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Metal Slug: Awakening v1.8.2 MOD APK [Unlimited Money]

Metal Slug Awakening
App Name Metal Slug Awakening
Latest Version v1.8.2
Last Updated 24 April 2024
Publisher VNGGames International.
Requirements Android 4.4
Category Action
Size 1.3 GB
Google Playstore
3.8 Rating (17)

Introduction to Metal Slug Awakening

Metal Slug Awakening is a classic and unique mobile game that combines arcade gameplay with mobile technology. Tencent and SNK Corporation's latest Metal Slug game honors the series' tradition and brings it to new fans. Rich pixel graphics and dynamic animations bring It's war-torn landscapes to life from the outset. With easy touchscreen controls, players may blast through waves of opponents or drive a Metal Slug tank over challenging terrain. In the game's lengthy campaign, players will face old acquaintances, challenging obstacles, and magnificent boss fights. RPG elements, multiplayer modes, and social features keep gamers coming back to It.

Metal Slug Awakening MOD APK

Gameplay Mechanics

It follows the series' classic gameplay paradigm, which has earned countless fans. Players must defeat armies of enemies on stages full of obstacles, traps, and powerful bosses as brave troops. Touchscreen controls make it easy to move, jump, fire, and unleash deadly special attacks. Its RPG-like gameplay is a huge improvement. Players may upgrade and personalize their characters to get new abilities, armor, and weapons. This makes the game more strategic and encourages players to test different loadouts and playstyles to overcome challenges. In addition to the single-player campaign, It offers multiplayer possibilities. You may enjoy Metal Slug's thrill with others by fighting in heated PvP or working with pals to complete challenging co-op missions.


Its beautiful pixel art graphics, which employ modern hardware but honor the original games' archaic design, are a standout. Each scene, from lush rainforests to war-torn towns, has been painstakingly designed with dazzling colors, minute details, and smooth animations to bring Metal Slug to life. Every soldier, opponent, and monster has unique personalities and qualities. From the menacing General Morden to the gallant Marco Rossi to the iconic Metal Slug tank, every character is instantly recognizable and charismatic. The game's special effects are stunning and detailed. Players are immersed in a familiar and new world thanks to the game's excellent graphics, which include explosions, shooting, environmental dangers, and weather effects.

Sound Design

In addition to having amazing graphics, It has a soundtrack that flawlessly ties in with the action on screen. The series' well-known songs have been restored using contemporary instruments and production methods, and fans of the game will love how each level and encounter has an intense pulse that will get their heart racing. The sound effects are also really good, with each explosion, bullet, and opponent grunt having a terrific impact. The sound design does a fantastic job of capturing the gravity and impact of every move, drawing players even deeper into the chaotic world of Metal Slug, whether you're using your machine gun to take down enemies, firing rockets at a towering boss, or controlling the Metal Slug tank through a barrage of bullets.


It immerses players in a riveting story set in a war-torn universe. The plot follows the brave Regular Army as they fight the evil Rebel Army, headed by the mysterious General Morden. Players will discover the Rebel Army's deception and Metal Slug technology as they proceed through the campaign. Players will meet a varied array of characters, including Marco Rossi, Tarma Roving, and Eri Kasamoto, each with their distinct powers and personalities. Players will encounter new allies and enemies that are vital to the story, along with these familiar figures. It's plot is full of twists, turns, and heart-pounding moments that will keep gamers on edge. With many endings and surprises, the narrative has lots of replay potential for mystery seekers.

Metal Slug Awakening MOD APK

Metal Slug Awakening: Pushing the Limits of Mobile Gaming Technology"

You can see the full power of modern mobile devices as It pushes visuals, soundtrack, and gameplay.It's amazing graphics, deep sound design, and flawless gameplay make it a technological marvel that displays mobile gaming systems.

Journey Through Time and Space"

Take off on a fantastical journey via a variety of settings and locations as It transports you beyond time and space. Every level in It offers a different environment with fresh obstacles to face, ranging from lush rainforests to frozen tundras, from busy cities to barren wastelands. This guarantees that your gameplay experience is constantly novel and thrilling.

The Return of Arcade Gaming Glory"

Relive retro arcade games anywhere with It.The arcade experience in It will have you coming back, whether you're a veteran trying to relive the golden days or a newcomer eager to discover Metal Slug's magic.

Forging New Legends in the Mobile Battlefield"

In It, you can join the ranks of famous warriors and troops as you set out on a mission to save the world. Players are invited to become legendary figures in It's epic tale, difficult gameplay, and countless personalization and strategy options as they strive for supremacy on the mobile battlefield.

Overall Experience

Metal Slug Awakening is thrilling. Everything about the game is meant to keep players involved and delighted, from the action-packed gameplay to the hours spent personalizing your character and perfecting techniques. The combination of traditional Metal Slug gameplay with current RPG components and multiplayer options delivers a familiar yet unique gaming experience. The game's bright settings, famous characters, and spectacular combat are enhanced by the amazing pixel art visuals and deep sound design. Whether you're playing the single-player story alone or with buddies in multiplayer, It promises unlimited thrill and adrenaline. It succeeds on its promise to bring the iconic genre to mobile devices in style, providing a fascinating blend of nostalgia and innovation that will please both old and new fans.

Metal Slug Awakening MOD APK


In conclusion, anyone who enjoys the series or is searching for a captivating mobile game to play should definitely give It a try. It's a game that will keep gamers occupied for hours on end with its faithful reproduction of the original Metal Slug experience mixed with brand-new features and content. So prepare for an incredible journey unlike any other by grabbing your weapons and getting inside your Metal Slug tank!

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