Pokemon GO MOD APK v0.225.1 (Hack Radar/Fake GPS/Anti-Ban)

Pokemon GO MOD APK
App NamePokemon GO
PublisherNiantic, Inc.
Size116 MB
Latest Versionv0.225.1
Mod InfoFake GPS/Radar Hack
Google PlayGoogle_Paly_Store
Last UpdateDecember 07, 2021
MOD info?
Use Fake GPS APK to fake your current location.


Adventure games are the single-game genre where the player can assume the role of protagonist in a realistic way. These are the lifelike games in which you can keep yourself engaged for hundreds of hours frequently. The global Adventure Gaming journey was started in 1977, after the launch of the first adventure computer game named Adventure by Crowther and Woods. And till now, there are over billions of adventurous games available in the global gaming market.

Pokemon GO MOD APK

If we talk about right now running gaming era, the technology got advanced damn far. Now you can employ the GPS signals in the games and can enjoy the real adventure. Adventures like finding legendary assets near your home and workplace. If you didn’t have heard about this advancement, you need to play Pokemon GO. It’s an Android+iOS game developed recently. It’s entirely based on the most beloved adventurous cartoon shoe, Pokemon.

Moreover, you have to make various adventures outside, like near your home, workplace, or any other place while playing this game since it’s based on collecting the Pokemon and filling your Pokedex. But there are various legendary Pokemon that you can’t find easily and need to travel to different cities for discovering them. So considering these troubles, we’ve developed the Pokemon GO MOD APK that you can download below and can use the Fake GPS free of charge and cheat the game easily.

Enjoy a massive virtual world full of hilarious pocket monsters

Pokemon GO is a true-to-life adventurous game designed to be played outdoors. It’s a simple game consisting of the most convenient game plot. Here you have to wander outside your home and search for all kinds of Pokemon to fill the entire Pokedex.

Pokemon GO MOD APK

It’s an exceptional Android game that you can play either inside or outside your home. While wandering outside, you can search for the Pokemons, and while being inside your home, you can battle enormous events and tournaments for earning gaming coins. It’ll offer you over three different gaming modes and immense in-game online contests for helping you with the brightest interface.

Uncover the gigantic world of Pokemon

One of the most crucial features of the Pokemon GO game is the availability of a massive category of Pokemon in this game. Excepting the Pokemon GO Mod Apk, there isn’t a single individual game developed for the Android Pokemon universe consisting of all the Pokemon. It was launched on 13 Dec 2016 by Niantic, Inc., and got world-famous in the first few weeks of launching.

If we talk about right now, Pokemon GO is downloaded by over 100 Million Android users and ranked as the #1 top-grossing adventure game on the Play Store. Here you can experience the Legendary Pokemon, Mythical Pokemon, Psychic Pokemon, Shining Pokemon, Mega Pokemon, Lucky Pokemon as well as the Shadow Pokemon. Moreover, you can also search the Pokemon, related to different leagues like

A free-to-play outdoor+indoor pocket monster game

Pokemon GO is an outdoor+indoor online game, where you need to catch various Pokemons and employ them in different tournaments like Indigo, Johto, Kanto, Unova, and Galar leagues. By winning these tourneys, you can conquer all the fascinating Pokemon Master honors and various Gym Badges. These badges will help you in increasing your player Exp, and your entire leaderboard score. So start your pocket-monster journey today with Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO MOD APK

Download the magical version for the enhanced benefits

Get ready for your craved and most desired features in the Pokemon GO game interface!!

Introducing the Pokemon GO MOD APK. It’s all you need to fulfill all your pokemon collecting desires. Basically, the Pokemon GO MOD APK is a cracked application developed after attaching all the top-notch scripts. After having this game on your smartphone, you can simply capture all the legendary Pokemons without even getting out of your home. Got surprised, right?

Yeah, it’s true!! Fundamentally, The Pokemon GO MOD APK contains the Fake GPS MOD that’ll help you in swapping your location. After using this MOD, you can choose any of your desired locations and change your GPS signals to that appropriate pin.

In simple words, you can catch the US-located pokemon even while sitting in India. Moreover, you can also use your real account here without getting stressed about the ban crisis. So what’re you waiting for, Download the app right now and conquer all your dreams instantly!!

Use the Fake GPS here for collecting all the legendary Pokemons

Fake GPS is a futuristic feature of Pokemon GO MOD APK containing millions of fan-following. It’s everything you need for collecting the legendary Pokemons without getting out of your house. Fake GPS is basically a leisurely feature that enables you to change your location in just a few smartphone taps. Moreover, the Pokemon GO MOD APK contains a convenient UI, which means all scripts here are pre-enabled. You don’t need to use any toggles for conquering your dreams.

Employ your real account without getting scared of the Ban trouble

Pokemon GO is a cloud-account-based online game. Basically, you can sign in to this game with Google Play IDent or the Facebook Ident, and save all your gaming data, including all the Pokemon, Pokedex data, and conquered badges. So as the soundest feature, Pokemon GO MOD APK allows you to log in to your genuine account. It’s an anti-ban app that’ll support you using the official profile without getting frightened of the ban.

Pokemon GO MOD APK

An outdoor virtual game with almost zero ad interruption

It’s hard to bear the interruptions at the most entertaining moments. And no moment can be more enjoyable than Pokemon GO. So after considering that, we’ve developed the Pokemon GO MOD APK containing a 100% ad-free app interface. Now, you need to get addicted to the non-interrupting gaming interface since this modification consists of the newest advancement.

Final Judgement

It’s the time to adventure the realistic pocket monster journey with the most advanced traits!!

Download the Pokemon GO MOD APK from the below-most green download button, and install this feature-rich game right now on your smartphone. You’re just a single step away from the fascinating features like Fake GPS, Zero-ad interface, and anti-ban support. Moreover, you can use this game on almost every Android smartphone, even if it’s rooted or not. Enjoy it!!!

Download Pokemon GO MOD APK v0.225.1 (Radar Hack/Fake GPS)

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