Peridot MOD APK v1.6.1 [Unlimited Money] for Android

App Name Peridot
Latest Version v1.6.1
Last Updated 20 September 2023
Publisher Niantic, Inc.
Requirements Android 7.0
Category Simulation
Size 92 MB
Google Playstore
4.3 Rating (12)


Peridot is a new form of creature in the dot form. Where the game is signified by its name, the amazing gameplay concept becomes even more attractive and charming for all. Here the players will get to play as the manager of the peridots. You have to breed them with different varieties and traits, these creatures come with unique capacity and skill power. Where you have to make sure you bring out the best talent in them. The game uplifts the standard at that point. So this is all by offering the players a new variety of creatures, you can design and innovate their appearance with different accessories and tools. Explore and expand the world with them, experience different things and find an actual place to start the work. This happens by offering them an endless variety of tasks and twists where users get to indulge in solving issues and removing obstacles while the fun goes on like this. You can complete challenges and win rewards, playful and trained peridots makes it more interesting than comparison.

Peridot MOD APK

Nurture these peridots

users need to feed and focus on raising these peridots. As you must know these creatures are hatched and it's must on you to focus on the development of making things easy for all. This is awesome in its advantages, allowing you to hatch these creatures and then feed them fully to raise them with all kinds of stuff and learning, knowledge and skills that makes them playful and ready to complete missions.

Hatch these creatures

players need to be alert and focused when it comes to dealing and working with the game concept. It's clear from the fact that you need to be careful and suitable to hatch the creatures wherever you find them. That is because you can then control them with your own style and monitor their progress. Focusing on their development in every form, blessing and training them with necessary skills and knowledge in the long run. Get the game and show your talent with players all over.

Play with friends and pals

the gameplay allows its users to play with others where you can bring your friends and stuff. Family and others to play with them. Hatching different creatures and offering different training for all. Where you can conquer destiny by making your players the way they could be. So it's all up to you to train them and see who is capable of bringing out the best in the peridots. All work is of training and focus, this is how you raise them carefully.

Peridot MOD APK

Create and breed new and powerful species

the game offers its users everything they may need in terms of entertainment and perspectives. Where you get to see the world from third party peridots. All you get to do is to work using these creatures and fulfill your missions. Where to make everything more easy you can create all kinds of creatures using different forms of species and traits in them. Breed them with all different hybrids to create their outstanding role and power that makes them more capable.

Explore the whole world

users can easily learn and explore the whole new world comprising different outlook and simulated locations. The game enhanced the interest of users by offering them a wide range of stuff through learning and exploring places. The game has its own style of learning and art form where they get to enjoy some of the brilliant tactics and entertainment aspects of the game. Explore these locations and places where you can create some of the world class places and stuff to make your world complete and fulfill it with all kinds of stuff.

Premium with unlimited money and gems

this modified version, also termed as the premium one, is loaded with exceptional features and tools. The game as you know is all about completing tasks, revolving and exploring around places, finding suitable things and resources sof work. But here in its modified version users will have access to unlimited money and gems that could be used in making gameplay suitable for you as you like. Enjoy its awesome and amazing servings making it more simple for you to enjoy.

Peridot MOD APK


download peridots mod apk that helps you to nurture the whole creature from its childhood. The game revolves around raising these creatures with a wide variety of the benefits and features available for players to apply and enjoy. Completing the tasks assigned with the help of rewarding things and stuff will be easy and suitable for all. While things are made simple with this modified version.

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