Oddworld MOD APK v1.0.16 [Menu/Unlimited Money/High Damage]

App Name Oddworld
Latest Version v1.0.16
Last Updated 10 July 2024
Publisher Oddworld Inhabitants Inc.
Requirements Android 4.1
Category Action
Size 700 MB
Google Playstore
3.6 Rating (13)


Hey users! I know you want some really ethical fun with aggressive gaming, We have already served you with various games in battles and war modes, but today we are talking about something very different and rare in terms. What you need to do here is play the role of a bounty hunter with exciting tools and elements infused in the first person as well as third-person shooting phenomena. What more do you expect in a single platform? Oddworld MOD APK is a legendary and awarded game that features periodic functions to experience the shooting gameplay. You will get to experience the PvP kind of battles for nothing more than a chase. Your work as a roleplay character Melee or stranger is to find out the criminals, terrorists, and targets you are assigned within the mission. You will have all the required facilities and help to perform your task. So your chase for them begins.

Oddworld MOD APK

Search for those bastards at different places; it's really not easy to find them cause you need to apply several tactics to get the correct information regarding their business. Even if you get there, arresting them is not easy, resulting in fights. Most of all, avoid killing those criminals but if there is no chance, then kill because the awards for alive criminals are much more than for the dead and focus on interesting targets. Oddworld MOD APK has unique functions and features which offer different terms; you can roam at various missions and places chasing criminals. Variety of weapons, including top-notch guns and crossbows you will have. Choose and upgrade the weapons and other skills. Take care of your stamina, and focus on the energy. The fights like Tekken are probably going to take place at every chase. The weapons attack in a red bullet system means tiny creatures with different attacking damage.

Oddworld MOD APK

Oddworld MOD APK is an alternate and modified variant of the original gameplay which offers hacks and unfair advantages to the users. Instead of wasting time and energy arranging resources, you can now focus on hitting the targets. Unlimited coins and money is offered so you can unlock and upgrade all weapons, character, skills, tools, ammo, and more. If you don't find weapons at places other than in times of need, you can purchase them free from the game store. Unlocked all weapons and accessories, ammo and skills, easy chase, and endless energy to fight. All the ads are blocked and removed from the gameplay. The version doesn't require rooting while installing it, so it also offers anti-ban and antiviral properties. The bugs are fixed and offer no lagging protocols—a safe and secure version to install for your epic gaming.


Oddworld MOD APK offers extensive richness in functions and features to experience in-depth gaming with foreign factors. You can easily experience game elements that enhance your fun in the simulation.

Oddworld MOD APK

We have discussed below some of the functions to provide users with extensive fun;

The story of a bounty hunter

Oddworld MOD APK revolves around the story and work of Stranger- A bounty hunter, and his lifestyle. He served in many wild and dangerous cases in criminal chasing, staking his life many times to serve his purpose. The look and outskirt of his dress make him look very dangerous and scary at the same time. Since the game features some horror elements to ghost the users, it adds to the charisma of the gameplay.

Intuitive control differentiation based on perspective

The gameplay of first-person and third-person is different, and so is the control mechanism. There is wide differentiation and precise controls of the user interface. From the first-person perspective, the control button gets minimized and offers simplistic scope-based control. While third person offers many activities like jumping, roaming, killing, and moreover the control of the character in every way.

Massive arsenal of realistic creatures effects

Oddworld MOD APK features a variety of distinguished elements to prevent the mishappening. The assigned work of chasing the terrorist or criminals must be fulfilled, and to do that, sometimes, you need to involve in fierce fighting. However, not usually as characters have fantasy faces and look, the fun gets enhanced, but the intensity of battles remains the same. You can search for the weapons in places with ammo to equip; if finding them becomes difficult, you can unlock them from the game store. Equip those powerful weapons to take over the dangerous criminals quickly.

Oddworld MOD APK

Being them alive to win Moolah

Being the bounty hunter and getting assigned with missions, you need to chase down the terrorists and criminals. Oddworld MOD APK offers you with currency coins called Moolah here. You can only upgrade and unlock weapons, tools, skills, and more if you earn them. To hack more of them, you need to arrest the criminals alive so you will be paid more. If the criminal dies, then payment decreases. So when fighting, take intense care of the situation.

Focus on energies and stamina

Oddworld MOD APK controls your main character with two respective phenomena: stamina and damage. You need to take care of both of them. When you attack someone and do heavy activities- your stamina gets reduced, so take some rest to recharge it. When somebody attacks you, and you get punched or beaten, then your damage level increases. You are due if that reaches the threshold and the game ends. So be very careful in protecting yourself and killing targets with various weapons.

Oddworld MOD APK


Download Oddworld MOD APK to freely explore and dive into the most iconic world of first and third-person shooting. Whatever you wish for is here in the action genre, the Stranger control is only required from you, and all other necessities can be substituted. Try to present outstanding management by chasing down the enemies and criminals with your strategies. Enjoy everything unlocked for free, unlimited money and all in this mod version.

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