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Roll The Ball MOD APK v24.0508.00 (Unlimited Money/Unlimited Hints)

Roll the Ball
App Name Roll the Ball
Latest Version v24.0508.00
Last Updated 08 May 2024
Publisher BitMango
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Puzzle
Size 51 MB
Google Playstore
4.5 Rating (30)


Puzzle games are skilly and tricky, which develops our minds and provides us with the newest ways of thinking. Today, You can play puzzles and casual games directly on your Android smartphone, not like in the old days when the games needed us to get stuck to our PC. There are thousands of options inside the Google Play Store, where you can choose the best game appropriate to your gaming style. And If you're new to this stream and want to get recommended with the best Android Puzzle game, we'll advise, Roll the Ball.

Yeah, You thought right! Roll the Ball is that advertisement game, which falls on every smartphone's page while playing games and using the apps. But I'm damn sure that you didn't have played it yet, or played and just befall on our article. Anyways, It's an excellent Android Puzzle game where you're needed to roll the walls and make way for Ball to enter the destination.

Roll The Ball MOD APK

So start this simple+complex puzzle gaming journey and dazzle your brain to make way for Ball! And if you're finding this game as a difficult choice, then try Roll The Ball MOD APK! It's the modified version of this official game, containing unlimited hints to win all the levels with three stars and all your desired features! Download Roll The Ball MOD APK instantly!

Play this unusual puzzle game with the most challenging levels

Have you ever got the advertisement for the puzzle game Roll The Ball? Yup, that game where you're needed to move the walls and create the ball's way to its destination. It's the most sarcastic Android game and is loved by millions of gamers, as shown many times in Google advertisements. The game was developed by BitMango, the prominent game developer brand dedicated to creating fun and memorable puzzle games. Moreover, You can enjoy this game on both Android and iOS smartphones. Got amazed, right? Download it instantly and enjoy thousands of puzzles at an individual interface!

Play over 3000 challenging levels without any penalty or time limit

What would be more delightful than having a puzzle game containing thousands of challenging levels? Firstly, the puzzle games are outstanding choices, and afterward, they also offer a mind-dazzling experience, which isn't obtainable in any other genre. So simply, the Roll The Ball is offering you puzzling gameplay with over 3000 challenging levels. These levels are designed in different seasons, covering different game themes, like Andromeda, Bianca, Comet, Deimos, Jupiter, Tethys, Universe, Venus, and Wezen. You can enjoy all these seasons on the Career mode and numerous additional modes containing different gaming styles! So start completing all these puzzling levels, being amazed!

Roll The Ball MOD APK

Play the rewarding event modes and enjoy the paid hints

Apart from the campaign mode, Roll The Ball is also granting you online rewarding events. These events get updated almost every week and bring the most enthusiastic gaming levels with excellent modes. You can enjoy these events, and also they'll provide you with free hints! Afterward, You can use these hints in playing the Campaign mode and completing the most challenging levels. So start dazzling your mind today with Roll The Ball, and if you want to enjoy the free premium features, You can download the modified version and enjoy the entirety!

Select one of the best puzzle gaming modes and get involved

If You've dumped Roll the Ball game only because of the single Campaign mode, then you need to think once more about trying the game at least once. Basically, this beast game is additionally granting you four additional modes apart from the simplistic missions. You can enjoy here the below modes for splendid fun each moment -

  • Star Mode - Star mode is the simplistic mode where you're needed to earn three stars for each level with struggle and hints. It's one of the most challenging modes.
  • Classic Mode - Classic Mode is the move-based mode, where you'll get provided with a sufficient number of moves and are supposed to complete the whole level in that move.
  • Moving Mode - In moving mode, You also need to carry the ball within the blocks, as it's the challenging one!
  • Rotation Mode - Rotation Mode needs you to rotate the blocks within placing their sides, and you can then win the levels.
  • Multiplayer Mode - It's the multiplayer mode that isn't available now but will get updated ASAP!

Download the modification for going more advanced in this game

Have You already played Roll the Ball before and have gotten annoyed with the difficulties between the advanced levels of the game? If Yes, then we're here to dilute all your obstacles with the newest modified version - Roll the Ball MOD APK. It's another modified version developed based on the latest update risen recently by Roll The Ball. It contains all the advanced gaming levels and a ditto gaming interface, within some additional external features that you can't get inside the official one! Let's check them out -

Employ the never-ending free hints to complete the challenging levels

The first and the most impressive feature of the modified game that'll win your heart is the never-ending free hints. If You have never played it before, Hints can help you in completing the levels in the minimum number of moves. After having sufficient clues, You can complete all the challenging levels merely. It's just like an in-game add-on inside the Roll The Ball. Fortunately, Roll, The Ball MOD APK is offering you countless hints without any hustle! Yeah, You won't need to play the rewarding event modes, neither you struggle inside the campaign mode; Just click the below-most download button and install the game instantly on your smartphone!

Roll The Ball MOD APK

Go 100% ad-free in this enthusiastic puzzle game

Advertisements are the only interruptions inside the Roll The Ball MOD APK. You must get inside this game only because of the advertisements, but it doesn't mean that the game also needs to contain the ads. Anyway, It's their monetization mean, so we can't point the finger at them! So what we can do is download Roll The Ball MOD APK, as the modified version delivers the entirely ad-free gaming interface without charging a single cent. Yeah, You won't ever need to get interrupted while playing, changing level, or changing mode!

Final Touch

Hey, Puzzling freaks! Finally, It's your time to show the hurriedness and download the fantastic game named Roll The Ball MOD APK! You can currently download it free of charge from the below download link and enjoy all its paid features without spending a single cent. Please don't drop this interval and click the button ASAP! Otherwise, If you're having any trouble installing the game or inside the game, You can comment on your query below! Enjoy gaming!

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