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Project War Mobile MOD APK v1130 (MOD Menu, Unlimited Ammo)

Project War Mobile
App Name Project War Mobile
Latest Version v1130
Last Updated July 09, 2022
Publisher Goblin Gamer Company Ltd.
Requirements Android 5.0
Category Action
Size 1.3 GB
Google Playstore
3.5 Rating (6)
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What more can anyone expect in wars against the zombies as we have now gathered that all of these wars are almost the same. Experiments and new concepts are rich in the arsenal if we have the time to research, but eventually, we don't have that much time to waste in such experiments of searching these games. So we are here, your beloved friend who always brings the best of the games in modified versions for you guys! Project War Mobile MOD APK comes with an iconic storyline in a post-apocalyptic world. Your city is in danger as the zombies continuously infect the human population. You play as the cold-blooded soldier who came back to the city and facing such a drastic issue could not prevent his anger and love towards his people. Leaving them is not an option in the vibrant gameplay of zombies in addictive visuals.

Project War Mobile MOD APK

To cope up with the fear and blood wars elements, the resonating sound in the background is mind-boggling. Being an agent, now it's your responsibility to collect weapons and tools, gather all young soldiers and civilians to deal with the apocalypse collectively, and protect the city. First, make sure that all the people are rescued from the city safely and transfer them to other places. Ensure the security of people in Project War Mobile MOD APK and then dive with your colleagues into wild wars against the zombies with deadly weapons and bombs. Get lost completely in the addicting and preventive gameplay, fight cravely against their origin and team of zombies, and fend them off. Discover the secrets hidden in places and the mysterious power to kill them completely with your courage and guns.

Project War Mobile MOD APK

Project War Mobile MOD APK is gameplay with some of the magnified features and advanced functions different from the normal mode and original version. Some people in terms of technology call it the mod version, where the advanced features get unlocked and upgraded, which resolves the common issues faced by beginners. Providing the hacks and cheat codes to simplify the game and battle against the zombies. Unlimited money and coins for gamers to use and unlock all the items from the gameplay for free.

Enjoy the fun element of the modified version with blocked advertisements and safety measures. Protocols that ensure utmost security for your device and game after installing this version like antiban, free from lagging, bugs free, antiviral, etc. Join the game by downloading the version enhanced to the full capacity of the gameplay tools and elements. Free shopping for users to buy items and tools from the game store. Get yourself now rid of all such mischievous gameplay tactics where you need to reduce the power.

Project War Mobile MOD APK


Project War Mobile MOD APK has some of the interesting and exciting features that cover a variety of conceptual concepts against zombies and battles. While to explore them avidly, you need to at least look at the features described below to get more of their possibility;

Vigilant soldier with cold-blooded shades

Users are playing here the role of a wild beast or a soldier who is always willing to sacrifice his life in the service of country and honor. However, his cold-blooded nature needs to be turned around to save humanity. In such a time of post-apocalypse, where zombies have taken over the city and are infecting on and on continuously. Avoid by yourself and by forming a group of young men to fight against evil. Drive the off and protect your citizens with battles against such blood-drinking zombies craving to eat your Brain.

Protect the citizens and take on the guns

Project War Mobile MOD APK is a brilliant game where users get to explore the newest form of battles. The frequent battles against zombies which are never-ending in all ways. First, you take on and protect your citizens from zombie attacks. Flee the citizens to some protected place. Then come with your mates collectively to attack the zombies in the free world, so there is no danger for any human. Massive guns and bombs on your hands would bring the city on fire; just break the BrainBrain of zombies, so they get out of the world and bring the world to peace.

Project War Mobile MOD APK

The post-apocalyptic world of zombies

In Project War Mobile MOD APK, users need to explore the game in a vivid sense and narrative style. The world where you come after services is your own city but in a different world because now everything is under zombies attacks. In this addictive and interactive gameplay of ultra HD simulation, users will dive into magnificent wars. First, observe all kinds of activities going on; people are afraid and in danger, trying hard to protect their lives and their loved ones. Help them and build a team of warriors that is brilliant to deal with zombies and blood-shedding evil souls.

Discover mysterious powers and form a strong warriors squad

Discover the secrets hidden in the mysterious scums of the city. To deal with the huge army of brainless zombies, you need to have your hand on some irresistible weapons that could bombard the whole origin of these evil-minded souls. The prestigious weapons and guns bring the users with ease to kill these zombies. Dealing with such an apocalyptic situation in the city, you cannot fight alone, and so you need to build a team of strong and young warriors who could kill these brainless zombies. Collectively deal with the dangerous circumstances that have taken over the peace, and chill with your mates.

Project War Mobile MOD APK


Download Project War Mobile MOD APK here on our website for free and with modified tools as well as features. Unlimited money to unlock and upgrade the tools, items, weapons, character, skins, outfits, power, etc. Dive into the most flourishing warfare against the deadly army of zombies in the ultra HD simulation.

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