tour MOD APK, which is 100% ad-free game, which means that you won't ever get interrupted with Banner or Video ads while playing your favourite Mario series game. Additionally, it's a smooth game that carries only 136 megabytes of your device storage and will run comfortably in your smartphone with appropriate graphic quality. So, uninstall the official laggy game and install this smooth one for the most satisfactory experience. Enjoy!!!

Officially by Nintendo

Mario Kart tour MOD APK is the most compatible modification of the official Mario Kart game. You can check other versions which aren't officially signature with Nintendo. Those unofficial games can hack your data and also lacks the premium features you want in it. But here we're providing you with the Official Mario Kart game with just a few harmless scripts. The game is 100% bug and virus-free as we already have used it with differently configured devices, so you can install it in your device without worrying about security issues. Just download and enjoy it!!!

Mario Kart Tour MOD APK

Final Verdict

Mario Kart is an incredible Android game and the only Nintendo Kart racing game for smartphones. It's embedded with the 3D animated graphics containing all the characters of Mario universe and as well as real city maps for best response. Moreover, it's a small size game that can comfortably run on low-configuration devices. Here below, you'll receive the download link for Mario Kart tour MOD APK. This version contains immense rubies, an ad-free interface, and more exceptional features. Must download it and enjoy all these traits, or still, if you've some questions, please ask them below in the comment box. Thanks!!!

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