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Game Name Monument Valley 2
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Action & Adventure
User Reviews 4.8 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v1.3.15
Last Update 26 January 2020
75 MB

What’s the Specialty of Monument Valley 2 OBB Data Apk Game

Guide a mom and her young child as they embark on a trip finding puzzles and paths as you know the secrets of this Sacred Geometry.

Sequel to the Monument Valley, Monument Valley 2 introduces a brand-new adventure set within a universe that is gorgeous and hopeless.

Because she instructs her child manipulating structures to direct them and researching surroundings Assist Ro.

“Small vignettes of a world that operates off its sleeves to make me happy” – POLYGON

“I had been enraptured by what I heard and saw” – DESTRUCTOID

“Among the best gaming experiences available on any other device, let alone cellular” – POCKET GAMER

Monument Valley two — At the entertainment sector today, individuals are devising and producing high-end gambling goods, including FPS shooters, open-world matches, or even MMORPG role-playing matches. Amusing games also have got a great deal of love out of gamers, including Cut the Rope two, Small Inferno, Limbo, and Monument Valley 2. I’ll introduce the article a modest match like this and you. Following the victory of Monument Valley 1 — that the match obtained this year’s images award. Two games’ writers has been developing its little ones. What variant of the will you experience? Allow me to go to the story!

Monument Valley 2 Mod Apk

Monument Valley 2 Mod Apk Story

Monument Valley 2 tells the narrative of a journey straight house of girl and Ro. Ro along with her woman concealed puzzle and was lost in a maze, in which the buildings are intricate. She understood that constructions always rotated and shifting over time, however they couldn’t know how to control them. Would your kid and you depart here, and return home?

Monument Valley 2 A story of beauty and illusion

Involved from the sport, you’ll be Ro. Your job is to locate the exit at the maze, to shoot her kid back home. The labyrinth is devised in layers, all of which contain traps, and functions. To be able to escape, you have to pass each degree of the maze. There will be messages, and you have to locate it. The sport doesn’t have even a text for the reference or a manual; you need to discover the mechanics of rotation of this job, to deliver the 2 characters from this area is changing. In various phases of drama, the drama area is flipped, or so the functioning mechanism of every maze differs. You want to discover the angle to get a route, direct you.


Monument Valley 2’s images therefore are more advanced than their predecessors and are artistic. You will be immersed that has many exceptional designs constructed, adorned and sharp in colors. Music is a part of the game’s achievement. The music is quite calm, combined, and can be played through the game, appropriate for your mind to unwind.


Monument Valley two provides an unforgettable encounter with a plot and narrative to players. Game mechanics are basic, yet players want decent, imaginative and innovative thinking to conquer the large levels. The sport has been released using a discount cost of 4; you are able to shell out a little amount.

Monument Valley 2 Free Download Android

Amusing games have obtained a great deal of enjoyment out of people, for example as for example slice the Rope two, Small Inferno, Limbo, along with Monument Valley 2. I could present the particular specific article a small match such as this and you. Right after the victory of Monument Valley inch — that the match obtained this year’s images award. 2 games’ writer has been growing up its son or daughter. What variant with the would you experience? Allow me to move into the narrative!

Monument Valley two’s images are somewhat more advanced compared to their own predecessors and are artistic. Now you may be immersed that has many exceptional layouts constructed, embellished and sharp in colors. New audio can be a portion of this game’s good results. The desktop is quite tranquil, combined, and can be played all through the match, convenient for the mind to relax.

Monument Valley two gives an unforgettable encounter using a storyline and narrative to gamers. Game mechanisms are basic, yet people want decent, creative and imaginative considering to overcome the elevated degrees. The match is released using a reduction value of 4; you also are able to devote a small amount.

