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Rhythm Hive v6.8.0 MOD APK [Unlimited Gems/Allways Perfect/Menu]

Rhythm Hive
App Name Rhythm Hive
Latest Version v6.8.0
Last Updated 22 March 2024
Publisher HYBE IM Co., Ltd.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Music
Size 100 MB
Google Playstore
3.0 Rating (61)
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Are you a big fan of k pop artists and their music pieces? If you're then this game is for you. The game is not about playing it just with the faces of your artists. In fact rhythm hive mod apk consists of many exciting elements and beautiful music pieces to combine and showcase that you're the best in the game. With many modes to play and beat other players. Rhythm hive stands different in the world of music games. It's about matching and touching the stretched bars with music pieces to beat the players. The one who gets a higher score will win and receive their favourite idols cards. Surpass other players and win the game. Plenty of new modes and exciting resources will be showered on you. You can easily control the intuitive interface and make things simple. As well as effective distribution of skills will be helpful in completing your tasks. Win big and customise things alongside your favourite artists.

Rhythm Hive MOD APK

Multiplayer engagement with the world

the game play of this iconic music game called rhythm hive will transform your imagination into everything better. To make it more exciting and great there are plenty of your favourite kpop heroes. There you'll have many challenges to face and complete than you get to choose different types of things where multiplayer engagement makes it more worthy. Enjoy with strangers and friends and change things as well as interact to a higher level.

Collect cards and enjoy music

to the fans of kpop artists like bts, the game brings them more joy than they could even think of. With outstanding features and accessories. It brings you joy which is excellent. Collect amazing cards and enjoy music. These cards will be a gift from your favourite artists and their message for you. Making it more exciting than ever with the card system. Now you'll have fun interacting with these amazing music masters.

Design and choose your characters

the game of rhythm hive brings you your favourite artists and characters to choose from. You will then use them to play the game. With every different skill and things, users will have a brilliant opportunity to showcase their talent and beat the heat of everyone else. The game here allows customization so that you can unlock accessories and make things better. By applying hundreds of accessories, things will be as you want them to be!

Rhythm Hive MOD APK

Different challenges and opportunities

users will have plenty of new challenges and opportunities for them to enjoy and work. There are hundreds of different things offered to you so that you can enjoy making real changes to the things. You'll have many amazing skills to complete and enjoy the best of the features combined together. Choose your characters and complete your challenges to beat others and surpass them in score. There are every other thing for you which will help you to enjoy more.

Music from your favourite kpop artists

rhythm hive mod apk is known for its strictly based content which comes from k pop. That means you'll have music from kpop artists and you'll enjoy every great piece they have made for your entertainment. Particularly you'll find some of the best and these three world-famous music creators called bts, enhypen, tomorrow x together. There is no doubt about their master art which is famous all over the world and people are crazy for them. Enjoy their music.

Unlocked tools and premium skills

users who are worried about getting accessories and skills will no longer need to think of that. Because this is the mod that we have here allowing you to put their game and enjoy more of the features. It offers you everything unlocked and for free where you can make more of everything. Get all characters and accessories for free as well as buy stuff without any cost from the in game store.

Rhythm Hive MOD APK


download rhythm hive mod apk that demonstrates the musical rhythms and gaming involved. With its wide range of modes and skills, it allows you to enjoy more of the kpop stuff along with your favourite artists designs and creations. We have already discussed a little to let you know of its gameplays but the real joy comes after you play it. To know what this game actually offers you, you need to try it for once. So download the mod and experience the joy.

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