One Shade MOD APK v18.5.1 (Premium Unlocked)

One Shade
App Name One Shade
Latest Version v18.5.1
Last Updated 16 September 2023
Publisher ZipoApps.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Personalization
Size 10 MB
Google Playstore
4.4 Rating (90)


The world is integrated, or we can say she directed in the internet world where everything seems to be integrated with the technology through the AI in the web, which made impossible things possible. So most users are using smartphones to get access to all the things, including gaming, browsing, social media, and what is not on the system. Everything is available on the device for you.

One Shade MOD APK

When the device is so powerful, it can even do impossible things by itself if we know how to use it wisely. So there are other dimensions to it which are like you can make up and design things. In your device the way you want because it's yours, it's better if the working style resonates with you, and that's why all the smartphone companies provide the customizing and adjusting functions and tools in the system.

But that is another thing because we can customize the whole system by changing its themes. Background, tools allotment, system design, modes, home screen, lock screen, applications outlook, color, fonts, text, wallpapers, views, and everything we can control on our devices. We know that it's not something new. Still, there is one thing called notification bar that never even gets our attention because of so much usage. Now we have One Shade MOD APK, which can control the whole design and the outlook of the notification bar, which is offered on significantly fewer devices. Still, with this app, you can change the notification way, approach, styles, outlook, color, tools, toolbar, background, themes, modes, appearance, visibility, message appearing, tone, and everything related to the notification. So now you can even control the leftovers with the help of this ultimate tool offered to you.

One Shade MOD APK

One Shade MOD APK is an alternate and modified variant of the original application, which comes here in the mod with the necessary upgrading in their elements of the features. This application is paid, so you need to buy the app with real money terms. However, this is not affordable for everybody, so we are here with another approach. We are providing the users for free, so you don't need to worry about the money because there is no need to pay anywhere. Enjoy all the free features of the advanced level in the application to better use the tools to control the notification bar. The policies are integrated into this mod version for better usage, like no ads, which automatically blocks and removes the ads in the application. This version comes with no need for rooting while installing, so it offers the anti-ban and antiviral properties in the application to provide a safe and secure space with no lagging and fixed bugs issues.

One Shade MOD APK


Change the whole outlook of the notification bar.

The One Shade MOD APK offers the users the feasibility to change the whole outlook of the notification bar in the device. We know that a rare application developed in this genre offers change-making or adjustments in the notification segments because it's such a topic that has got less attention from the developers. Now we have something that can change the whole impression and adjust the relatable topics of the notification with its feasibility and interface where the options and the procedure are simple.

Multiple styles in the toolbar icons

You can also change the style of the fonts and look at all the icons available in the toolbar. Yes, we know that the tools in the toolbar, which come like wi-fi, hotspot, auto-rotate, and more stuff like that, can be transformed into other styles, fonts, and textures. Change the shape of their outlook in triangles, squares, rectangles, circles, or multiple designs format and their styles in which they appear to make the device outlook to your wishes.

Change the modes and the color combination.

The One Shade MOD APK offers users to change the colors of the notification appearing and the toolbar icons with the help of the application from the variety of colors available in the application. Colore in the background and whatever suits your choice, so multiple frictions of the icons appear when you use your device. Also, change the modes in which they appear from different colors and the texture of their appearance.

Effects and custom notification popups

The One Shade MOD APK provides users with lots of effects like blur and more to apply in the toolbar or notification bar so you can experience the never-before-like category of the enhancement and customization of the tools in the most enhanced way. The One Shade MOD APK also lets users customize the way the notification appears in the color or style. The new outlook will appear when some notification arises and will make the experience profound for the users to enjoy.

Apply background toolbar images

The One Shade MOD APK allows users to apply the background images in the toolbar or notification bar; it's a factor that is rarely seen in anyone's phone. You will impress others with the same. There are a lot of images to apply in the background in the application, but if you want to choose some from yourself as your photo. Then also, it's good because the application provides the feasibility to do so with the simple procedure of the application.

One Shade MOD APK

Expansion of the layouts in which notification appears

You can also quickly expand the layouts of the toolbar or the notification bar so more icons can fit in, or better notifications can appear in the system. With the help of the One Shade MOD APK., one of the best things is the extensive layout of the appearance because that provides multiple great outlooks to enjoy in the same.


One Shade MOD APK is here to provide you with ultimate controls and customization of the device's notification bar and related tools. Download for the uninterrupted mechanism to create the system adjusted to your wishes to control the things in the device better. Download this One Shade MOD APK, a mod version of the premium benefits offered to the users for free. So you can enjoy the advanced features of the customizing tools in the application for the control of your devices related to notification, no ads, unlocked pro, and more functions in the version.

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