Active from the match, you are going to be Ro. Your activity would be to discover the exit at the maze, to shoot her kid straight to home. The labyrinth was made in levels, every one which contains traps, and performs. To be able to fly out of here, you have to pass every layer of this maze. There will be messages, and also you also have to believe it is. The match will not own some text on the mention or helpful tips; you also must figure out the mechanics of spinning of this job, to make the 2 characters from this distance is shifting. In numerous phases of drama, the drama room is flipped, or so the functioning mechanics of every and every maze differ. You want to get to the angle to get a route, direct you.

Monument Valley 2 Mod Apk

Amazing New Features Of Monument Valley 2 Data Apk Game

You do not have to have played Monument Valley to savor Monument Valley 2.

Amazing levels filled using brand-new interactions to research the dynamics between personalities.

Each interpreted into constructions inspired by an eclectic combination of designs moves and influences,.

Stunning AUDIO
Immerse yourself in melodic soundscapes, tailored to also her youngster’s journey and each measure of Ro.

Monument Valley 2 informs the narrative of the travel straight of girl and Ro. Ro together along with her lady concealed puzzle and was misplaced in a maze, in which in fact the structures are intricate. She recognized that arrangements always rotated and shifting within the years, nevertheless, they weren’t able to know the way to control them. Would also your kid as well as you depart, and return house?

Manual a mommy and her young child because they attempt to travel through bewitching design, detecting illusionary paths and beautiful puzzles when you know the strategies of this Holy Conservancy. Sequel into the award-winning Monument Valley, Monument Valley 2 gift ideas a brand-new journey collection at a lovely and hopeless planet.

Assist Ro because she instructs her youngster in regards to the puzzles of this Valley, researching magnificent surroundings and manipulating structures to direct them in his or her manner. ====”Subtly additional complicated compared to its predecessor” – WIRED”Small vignettes of the world which works off its sleeves to make me joyful” – POLYGON”I had been enraptured with what I heard and saw” – DESTRUCTOID” Among the optimal/optimally gaming experiences readily available on almost virtually any apparatus, aside from cellphone” – POCKETGAMER=====A STANDALONE journey a wholly new narrative from your Monument Valley universe.

That you really don’t will need to own played Monument Valley to relish Monument Valley 2. Independently constructed PUZZLEStake pleasure in amazing degrees full of illusory, jigsaw puzzles, and with brand-new interactions to research the shifting dynamics among personalities. Modern-day VISUALSArt inspired through an eclectic combination of architectural fashions, inventive moves, and individual influences, every single and every interpreted into magnificent geometric buildings.

Gorgeous AUDIO Immerse your self into distinctively melodic interactive soundscapes, customized flawlessly to just about every single measure of Ro along with also her youngster’s travel. Monument Valley 2 necessitates Android variant 4.4 or later to perform.

Monument Valley 2 Mod Apk

What Saying User About Monument Valley 2 Obb Data Action & Adventures Game

 1st User-:  Waow. we played this game together with my daughter and I and it was a wonderful experience. we are waiting impatiently for MV3. That game was impressive and there is the genius behind the conception. the artistic level is also very high and held us in a fantastic journey.😁 The solutions were a bit easier to find than on MV1 and Ida’s journey and could have been a little bit more challenging, but still, we love love love it.

 2nd User-:    This Game is Good. The Levels are well Designed. At Times I kinda had a difficult time. This game was made by people who had a good understanding of puzzles. I liked the game. I think they have a small team that is why it is a bit overpriced in India. I purchased it on sale and I don’t regret it. To the team please keep making more such games but just don’t over exhaust yourself. Thanks!.

 3rd User-:  There are no other words but just AWESOME. It’s simple yet beautiful, smooth, challenging but not overwhelming. To the music and audio producers: HUGE KUDOS! The audio of this game is amazing. It puts you in the perfect headspace to relax and really enjoy this game all the way through. The one complaint I hear about this game is that it is too short. I feel like it was just enough to satisfy you but still keep you wanting a little more, which means I’ll be looking for Monument Valley 3 😉.

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