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Pixel Blade M VIP MOD APK v9.4.7 [Unlimited Money/Gems/Keys]

Pixel Blade M VIP
App Name Pixel Blade M VIP
Latest Version v9.4.7
Last Updated 07 February 2024
Publisher PixelStar Games.
Requirements Android 5.0
Category Role-Playing
Size 77 MB
Google Playstore
5.0 Rating (13)


pixel blade m: season 5 is a part of the popular pixel blade m series. New and interesting things have been added to the familiar rpg genre. Become an expert combatant. During times of trouble, demons rule the world. You are the world's last hero. Use your knowledge and skills from the battlefield. Kill the people who want to hurt your country. Devils with big heads and their followers watch over important places. Pixel blade m vip mod apk, you'll be a brave hero in a scary world. You will live as long as you kill the scary monsters before they kill you. When you hunt monsters in the dungeon, you can get a number of weapons that improve your skills and power in battle. Join the epic battle and you'll immediately feel like a hero.

Pixel Blade M VIP MOD APK

Pixel blade m vip mod apk

pixelstar games' fantasy-themed action rpg. The protagonist merely needs to save the planet. Do it once. He'll be mocked otherwise. Our character needs a comparable resume. We equip it, choose a weapon, and enter the dungeon, where demons and undead are said to be preparing to attack the unwary people of the surrounding countries. Become a pixel world hero and fight evil. Pixel blade m season 5 brings conflict to life. Play a wooden warrior with a sword and shield. The huge head must face the demons. Many lieutenants and attendants followed. You must kill all adversaries and gather all battle diamonds. Each game uses items, gold coins, and gems. New items and regions open as you level up. Avoid the enemy's slashes to minimize damage.

Amazing features of pixel blade m vip mod apk

the combat is remarkable with unique action gameplay and light graphics. Diverse character skin system, develop your hero, and kill numerous creatures to improve your fighting skills. Update quickly and focus on defeating the adversary to survive in this haunted ghost country.
Team system with formidable weapons to choose from and find a perfect partner to accomplish all challenges. Fast, fluid, and versatile. Create the ideal battle royale.

Upgrade weaponry.

Pixel blade m vip mod apk  season 5's endless chest has several weapons. It may start as a dull sword with a weak wooden shield. Collecting unlocks advanced gear. Colorful blades are designed. Knife stats can also be improved. Stars will rate swords. Upgrade swords up to five stars. Alternate blades to boost stats.

Many personal items

pixel blade m  season 5 lets you change clothes and clothing for your character as well as weaponry. Essential lego characters have hats, shields, swords, garments, and wings. Unlocking new things changes these items. Caps with rabbit ears, cat ears, aborigines, angels, buffalo horns, etc. The wings have bat wings, spider legs, wooden boxes, and transparent fairy wings. The equipment also differs in design. Enjoy changing clothes and character highlights.

Pixel Blade M VIP MOD APK

Improved skills

pixel blade m  season 5 upgrades player skills daily. A complete skill stats table is in the left corner of the main interface. Damage, speed, magic, and accuracy tracking character data is simple. Give training tactics and equitably improve indicators. Battle others to boost your skills. Build character experience and reputation. Make your name famous. Pixel blade m vip mod apk players can fully mine gems and jewels in the gold mine. Many here mine precious stones to increase gold and silver. When fighting enormous monsters. You'll get much more than a lawsuit. Make a healing potion mentally and skillfully. Pixel blade m - season 5 promises furious combat. Challenge and compete with pals. Pixel blade m  season 5 mod lets you fight for the motherland and pixel world empire of skilled heroes.

3d pixels

in pixel blade m vip mod apk 3d pixel graphics give players a fresh gaming experience by harmonizing ancient and modern images. This visual style boosts player and editor creativity, allowing unlimited customization. This graphic-style game offers a fun idea of fighting mighty gladiators. Battle in the arena and play the game.

Gladiator gear

your gladiators are strong fighters with distinct weapons and armor. Challenges can yield armor, swords, and other gear. The player can easily defeat foes with better equipment and stats. Find a way to get this gear and improve your monster-slaying skills.

Thrilling battles

the exciting battle screen lets players fight monsters and other gladiators. These contests will determine the best player. Use your best fighting skills as a special ability to win. Use gear stats to overwhelm adversaries and weaken them. Why wait to fight?

Glider gear

in pixel blade m vip mod apk your gladiators are strong fighters with distinct weapons and armor. Challenges can yield armor, swords, and other gear. The better the equipment and stats, the easier it will be to fight foes. Find a way to get this gear and increase your monster-slaying skills.
Key features

Pixel Blade M VIP MOD APK


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