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Rise of Kingdoms v1.0.82.21 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems and Full Game)

Rise of Kingdoms
App Name Rise of Kingdoms
Latest Version v1.0.82.21
Last Updated 22 May 2024
Publisher LilithGames.
Requirements Android 4.4
Category Strategy
Size 1.2 GB
Google Playstore
3.7 Rating (909)


There are so many games of battle combats in the gaming arsenal, but the ones who can steal the core intention of the gamers are rarely found. Some popular games have done it through their superb element, but the integration of epic storylines and legendary wars to experience in any is a magnificent phenomenon, and you can enjoy that now in this game. Rise of kingdom mod apk is an empire revolt gameplay that focuses on strategy creation and continuous wars. You have to choose one of the kingdoms among the offered 11 civilizations and then arrange the needed troops, commanders, and a hero from the 34 available powerful ones. These epic heroes are the most affected selection as everything if your kingdom depends on them; each comes with unique skill and power.

Rise of Kingdoms mod apk

Choosing the hero and then upgrading everything timely to cope with the advanced levels, using sculpture to increase the ability, upgrading troops and units, alliance with other partner kingdoms for help in the war. You have to participate in war, again and again, one after another, and then win continuously to establish your supreme power over all the civilizations in the visual world and rule. Varied battlefields are available, like the kingdom of Orthanc, the kingdom of Minas Morgul, and so. Also, focus on building and developing the empire by earning gems and buffs of another domain. This One of the gameplay allows you to protect and defend your territories and kingdom, so join an alliance. They offer collective support to all, which is very important as everyone in some alliance participates, which can be dangerous for single players.

Rise of kingdom mod apk

Rise of kingdom mod apk is one of the original's best and most authentic working mods, which is available here on our website for free. You can download it from the given link below with unlimited gems and money to upgrade the tools, equipment, and skills. Unlocked sculpture, unlocked characters, unlocked location, unlocked civilization and stuff. Free shopping is also offered, so purchase anything like tools or items for free from the game store. This variant is integrated with a no-ads policy, so all ads get blocked and removed from the game. No rooting is required while installing it, so it offers the antiban and antiviral properties in the game for a safe and secure game variant.


Rise of kingdom mod apk offers striking features and the latest elements of functions to express and enjoy more in the gameplay. We are discussing below some of them to help you with their potential supply;

Rise of Kingdoms mod apk

In the Rise of Kingdom mod apk, you will enjoy the excellent choice of selecting your kingdom from the given 11. All of these kingdoms are powerful and severe in their terms, so you need to choose them according to your liking. Make out the best of the development and enhancement in their outlook. You will get all the things like infrastructure, troops, units, commanders, stuff, weapons, items, land, citizens and everything of that kingdom which will help you, and you need to provide them with the necessary lifestyle needs.

34 super powerful characters and heroes

The Rise of Kingdom has to provide the users with mighty warriors and heroes to help them in the wars and epic battles. There are around 34 skilled heroes from the traditional world present with their skills and unique superpower to help you in the victory against the wars. Choose your hero and then immerse him in the severe attack battles; earn rewards like gems to unlock your kingdom's more assertive character and hero.

Experience undeniable wars and destined kingdom overtake

Rise of kingdom mod apk features the battles like never before, where you are destined to be a part of them without fail. Every time you will face new wars one after another and command them with all your power and tools. Heroes and troops are there to help you unlock more of them. You will win another kingdom and so can overtake their buffs of money and treasures. Hire their commander for free and upgrade them to maximize their potential usage in the wars.

Rise of Kingdoms mod apk

Form alliances and protect the territories with the collective help

In Rise of Kingdom, you can participate in various alliances in the gameplay as this is an online multiplayer game. So here, you have a lot of users from all parts of the world, so they have formed alliances where everyone participates in one or another. You also need to be a part of them as they offer collective help to all their members, and this can be a significant step to defend and protect your territories from enemies. Be a substantial force by your strategic genius in the alliance so you can also rule there.

Sculpture, gems and other loots to upgrade the ability and power

You can raid the dungeons and kingdoms of other empires by defeating them in the battle and eventually having their buffs and commanders. Take everything functional like gems, sculptures with real money to upgrade the commanders and heroes for Max's power and skills in the war.
Timely upgrades make them supremely powerful and capable of dealing with all the wars and other methods of battles.

Multiple battlefields to explore

Rise Of kingdom mod apk offers users various battlefields to participate in major wars. Experience the new gameplay with major additional elements on the battlefield; many famous kingdoms allow to fight on their ground, like the kingdom of Orthanc, the kingdom of Aragorn, the domain of Minas Morgul, etc.

Rise of Kingdoms mod apk


Download the Rise of kingdom mod apk to enjoy classy wars and battles against many civilizations. Set up an empire and upgrade your troops, raid on the kingdoms with your powerful heroes to kill the enemies and establish your rule, form alliances, and have so much fun on the go. In the mod, you will enjoy a lot of unlocked elements, unlocked characters and sculptures, unlimited gems, and money for free.

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