Pome Survival v1.2.6 MOD APK [Unlimited Money/Free Skills]

Pome Survival
App Name Pome Survival
Latest Version v1.2.6
Last Updated 24 February 2024
Publisher POMERIUM.
Requirements Android 5.0
Category Role-Playing
Size 256 MB
Google Playstore
5.0 Rating (6)


Pome survival mod apk is a very interesting role playing and action game application which can be enjoyed by every android user. The game includes the one main character only, which is pome and pome needs to fight against various terrible monsters by using the unique and powerful weapons available within the game. The battle of the game is very challenging and difficult so players should use their impressive skills and great weapons to win over all the strange monsters. The reason behind fighting against the variety of monsters is to just help pome to reach mars safely. All the monsters in the game are acting like great obstacles on the path of reaching mars.

Pome Survival MOD APK

It can be a fun experience for the players who are involved in this unique game application. The game includes a wonderful planet which is surrounded or conquered by a large number of monsters. Poems are the characters in the game who have a lovely appearance and can be said to be a combination of peaches and cats. There were various pome on the planet once but due to invasion of monsters on the planet various pome died and only few are left so players task is to save the leftover pomes by fighting against the entire group of monsters. You are also a pome in the game but you are the great hero of the game as you will save the planet from the monsters who are destroying everything on the planet. There is a lot of fun and various things to explore in the game. New enemies are added in the battles as you win against all of them to make the battle more challenging for you.

Loaded with exclusive features

pome survival mod apk offers exclusive features to its players to enjoy the game to the fullest and also it allows its players to enjoy free access to the premium features of the game as pome survival mod apk is the latest version of the pome survival game application. Some of the great features which are available within the game are given below:

exclusive weapons to equip yourself with

the game offers a great collection of powerful weapons for its players to use during their entire battles and to save themselves from the strange monsters who had conquered the stunning planet. Over 300 skills along with 40 modules are available in the game to help you in the battle. Among 300 skills each skill is unique with each other and comprises different attack power and color. 42 modules are for customizing and repairing the damaged weapons and also players can upgrade various other weapons.

Pome Survival MOD APK

Use the strategical ideas to dominate

players can use their tactical ideas and many impressive strategies for achieving the victory in the battle over the monsters. Such ideas and strategies will make it easy for the players to defeat many monsters and in this way they can survive in the battle till the end and can become the boss of the battle by being its winner. Be careful in the battle while fighting because you can lose your life because of this very hard battle.

Many exciting stages to participate

the game has a variety of different stages of the battle in the game and by progressing in the initial battles and levels you will be able to explore various excellent maps of the game. The fight in the game is just to make the planet peaceful as it was before and by getting access to the map you can also meet the other new characters of the game who have attractive skins and such lovely characters provide new experiences to the players.

Pome Survival MOD APK


pome survival mod apk is an amazing game application which offers an adventurous experience to its players and the game is all about defeating monsters in the great battle which is too challenging and harder. The game is available on the google play store for free and can be easily downloaded or installed by the players and it provides an ad free experience to its players along with the free access to the premium features of the game. Pome survival mod apk is a blend of fun, struggle and tactical game application.

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