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Monster Hunter Stories v1.3.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Max Level)

Monster Hunter Stories
App Name Monster Hunter Stories
Latest Version v1.3.7
Last Updated 21 January 2024
Publisher CAPCOM CO., LTD.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Role-Playing
Size 1.6 GB
Google Playstore
4.1 Rating (44)
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As we know, the world of gaming is producing enhanced gameplay daily, which appears to be similar but is very different in their working functions. The reason for this is that the gaming developers are keenly working on simulating the fantasies and the physical niches of entertainment in the game form to give users control over it. In the same way, multiple games are dividing themselves into categories that are ultra different from one another but that don't differentiate the kind of entertainment they offer. So much availability of the users to pursue the gaming of their interests makes them even better than others in every element. You can also experience more than the old functions of the same game. This game, Monster Hunter stories Mod Apk, is one of the most enhanced gameplay where you can experience the most intense RPG Battles combats against the monsters of wild powers. You have to steal the monster egg in the gameplay and then incubate it afterwards; train the beast to your wishes so your monster can fight with you against the intense, powerful monsters of variety. The Monster Hunter stories Mod Apk offers a variety of modes to fight against the monsters with various weapons like Powerful swords, sword and shield combo, Hammer, and hunting horn to deal with the demons. Different attacks are based on vivid strategy, techniques, and tactics to fend off the enemies away from your grounds. Variety settings in the other locations make the deadly combats even more intense in the equating fights against the opponents.

Monster Hunter Stories MOD APK

Monster Hunter stories Mod Apk

Monster Hunter Stories Mod Apk is an alternate and modified variant of the original as we have provided that with the enhancement of the articles of the gameplay. The version offers users unlimited money, unlimited coins, and points to upgrade the gameplay elements. Also, you can use the funds to enhance the characters' tools and skills. Improve the game's outlook and unlock the features with all the premium benefits in the version. This version is integrated with multiple policies to resolve the common irritating factors faced by the users in the gameplay. We have this popular one, no ads under which all the advertisements are blocked and removed from the gameplay. The version has no lagging formats, so no worry about RAM feasibilities. The variant also doesn't require users to root it from other sources and offers the antiban and antivirus properties in the gameplay, thus ensuring a safe and secure gaming environment.


We know the gameplay comes with many classic features and functions to make the proper usage of the game, so we have given below discussed all of the important ones;

Sticky and engaging Storyline

The gameplay of the Monster Hunter Stories Mod Apk comes with the most engaging sense and sticky storyline here, the monsters attack your town, and you have to deal with them. As you know to deal with the beast, you need an equally powerful person from your side, and so you steal the monster egg, incubate them and train to become the intense warrior to fight on your side.

Astonishing Graphical simulation in the game

The Monster Hunter stories Mod Apk comes with elements that are enhanced in terms of their visual experience. Every outlook detail is designed in the ultra HD three-dimensional graphical simulation of the representation to make the experience astounding in the eyes that cherish the mood and the environment.

Monster Hunter Stories MOD APK

Variety of weapons

The Monster Hunter stories Mod Apk provides users with a variety of weaponry to deal with the monsters in the gameplay; all weapons are of individual category and cater to different usage in times. Great Sword, sword and shield combo, hammer, and a hunting horn. These weapons are intensely powerful to fend off the enemies from the ground.

Multiple attack modes with the upgrading capacity

The Monster Hunter stories Mod Apk comes with the ultimately designed variety of attacks to deal with the enemies in the form of the monsters. Multiple episodes and defence base creation with tactics, strategy, techniques, speed, and more drive the opponents off the ground.

Many monster varieties

The gameplay of the Monster Hunter Stories Mod Apk is here to give the ultimate experience of having multiple varieties of monsters even on your side. You can take advantage of these monsters with unique skills and elements to perform in warfare. These are Fanged Beast, Flying Waywern, Leviathan, Bird wyvern, Herbivore, etc., all of them consist of different fighting natural elements in them inborn.

Train your monster

You will have to steal the eggs f the monsters in the gameplay and then incubate them in your team. Moreover, the best work is to train them efficiently to help you in the battles against their family. So teach them better because they are the only ones going to help you against the war against the most powerful monsters of vivid sense in the gameplay. These monsters will only obey you as their sole commander because of the training that will make the bond among you all.

Transmission ceremony upgrading

Monster Hunter stories Mod Apk availed the transmission Ceremony in the game's features, which is nothing complicated but a systemically enhanced approach to upgrade your monsters' tools, skills, and power to deal efficiently against the enemies without any problem in the advanced level of the gameplay.

Monster Hunter Stories MOD APK

Free pro unlocked

The Monster Hunter stories Mod Apk provides users with premium gameplay without the need of paying a single penny anywhere. Yes, strictly everything is provided t you for free, because as we know, the gameplay can only be purchased with money.


Download Monster Hunter Stories Mod Apk to enjoy the gameplay of the intense war battles against the most powerful enemies in the form of the monsters. There are multiple locations to explore and modes in the attack forces or defence and the weaponry vividity involved in the game. In the modified version, you will get unlimited money, coins, and points for continuous upgrading of the elements in the gameplay. We have unlocked all the pro version benefits for the users in just free, so there is no need to waste your money.

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