Punch Hero MOD APK v1.3.8 [Unlimited Money] for Android

Punch Hero
App Name Punch Hero
Latest Version v1.3.8
Last Updated 07 June 2024
Publisher FourThirtyThree Inc.
Requirements Android 5.0
Category Action
Size 28 MB
Google Playstore
3.6 Rating (16)


punch hero, a boxing game with an arcade-style interface, was developed by gamevil for mobile devices running ios and android. In the game, you play the part of an inexperienced boxer who is tasked with working their way up the rankings in order to become the world champion. Because of its user-friendly interface and engrossing gameplay, punch hero is an excellent choice for gamers of all skill levels, including those who are primarily interested in sports. There are a number of different game modes, such as the tournament mode, the survival mode, and the story mode. To advance through the ranks in the narrative mode, you will need to prevail over a number of different enemies. As you progress through the game, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your boxing gear and train your boxer to increase his strength, speed, and stamina. The game's controls are intuitive and easy to pick up and use from the get-go. To punch, you just need to tap the screen, and to block, you can swipe left or right. By pressing and holding the screen for an extended period of time, you can charge up your special move metre and use special moves. When the metre is at its maximum, you have the ability to unleash a devastating blow that will render your foe unconscious.

Punch Hero MOD APK

The primary game modes in punch hero are supplemented by a variety of additional minigames, such as a weightlifting game and a speed bag game, amongst others. These minigames are a fun way to take a break from the main action and earn extra cash that can be used to purchase new items and improve existing ones. One of the game's most memorable features is the hilarious presentation, which is accompanied by cartoony graphics. The game features cartoonish characters with exaggerated features and vivid colours; the gameplay is fluid and entertaining overall. The game also features a variety of voiceovers and sound effects, both of which contribute to its overall appeal.

What exactly is the punch hero mod apk ?

Overall, punch hero mod apk is a boxing game that is fun to play, can quickly become addictive, and is easy to pick up and get started with. Because of its user-friendly controls, colourful graphics, and exciting game-play, it is an excellent option for anyone looking for a mobile game that can be completed in a short amount of time while still maintaining a high level of interest. Another feature that really stands out in punch hero mod apk is its extensive customization options. The appearance of the player's boxer can be customised, including everything from their hairstyle and outfit to their equipment and stats. Players are able to personalise their experience and adapt their characters to their preferred play style as a result of this. If you download this mod apk file, then it will be much simpler for you to win the match, and you will also receive an unlimited supply of coins and money, in addition to a great deal of free items.

"participate in the game's story mode, tournament mode, and survival mode while also personalising your character and interacting with other players. "

multiple game modes:

there are many different game modes available in punch hero mod apk, such as the narrative mode, tournament mode, and survivor mode. Players are required to employ a wide variety of tactics and skills depending on the mode they choose to play, and each mode presents a unique type of gameplay.

Personalization of your character:

players have the ability to customise the look of their boxer by choosing from a variety of hairstyles, outfits, and other accessories. They may also improve their boxer's statistics as well as the equipment they use in the ring in order to help them perform better.

Punch Hero MOD APK

Controls that are easy to use:

punches and blocks are performed by tapping and swiping on the screen, respectively, which makes the controls in punch hero mod apk easy to learn and get the hang of quickly. The game also works with gamepad controllers, which are a more conventional form of gaming control for those players who prefer it. The intuitive nature of punch hero's control scheme is one of the game's most distinguishing features. Punch hero's controls are straightforward and easy to understand, in contrast to the controls of some other mobile games, which may be difficult to play because of their complicated control schemes. Players can punch and block by pressing the screen or swiping left and right on the display.


minigames are a fun and challenging way to earn money and develop your abilities, and punch hero mod apk includes a number of them in addition to the main game modes. These minigames are included in punch hero mod apk. Finally, the social aspects of punch hero add yet another layer of depth to the game's already compelling gameplay. Players can connect with their friends through social media to share their scores and achievements, and they can even take part in online competitions if they so choose.

Combat with the bosses:

throughout the course of the game, players will face a slew of challenging adversaries, including formidable boss characters that have their own set of abilities and attack patterns.

Presentation that makes use of humour:

the characters in punch hero mod apk are cartoonish and exaggerated, and the game features a variety of sound effects and voiceovers that contribute to the game's comedic value and overall appeal.

Punch Hero MOD APK


simply put, the boxing experience offered by punch hero mod apk is one that is enjoyable and entertaining for gamers of varying skill levels. Because of its wide variety of game types, numerous options for character customization, and user-friendly control scheme, it is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a mobile boxing game.

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